Club Oxford Hockey


   A Division

   B Division


Agrospray 6   Fody's 4

1st Period
A 1629 - Jansen: Chute
F 1452 - Velthove: Homick
F 1412 - Velthove: Homick, Meron
A 1338 - Vandepoele: Horvath
A 1031 - Vandepoele: Koteles, Bruckler
A 829 - Bruckler
A 721 - Horvath: Vandepoele, Davis
F 353 - Jacko: Homick
F 226 - Matthews: VanVelzer

2nd Period
A 248 - Vandepoele: Jeffries, Davis

Gignac 4GA
Hopper 6GA

Kyle Jansen opened things up for Agro when he batted a rebound out of the air for the early lead. Brian Velthove scored 2 goals in 40 seconds, on quick passes in close, to give Fody's the lead shortly after. Adam Vandepoele tied it back up when he was able to get through some defenders and into the slot. Vandepoele added his second on a rebound into an empty cage. Jordan Bruckler made it 4-2 Agro when he made a move in close to beat the defence. Travis Horvath made it 5-2 on a no doubt one-time midway through the first. Andrew Jacko got one back for Fody's when he came off the bench to slap one in from the high circle. David Matthews made it 5-4 on a partial break late in the frame. Vandepoele scored the hat trick late in the second to give Agro the insurance goal and victory.
What a wild first period. 9 goals got the A guys into the season quick. Things calmed down in the second with much tighter D.
Adam Vandepoele had a hat trick and an assist for Agro. Devin Homick had 3 assists for Fody's.

Verne's 6   Re/Max 2

1st Period
R 1331 - Heleniak: Verbruggen, Wight
V 1024 - B. Martin: VanYmeren, A. VanWyk
V 151 - D. VanWyk: VanYmeren, Rodgers

2nd Period
R 1424 - Balcombe: Thorburn, Sutherland
V 646 - Jones: K. Smith, DeRouck
V 628 - B. Martin: Rodgers
V 321 - Furlong (pp): Sweazy, C. Smith
V 116 - Rodgers: D. VanWyk, Prouse

Hilliard 2GA
Buchner 6GA

This one was a close one until late as these teams got into the season at the same speed. Matt Heleniak gave Re/Max the lead first with a snap shot from the slot. Brad Martin tied it up on a breakaway from the blue line. Dave VanWyk gave Verne's the lead before the end of the period on a redirection. Shane Balcomb score off a deflects point shot to the things back up in the second. Kyle Jones was able to one-time a drop pass to restore Verne's lead. Martin added his second with a goal from the far circle. Cody Furlong scored from the point on the power play to make it 5-2. Rookie Braydon Rodgers added one late from the top of the circle to seal the victory for Verne's.
A decent game where it seemed Verne's was able to gel a bit quicker and also get the bounces.
Braydon Rodgers had a goal and 2 assists, while Kyle Jones, Brad Martin and Kelsey VanYmeren had 2 point nights . Matt Heleniak and Shane Balcomb had goals for Re/Max.

Agrospray 5   Re/Max 2

1st Period
A 1630 - Horvath: Koteles, Rohrer
A 643 - Vandepoele: Dewachter, Jeffries
A 239 - Vandepoele: Jansen

2nd Period
R 1446 - Heleniak: Balcomb, Lichtensteiger
R 1356 - Heleniak (pp): Thorburn, Verbruggen
A 717 - Vandepoele: Davis, Jansen
A 223 - Vandepoele: Jansen, Hanson

Gignac 2GA
Buchner 5GA

Travis Horvath found the scoresheet first when he was able to roof one from in close. Adam Vandepoele made it 2-0 Agro when he knocked one if from the doorstep. Vandepoele added a second goal through the 5-hole on a breakaway. Matt Heleniak started the second for Re/Max with a goal just out of reach of the tendy. Heleniak added a powerplay goal less than minute later to make it 3-2 Agro. Vandepoele notched the hat trick with a smooth wrist shot midway through the frame. Horvath closed this one out with a rebound in the crease.
A fast-paced game that was closer than the scoresheet showed. Mark Gignac made some spectacular saves for Agro.
Adam Vandepoele had the hat trick+ while Kyle Jansen had 3 helpers for Agro. Matt Heleniak had 2 goals for Re/Max.

