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Oct 11
Fody's 5   Agrospray 2

1st Period
F 6:39 - Devin Homick: Brian Velthove
F 6:08 - Chris Sanders : Adam Thomson, Dave Matthews

2nd Period
F 15:26 - Adam Thomson : Rob Vanvelzer
A 10:48 - Travis Horvath : Jason Davis, Jordan Bruckler
F  8:25 - Brian Velthove : Devin Homick, Kevin VanKooten
A 1:38 - Darrick French : Travis Horvath, Jordan Bruckler
F 0:03 - Chris Sanders - empty net

Taylor Ostermaier 4GA
Shawn Hopper 2GA

Game notes: Hop looked to be in mid-season form as he calmly handled the opposition.

Verne's 2    Re/Max 0   

1st Period
V 6:30 - Kelsey VanYmeren : Dave Martin, Kyle Smith

2nd Period
V 12:05 - C. Devlin : D. VanWyk, T. Lamb

Jesse Hilliard : Shutout
Greg Buchner 2 GA

Game notes: Hilly was lucky to get the shutout..... but deserving ; you won't see a better save than the the 2 on 1 he stymied with some great acrobatics late in the game.

Oct 15
Fody's 4    Verne's 1

1st Period
V 2:38 - Andrew VanWyk : Christian Devlin, Dave Martin

2nd Period
F 13:29 - Brian Velthove : Spencer Meron, Chris Fody
F  9:20 - Chad. Homick (sh) : Brian Velthove
F  7:34 - Dave Matthews : Devin Homick
F  0:56 - Gerry Clergy : Rob VanVelzer, Shawn Hopper

Shawn Hopper 1GA
Jesse Hilliard 4GA

Game notes : Some bad news for team Fody as Adam Thomson was injured at work and will be out for a while.  

Agrospray 11     Re/Max 2    

1st Period
A 13:02 - Brandon Rohrer
A 12:19 - Kyle Jansen : Evan Chute, Shane Balcomb
A  5:39 - Darrick French : Chris Koteles, Shane Balcomb
A  4: 07 - Darrick French : Shane Balcomb
R  0:36 - Andrew Jacko

2nd Period
A 14:21 - Jason Davis : Shane Balcomb, Jordan Bruckler
R  9:50 - Kyle Belaen : Andrew Jacko
A  7:35 - Travis Horvath : Kyle Jansen, Brandon Rohrer
A  5:17 - Travis Horvath : Jason Davis
A  5:01 - Chris Koteles : Travis Horvath
A  1:53 - Shane Balcomb : Kyle Jansen
A  1:41 - Travis Horvath
A  0.50 - Jordan Bruckler : Ryan Van Kooten, Josh DeWachter

Mark Gignac 2 GA
Greg Buchner 11GA

Game notes : After a tentative start vs team Fody, Agro pulled out all the stops. A big night from Travis Horvath and rookie Darrick French now has 3 goals to his credit.

Oct 22
Agro 7    Verne's 4
1st Period
A 1708 - Rohrer: Chute, Moylan
V 1535 - A. VanWyk: K. Smith, Hilliard
V 1231 - Jones: Prouse, Furlong
A 709 - Horvath: Bruckler, Weiss
A 307 - Phillips: K. Jansen, Rohrer
A 254 - Weiss: Davis, VanKooten

2nd Period
A 956 - Chute: Horvath, Bruckler
A 919 - French: Horvath, Bruckler
V 648 - Sweetland: Prouse, Furlong
A 636 - K. Jansen: Phillips, Rohrer
V 500 - Jones: C. Smith, K. Smith

Ostermaier 4 GA
Hilliard 7 GA

Game Notes : Agrospray had 7 different goal scorers that kept Verne's on their heels. Brandon Rohrer, Travis Horvath and Jordan Bruckler had 3 point nights for Agro. Kyle Jones had 2 goals and Kyle Smith had 2 assists for Verne's.

Re/Max 5      Fody's 3

1st Period
R 638 - Sutherland: Peacock, Stewart
R 510 - Wight
F 108 - Velthove: D. Homick, C. Homick

2nd Period
R 1644 - Belaen: Cronmiller
R 1151 - Belaen: Thorburn, Sutherland
F 943 - Matthews: Brooks
F 304 - Clergy: Swick
R 016 - Lichtensteiger (en): Peacock, Sutherland

Buchner 3 GA
Hopper 4 GA

Game Notes : Brady Sutherland had a 3 point night for Re/Max, while their defence and some big saves in the second by Greg Buchner helped stifle the Fody's offence. Penalty Free game.

