Club Oxford Hockey             

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Our program will be starting up again in January 2020 starting on Tuesday and Thursday the 7th and 9th and running until the end of March. Sign-ups are being handled at the arena front desk.

Equipment will be made available in the Marwood Lounge on Friday December 27 from 7pm until 9pm and again on Saturday December 28 from 9am until 1pm.

Our H4E kids atre encouraged to continue on into Spring League 3 on 3.  
We support this financially as well.

The money for ice time and equipment is raised by our Club O ticket raffle as well as donations from local service clubs and business people.

Thanks to everyone in the community for your continued help in a very worthwhile program.


Volunteers Patrick MacDougall, Craig MacDougall and Brian Hopson are in charge of the on-ice sessions.