Fody's 5, Verne's 3

1st Period
V 127 - A. VanWyk: VanYmeren
F 033 - Belaen: Matthews, Sanders

2nd Period
F 1719 - French: Bull, Summers
V 1043 - A. VanWyk: B. Martin, VanYmeren
F 849 - Belaen (pp): Velthove
F 144 - Velthove: Homick, Meron
V 020 - Sweazy (pp)
F 001 - Belaen (en)

Tommy Lee 4GA
Hopper 3GA

Andrew VanWyk opened things for Verne's late in the first with a shot from the high slot. Kyle Belaen tied it up quick with a redirection to close the period. Darrick French was able to make it 2-1 Fody's when he banged in a rebound. Andrew VanWyk scored his second after some pressure from Verne's got through. Belaen notched his second on the powerplay to restore Fody's lead. Brian Velthove made it 4-2 when he finished off a drop pass late in the period. Derrick Sweazy made it 4-3 late when he was able to find a loose puck on the powerplay. Belaen added an empty-netter at the buzzer for the hat trick and win.
This one started slow as the teams couldn't find a flow. It picked up in the second as it was back and forth. Kyle Belaen had a hat trick and Brian Velthove had 2 points for Fody's. Andrew VanWyk had 2 goals and Kelsey VanYmeren had 2 points for Verne's.

Oct 21
Agrospray 8   Verne's 2

1st Period
A 1735 - Vandepoele
A 1018 - Horvath: Chute
V 637 - B. Martin: DeRouck, Rodgers
A 617 - Jansen: Phillips
V 500 - A. VanWyk: D. Martin
A 220 - VanKooten
A 001 - Phillips: Jansen

2nd Period
A 908 - Horvath: Chute, VanKooten
A 613 - Jansen
A 522 - Horvath: Davis

Gignac 2GA
Devin Bonn 8GA

Didn't take long for Adam Vandepoele to open this one as he scored with a sharp wrister 25 seconds in. Travis Horvath made it 2-0 Agro when he was left alone in front of the net. Brad Martin was able to corral a kick pass to put one into a yawning cage and make it 2-1. Kyle Jansen restored the 2-goal cushion when he finished off a long breakout pass. Andrew VanWyk answered back with a laser from just inside the blue line. Ryan VanKooten made it 4-2 when he was able to sneak in from the blue line and tally one. Aaron Phillips tied it up as the buzzer went on a rebound into the empty net. Travis Horvath made it 6-2 when he one-timed a pass in close. Jansen added his second of the night as the snow piled up and Horvath netted the hat trick in this runaway affair.
With the Zamboni out for repairs, the A guys had to deal with some rough ice and make sure they were forceful on those passes. A rough night for the rookie tender, but it wasn't a regular game either.
Travis Horvath had a hat trick and Kyle Jansen had 3 points for Agro. Brad Martin and Andrew VanWyk lit the lamp for Verne's.

Fody's vs Re/Max postponed until November 4
Oct 28
Re/Max 3   Verne's 2

1st Period
R 1736 - Sutherland

2nd Period
R 1619 - Heleniak (pp): McKibbin
V 1342 - Prouse: Rodgers, Sweazy
R 925 - Balcomb: Thorburn, Verbruggen
V 227 - Prouse: B. Martin, Sweazy

Buchner 2GA
Hilliard 3GA

Brady Sutherland opened things early for Re/Max when he was able to get around a DMan and let a slapper go from the side boards. Matt Heleniak made it 2-0 Re/Max early in the second on the powerplay when he muscled a shot through the goalie. Evan Prouse made it 2-1 when he was able to deflect one up and over the goalie for Verne's. Shane Balcomb restored the 2-goal lead when he made no mistake from in close. Prouse scored again when he was left alone out front to make it 3-2. Verne's pressured but Re/Max held them off for the victory.
Re/Max came out strong and killed off 1:34 of a two-man disadvantage early on to set the tone.
Brady Sutherland, Matt Heleniak and Shane Balcomb had the markers for Re/Max while Evan Prouse had 2 for Verne's.