Oct 25
Verne's 4    Re/Max 3  

1st Period
V 6:19 - Kyle Smith (pp) : Kelsey VanYmeren, Craig Smith
R 0:19 - Kyle Belaen (pp) : Dom Lichtensteiger, Andrew Jacko

2nd Period
V 10:49 - Craig Smith : Kelsey VanYmeren, Kyle Jones
V 7:28 - Dave VanWyk: Kyle Smith, Craig Smith
R 6:40 - Matt Wight : Andrew Jacko
V 0:41 - Kyle Jones (sh, en)
R 0:27 - Matt Wight (pp) : Joe Thorburn, Josh McKibbin

Jesse Hilliard 3 GA
Greg Buchner 3 GA

Game notes: A valiant effort by Re/Max but the empty one from Jonesy did them in.

Fody's 9   Agrospray 1

1st Period
F 16:49 - Chris Sanders: Adam Vandepoele
F 16:12 - Chris Sanders : Rob VanVelzer
F 11:55 - Cory Turner : Dave Matthews, Chad Homick
F 4:05 - Neil Anderson : Devin Homick, Brian Velthove
A 1:05 - Evan Chute : Steve Moylan, Brad Hornby

2nd Period
F 15:50 - Nick Propper, Rob VanVelzer, Chad Homick
F 14:28 - Brian Velthove: Devin Homick, Neil Anderson
F  7:44 - Rob VanVelzer : Chris Sanders
F 6:11 - Spencer Meron: Nick Propper, Chad Homick
F 0:30 - Spencer Meron : Shawn Hopper

Shawn Hopper 1GA
Brad Hornby 9GA

Game notes: A rough night for spare Brad Hornby but at least half of the goals were deflections that wouldn't have been stopped by anybody (not even you, Hop)

Oct 29
Agrospray 5     Re/Max 2 

1st Period
R 15:57 - Kyle Belaen : Scott Balazs, Brady Sutherland
A 11:43 - Darrick French: Sean Jansen
A 10:44 - Kyle Jansen : Brandon Rohrer, Josh DeWachter
R 8:50 - Brady Sutherland (sh)
A 7:53 - Travis Horvath (pp) : Steve Moylan

 2nd Period
A 1:06 - Travis Horvath : Mike Mudford, Steve Moylan
A 0:52 - Travis Horvath : Mike Mudford

Gignac 2 GA
Buchner 5 GA

Game notes: The shortie by Brady Sutherland put Re/Max back into the game but a powerplay marker from Travis Horvath nullified that. Lots of pressure in the second but Mark Gignac held the fort and Horvath finished strong to complete his hat.

Fody's 3    Verne's 2     in overtime

1st Period
F 12:39 - Chris Sanders: Devin Homick
F 4:08 - Chris Sanders : Neil Anderson, Dave Matthews

 2nd Period
no scoring

 3 on 3 overtime
F 1:19 - Chris Sanders : Rob VanVelzer

Hopper 2GA
Hilliard 3GA

Game notes: This game had a playoff intensity to it. End-to-end action and some great goaltending at both ends.

Nov 5
Re/Max 3      Fody's 2

1st Period
R 17:06 - Dylan Cronmiller : Scott Balazs
F 10:37 - Chris Sanders : Dave Matthews, Neil Anderson
R 6:31 - Kyle Belaen : Scott Balazs, Joe Thorburn

2nd Period
F 17:46 - Nick Propper (pp) : Spencer Meron, Rob VanVelzer
R 14:31 - Brady Sutherland (pp) : Matt Summers, Matt Wight

Greg Buchner 2 GA
Shawn Hopper 3 GA

Game notes: Good thing you got a goal tonight, Dylan.

Agro 4    Verne's 0

1st Period
A 10:35 - Tyler Brooks : Evan Chute, Travis Horvath
A 1:07 - Jason Davis : Travis Horvath, Tyler Brooks

2nd Period
A 642 - Kyle Jansen : Brandon Rohrer, Ryan VanKooten
A 5:31 - Brandon Rohrer : Kyle Jansen, Ryan VanKooten

Mark Gignac : SHUTOUT
Jesse Hillaird 4GA

Game Notes : Agro is all business at both ends of the rink as they move into a tie for first place in the standings. Penalty-free game - makes me proud of both teams.

Nov 8
Agrospray 5     Fody's 1   

1st Period
A 1:44 - Travis Horvath : Shane Balcomb

2nd Period
A 13:01 - Travis Horvath : Shane Balcomb, Ryan VanKooten
A 10:18 - Shane Balcomb : Travis Horvath
F 5:58 - Devin Homick
A 5:45 - Mike Mudford : Brandon Rohrer, Shane Balcomb
A 1:04 - Travis Horvath : Darrick French

Taylor Ostermaier 1 GA
Shawn Hopper 5 GA

Game notes: Hop was bombarded as Agro played in overdrive. Great pace to this game and only a single penalty - for too many men. Another hat for Travis..... kid can shoot.

