Club Oxford FAQ


Q.  I have been playing in the 'B' Division and I would like to try 'A' this year.  How can I get on an 'A' team ?

A.   Let me know with a phone call, an e-mail, or indicate this on your registration form.  I will make the 'A' coaches aware of this and have you participate in the 'Rookie Skate.'  If they like what they see,  you may be selected.

Q.  What happens to my registration money if I'm not placed on a team?

A.  Undrafted players  will have their money refunded by the end of October.
Q.  Is their still a chance for me to play ?
A.  Your name has been added to our spare list and you should get some games in as a replacement.  There are usually some full-time replacements added to the league for players who are unable to make their commitment.
Q.  Are we selling tickets again this year ? Not for 2021
A.  We are raising money for our Hockey 4 Everyone program. We provide ice time and equipment for no charge to families who do not have their child(ren) enrolled in minor hockey (usually because they can't afford it).  Each year we have 30 to 40 kids who get an opportunity to play.  You pay for your tickets with your registration fee so any that you sell becomes your money to keep.
Q.  Club Oxford seems more expensive than other leagues.  How is my money being used ?

A.  Most leagues require teams to provide their own sweaters and socks.  Club Oxford provides these for you and has the sweaters washed for you on a monthly basis. Money is also used for league insurance (over $1300 per season), storage room rental, gamesheets, office supplies, a website fee, team and individual awards, and the year-end golf and meal. Surplus money is directed to the Hockey 4 Everyone program.  The $10 per-game fee is not even enough to cover the cost of ice rental, referees and timekeepers so part of the registration fee is used to supplement that.