Agrospray 6   Fody's 4

1st Period
A 1704 - Vandepoele
A 1416 - Jeffries: Horvath, Rohrer
F 1338 - Sanders: Belaen, Howey
A 756 - Horvath

2nd Period
A 1508 - Koteles: Horvath
A 1443 - Rohrer: Horvath, Davis
F 1014 - Belaen: Sanders
F 839 - Homick: Velthove, Meron
A 324 - Vandepoele: J. Bruckler, R. Bruckler
F 122 - French: Jacko, Spitzke

Gignac 4GA
Hopper 6GA

Adam Vandepoele picked off a pass at the blue line and scored on a wrister to start Agrospray off 1-0. Jake Jeffries made it 2-0 when he slipped one 5-hole. Chris Sanders got the lead in half for Fody's when he notched on from the side of the net. Travis Horvath made it 3-1 when he also picked off a pass and scored through a defenders legs. Chris Koteles made it 4-1 Agro on a breakaway when he went upstairs. Brandon Rohrer made it 5-1 on a play in close to add some insurance. Fody's Kyle Belaen notched one to make it 5-2 midway through the second. Devin Homick one-timed a cross crease pass to make it 5-3. Vandepoele added his second with another wrister. Darrick French was able to deflect a point shot to make it 6-4 but that is as close as this one would get.
Agro came out on fire with all the pressure in the first. Fody's did well not to quit at 5-1 and make it a game. Travis Horvath had 1 goal and 3 assists and Adam Vandepoele and Brandon Rohrer had 2-point nights for Agro. Chris Sanders and Kyle Belaen had 2 point nights for Fody's.





October 10
Team Visccher 4   Glass 1

1st Period
No Scoring

2nd Period
V 1314 - Prouse: Mulholland, Rosato
V 855 - Haegens: Rosato, Coldham
G 633 - T. Sergeant: Rachar
V 418 - Rosato: Prouse, Haegens
V 027 - Prouse: Haegens, Legrandeur

Nolan Collard 1GA
Orpen 4GA

After a scoreless, yet penalty-filled first period, Team Visscher was able to figure out Orpie in the second. Spare Jeff Prouse notched the first for the expansion team when he was able to pop one up and over the sprawling goalie. Spare Mike Haegens made it 2-0 when he was able to pot one from a scrum outside the crease. Glass' Tyler Sergeant made it 2-1 when he let one go from the wing to beat the quick glove. Joe Rosato was able to corral a big rebound to restore Team Visscher's 2 goal cushion. Prouse added his second of the night late to close out this one.
While the refs called a tight one in the first, both goalies did well to keep it even. Glass killed off a 2-man disadvantage for over a minute as well. Coach Vissch was able to rally his troops and they started to gel pretty well in the second. Joe Rosato and spares Jeff Prouse and Mike Haegens had 3 point nights for the Blue guys.

Mug 3   Carquest 2

1st Period
M 1418 - Harden: Cronmiller, Evans
C 926 - Davis
M 329 - Thomsen: Beaumont, Colfax
C 125 - Kersten: Davis

2nd Period
M 1744 - DeBlaire

This one felt slower than it probably was just because it was the first game. Brent Roloson looked sharp in net for Mug while Nolan Collard looked good in his second game of the night.
JJ Harden scored early in the first to give his Muggers an early lead. Carquest bounced back with Andrew Davis notching one off a faceoff win. Nic Thomsen was able to put Mug back ahead when he slipped one under the sliding goalie. Blair Kersten tied it back up before the end of the first on a rebound at the side of the net. Stephen DeBlaire took 16 seconds to score from the point in the second, giving Mug the lead and eventual game winner as both goalies and defence were solid the rest of the way.
A clean game, except for one penalty, where you could see teams trying to get the lines just right. Both teams look strong for the rest of the season.
JJ Harden, Nic Thomsen and Stephen DeBlaire shared scoring for Mug. Andrew Davis had 2 points and Blair Kersten scored for Carquest.

Roloson 2GA
Collard 3GA

OCT 11
Airmount 4   Source For Sports 2

1st Period
A 1642 - Anderson: Iler, Rockx
S 915 - Neu: Jensen, Wallace
A 256 - Swick: Anderson

2nd Period
S 1353 - Neu: Ryan, Dion
A 923 - Foster, Cowman
A 822 - Swick

Nant 2GA
Klyn 4GA

The inaugural Thursday night game of 2018 was full of back and forth chances. Nick Anderson put Airmount on the board early with a wrister into the cage. Laura Neu tied it up for Source for Sports with a goal from the doorstep. Spare Darren Swick was able to slide one past the goalie to restore Airmount's lead. Neu tied it up again in the second when she notched one off a rebound in the slot. Steffan Foster once again put Airmount back on top with a hard one through the 5-hole. Swick added his second of the night with a solo effort from his own blue line.
Solid game. Looking like the new pickups will fit nicely for both teams, maybe just need some more time together to smooth it out.
Nick Anderson and Darren Swick had 2 points for Airmount, while Laura Neu notched two for Source for Sports

October 14
Mug 9   Airmount 2

1st Period
M 1458 - Cronmiller: Alton, Harden
M 922 - Mels: Beaumont, Colfax
M 604 - Mels: McCurdy, Lisabeth
M 353 - Alton: McCurdy
A 043 - Iler: Keating, Behrans

2nd Period
M 1705 - Cronmiller
M 1200 - Cronmiller: Alton, Smale
M 1117 - Beaumont: Evans
M 1002 - Evans
A 324 - Cowlan: Anderson
M 259 - Harden

Roloson 2GA
Dan Hawley 9GA

Tough game for Airmount as they were missing a quarter of their regulars.
Digger Cronmiller opened things up for Mug with a goal from the door step. Spare Dave Mels showed his veteran savvy with back to back goals, one over a sprawling goalie and the other on a quick rebound. Zach Alton made it 4-0 Mug when he was able to weave through the defence. Brent Iker was able to get Airmount on the board late when he tucked one in between the post and goalie. Cronmiller scored quick in the second on a low wrister to make it 5-1. He added another for the 'hatty' with a short side goal. Spare Brian Beaumont made it 7-1 on a high shot that just beat the goalies glove. Bob Evans let one go from the point for an 8-1 lead. Trevor Cowlan notched another one for Airmount off a rush and a high shot. JJ Harden finished this one off from Mug with a backhander late.
Mug dominated this one from the get go. Airmount was short both coaches and their starter which made it hard for guys to click.
Digger Cronmiller had the hat trick while Zach Alton had 3 points for Mug. Brent Iler and Trevor Cowlan had goals for Airmount.

Glass 4   Source For Sports 4

1st Period
S 1418 - Pettinger: Robb, Corbeil
G 1345 - T. Sergeant: Jm. Vandenneucker, Gignac
G 1128 - Kleinau
S 220 - Corbeil: Hackney, Klyn
S 042 - Dion: Kirby, Ryan
G 003 - Winters: Rachar, Js. Vandenneucker

2nd Period
G 1713 - Kleinau: Js. Vandenneucker
S 001 - Wallace: Lee, Ryan

No Scoring

Devin Bonn 4GA
Klyn 4GA

Back and forth action with the rust being shaken off made this one a good game to end the night. Lawrence Pettinger put home a cross crease pass to give Source the early lead. Tyler Sergeant was able to get a couple whacks at a rebound to tie it up for Glass. Ryan Kleinau put Glass ahead when he led a 2 on nothing midway through the first. Chase Corbeil tied it back up with a slapper from the circle. Patrick Dion gave Source the lead late when he found a rebound in the crease. Jarrod Winters was able to tie it up with 3 ticks left on the clock to close out the first. Kleinau added his second when he knocked one out of the air on his way to the net. Jayme Wallace was able to beat the buzzer as Source forced 3 on 3 overtime. The extra frame settled nothing as we have our first tie of the year.
Ryan Kleinau had 2 goals and Jason Vandenneucker had 2 assist for Glass. Chase Corbeil had a goal and an assist while Joe Ryan had a couple of helpers for Source for Sports.

October 18
CarQuest 3  Team Visscher 2

1st Period
C 1056 - Davis: Moylan
V 917 - Visscher: Rockx, Legrandeur

2nd Period
V 803 - VanKasteren: Rosato, Rockx
C 446 - Davis: Moylan, McKenzie
C 227 - Davis: Smith, Kobayashi

Brady Silverthorne 2GA
Nolan Collard 3GA

Battle Of The Expansion teams was a fairly good tilt. Andrew Davis opened things up for Carquest with a snap shot from the slot. Alex Visscher tied things up with a slapper on the rush. Spare Chris VanKasteren made it 2-1 Team Visscher. Davis notched his second of the night with a sure thing from the face off circle. Davis was able to fill the hat and secure the win with a late one off a rebound.
Both teams are coming together nicely and will be forces this season.
Andrew Davis had a hat trick for Carquest. James Rockx had 2 apples for Team Visscher.

October 21
Team Visscher 6   Airmount 1

1st Period
V 1526 - Wilson: Friesen, Legrandeur
V 904 - Wilson: Friesen, Legrandeur

2nd Period
V 1659 - Wilson: Rockx, Friesen
A 1244 - Anderson
V 1158 - Rockx: Wilson, Friesen
V 433 - Maerten: Rockx
V 132 - Rockx

Collard 1GA
Nant 6GA

Cody Wilson scored first for the Flying V's as he redirected a shot from the side boards. Wilson added his second when he had a couple whacks on a rebound. The hat trick was clinched on a tipped point shot as the natural hat trick put Team Visscher up by 3. Nick Anderson put Airmount on the board after a steal in the neutral zone. James Rockx made it 4-1 when his point shot got through midway through the second. Marty Maerten made it 5-1 when he knocked in a rebound off a point shot. Rockx added another one late on another wicked point shot to close this one out.
This one was close in the first with both teams pressuring. Team Visscher was able to get to the net while Airmount was limited in quality chances.
A natural hat trick and an apple for Cody Wilson and 4-point nights for Abe Friesen and James Rockx for Team Visscher. Nick Anderson had the lone goal for Airmount.


Glass 3   McKenzie Carquest 3 OT

1st Period
G 1107 - J. Sergeant: Kleinau, Jm. Vandenneucker
M 859 - Kobayashi: Hanson
M 410 - Davis

2nd Period
G 1743 - J. Sergeant: Gignac, T. Sergeant
M 1213 - Kobayashi: Buchner
G 500 - Beaumont: Rachar

No Scoring

Orpen 3GA
Silverthorn 3GA

Veteran John Sergeant, now a winger, scored first for Glass with one from the circle. Dana Kobayashi tied it up for Carquest when he was able to slip one in as he went behind the net. Andrew Davis gave the lead to Carquest when he won the faceoff and was able to take it to the net. Johnny Sergeant netted his second when he led a rush off the puck drop. Kobayashi notched his second off a nice wrister to put Carquest back on top. Spare Brian Beaumont tied it up on a knuckle puck from just inside the blue line. Overtime solved nothing as the ice was unforgiving.
This one started off decent as the teams were able to navigate the unflooded ice. It seemed like Carquest dominated, but the scoreboard didn't show those results.
John Sergeant had 2 goals for Glass as Dana Kobayashi answered with 2 for Carquest.

October 24
Team Visscher 4   Source For Sports 1

1st Period
V 1145 - Friesen: Coldham
V 1006 - Friesen: Oud
V 059 - Friesen: Legrandeur

2nd Period
S 610 - Corbeil (sh): Pettinger, Lee
V 057 - Gehring (en): Swick

Collard 1GA
Klyn 3GA

Team Visscher got on the board first with Abe Friesen rushing alone and slipping one under the goalie. Friesen notched his second shortly after on the opposite side and getting one under the arm of Klyn. The Hatty came before the end of the period when Friesen took a long outlet pass and was able to finish it off uncontested. Chase Corbeil finally scored for Source shorthanded midway through the second. Matt Gehring added an empty netter for Visscher's.
Team Visscher had all the lines pressuring tonight and kept Source on their heels. Source couldn't get any quality chances and were playing defence most of the game.
Abe Friesen had a first period natural hat trick for Visscher's.

Airmount 3   McKenzie Carquest 2   in OT

1st Period
A 1314 - Anderson: Iler, Lenane
M 1243 - Davis: Moylan
A 1132 - McElhinney: Swick, Hodges

2nd Period
M 252 - Ferguson: McKenzie

A 130 - Cowlan

Dave Hodges 2GA
Silverthorn 3GA

Nick Anderson kept up his scoring pace by getting Airmount the lead on a nice passing play on a rush. Andrew Davis answered quickly for Carquest and scored while cutting in front of the net. Spare Dustin McElhinney retook the lead shortly after with a wrister just under the blocker of the netminder. Brett Ferguson tied things up late in the second when his wrister squeezed through to send it to overtime. Trevor Cowlan was credited with the OT goal for Airmount after the refs conferred and concluded that it wasn't kicked in.
This one was back and forth the whole game with many chances both ways. The new jerseys for Carquest are a big hit as well. Balanced scoring as there was 5 different goal scorers and 6 guys with assists.

October 25
Glass 7   Copper Mug 3

1st Period
C 1444 - Colfax: Nevill
G 609 - T. Sergeant: Gignac, Mark Young
C 557 - Cronmiller: Lisabeth, Harden
G 434 - Kleinau: Js. Vandenneucker, Jm. Vandenneucker
G 313 - Stoop: Burton, Haggith
G 304 - T. Sergeant: Jm. Vandenneucker, Gignac
G 131 - Winters: Kleinau, Kyle

2nd Period
C 1014 - Alton
G 748 - Mark Young: Rachar, T. Sergeant
G 622 - Winters: Curry, Js. Vandenneucker

Orpen 3GA
Roloson 7GA

Cody Colfax gave Mug the early lead when he was able to finish off the wraparound. Tyler Sergeant tied it up for Glass when he was able to get a couple rebounds in close. Dylan Cronmiller restored the lead for Mug when he was able to whack in the loose puck in the crease. Ryan Kleinau tied it up again when he was able to walk out from behind the net and put one home. Spare Matt Stoop was able to knock one out of the air and over the goalie. Tyler Sergeant made it 4-2 when he was able to push the puck over the line after it squeezed through the goalie. Jarrod Winters made it 5-2 at the end of one with a slapper from the side boards. Zach Alton got Mug back to within 2 when he scored on a partial breakaway. Spare Mark Young was able to find a loose puck in the crease to give Glass the 6-3 lead. Winters added his second of the night to close this one with a shot from way down low.
Glass had a full squad and that helped them keep pressure the whole game. Mug started off strong, but eventually the short bench caught up to them.
Tyler Sergeant had 2 goals and an assist for Glass. Every skater on Glass had at least 1 point. Mug had 3 different goal scorers in the loss.

October 28
Glass 9   Airmount 2

1st Period
G 1346 - T. Sergeant: Rachar, Swick
G 1146 - Swick: Haines, Jm. Vandenneucker
G 746 - Haines: Jm Vandenneucker
G 705 - Haggith: Swick, Burton
A 228 - Prouse: J. Stubbs
G 134 - Kyle
A 022 - Foster

2nd Period
G 1553 - Burton: Swick
G 1150 - Swick: Haggith, Haines
G 1117 - Burton
G 500 - Kyle: Gignac

Orpen 2GA
Bonn 9GA

Tyler Sergeant opened things up when he netted one from in close for Glass. Spare Darren Swick made it 2-0 on a one-timer in the slot. Jamie Haines added another when he cut across the front of the net and slipped one in. Tory Haggith made it 4-0 with a wrister from the slot. Spare Jeff Prouse got Airmount on the board when he found a loose puck in the crease. Ryan Kyle made it 5-1 late in the period. Steffan Foster made it 5-2 when he let a shot go before the period ended. Kurtis Burton made it 6-2 on another wrister. Swick added his second on a low, hard wrister. Burton picked off a pass for a break for is second of the night. Kyle tipped one in to make the final 9-2.
A rough game for defence, but at least it stayed under control.
Darren Swick had 5 points for Glass.

Copper Mug 6   Source For Sports 5

1st Period
S 1750 - Wallace: Jensen
S 1353 - Swick: Jensen, Neu
C 1020 - Alton: Harden, McCurdy
C 605 - Thomsen: Beaumont, McCurdy
C 505 - Cronmiller: Alton, Harden
C 145 - Colfax (pp): Evans, Alton

2nd Period
C 1105 - Beaumont: Evans, Colfax
S 905 - Jensen
S 853 - Wallace: Neu, Hackney
S 123 - Swick: Robb, Corbeil
C 009 - Cronmiller: DeBlaire

Roloson 5GA
Klyn 6GA

Jayme Wallace wasted no time giving Source an early lead when he scored while streaking down the wing. Spare Darren Swick made it 2-0 when he slid one just inside the far post. Zach Alton rushed from his own blue line and made a nice move in close to get Mug to within one. Nic Thomsen tied things up when he was able to ring it off the post and in. Dylan Cronmiller made it 3-2 Mug when he took it to the net on a 2-on-1. Cody Colfax added a powerplay marker late in the first on a rebound from in close. Spare Brian Beaumont made it 5-2 Mug when he tipped in a point shot. Adam Jensen scored through a screen for Source to cut the lead to 5-3. Wallace added another quick one just 14 seconds later to make it a one goal game. Swick tied it up with close to a minute left with a wrister under the blocker. Cronmiller would use his blazing speed to pick up a Mug clearing attempt to score on a break with 9 seconds left for the winner.
This one had the feeling of a playoff game with just a bit of edge and a whole lot of back and forth action.
Zach Alton for Mug and Adam Jensen for Source each had a goal and 2 assists for their teams.