Re/Max 3      Verne's 2

1st Period
R 13:51 - Shane Balcomb : Dana Kobayashi, Matt Wight
V 8:51 - Matt Sweetland : Evan Prouse
R 2:07 - Joe Thorburn : Shane Balcomb, Benson Howey
V 0:41 - Matt Sweetland

2nd Period
R 7:18 - Andrew Jacko : Shane Balcomb

Greg Buchner 2 GA
Mark Gignac 3 GA

Game notes: A dramatic game but a bit too "bumpy" for my liking. One of these "bumps" unfortunately resulted in an injury and a suspension. Incidental contact does happen but players must focus on playing the puck, not the body.

Nov 12
Verne's 7     Fody's 3

1st Period
F 16:53 - Chris Sanders : Neil Anderson, Kevin Verbruggen
F 14:37 - Chris Sanders : Kevin Verbruggen
F 14:06 - Dave Matthews : Chris Sanders, Neil Anderson
V 13:22 - Cody Furlong : Kyle Smith, Craig Smith
V 11:43 - Dave VanWyk
V 9:35 - Stephen Schafer : Dave VanWyk, Kyle Jones
V 3:56 - Evan Prouse : Stephen Schafer

2nd Period
V 12:03 - Christian Devlin
V 7:31 - Craig Smith : Dave Martin
V 2:59 - Andrew VanWyk : Jim Davis

Jesse Hilliard 3GA
Shawn Hopper 7GA

Game notes: A dramatic meltdown by team Fody. After they cruised into a commanding lead the wheels came off and Verne's floored them with 7 straight. Coach Fody may be looking at some new line combinations after this one.

Re/Max 6     Agro 3

1st Period
R 15:38 - Brady Sutherland
R 12:52 - Kyle Belaen: Neil Anderson, Josh McKibbin
R 11:37 - Dylan Cronmiller : Dom Lichtensteiger, Joe Thorburn
A 10:03 - Chris Koteles : Ryan VanKooten, Jordan Bruckler
A 9:43 - Jordan Bruckler : Darrick French, Ryan VanKooten

2nd Period
R 11:08 - Brent Stewart : Matt Wight, Dana Kobayashi
A 10:10 - Travis Horvath : Evan Chute, Chris Koteles
R 2:34 - Scott Balazs : Dom Lichtensteiger, Benson Howey
R 0:56 - Neil Anderson (en) : Kyle Belaen, Josh McKibbin

Greg Buchner 3GA
Mark Gignac 6GA

Game notes: A 3-0 lead by Re/Max wasn't safe as Agro came back hard with a pair before the end of the first. Re/Max restored the cushion but Agro came back again to force a close finish.

Nov 19     
Agro 3    Verne's 3     (nothing solved in 3 on 3 overtime)

1st Period
A 10:46 - Travis Horvath : Chris Koteles, Steve Martin
V 5:18 - Andrew VanWyk : Christian Devlin, Kelsey VanYmeren
V 5:18 - Andrew VanWyk : Kelsey VanYmeren
A 0:22 - Jordan Bruckler

2nd Period
A17:05 - Tyler Lamb : Jason Davis, Aaron Phillips
V 7:37 - Andrew VanWyk : Dave Martin

Taylor Ostermaier 3GA
Jesse Hilliard 3GA

Game Notes : Andrew did all he could but Agro matched him. Goalies held the fort in 3 on 3 overtime.

Re/Max 2      Fody's 2     (nothing solved in 3 on 3 overtime)

1st Period
R 16:46 - Kyle Belaen : Ryan DeVos, Joe Thorburn
F 8:08 - Chad Homick : Brian Velthove, Devin Homick

2nd Period
R 15:16 - Kyle Belaen : Joe Thorburn
F 1:42 - Adam Thomson : Chris Sanders

Mark Gignac 2 GA
Shawn Hopper 2 GA

Game notes: A good performance by Mark Gignac after a brief stint in the minors. Hop, you were very good too. Solid work in the OT. Good to have Adam Thomson back in the lineup and he made his presence known with a clutch goal.

Nov 22     
Verne's 6     Re/Max 4

1st Period
R 11:09 - Kobayashi : Wight, Balcomb
V 15:06 - Devlin : VanYmeren

2nd Period
V 15:31 - Devlin : Hansen, VanYmeren
R 12:45 - Sutherland : Belaen, Peacock
V 12:28 - D. VanWyk : Jones
V 10:11 - Schafer : Davis, Jones
V 8:54 - D. VanWyk : C. Smith, K. Smith
R 7:50 - Wight : Howey, Belaen
R 3:01 - Thorburn (pp) : Balcomb
V 0:15 - C. Smith (sh, en)

Hilliard 4GA
Buchner 5GA

Game Notes : Good win for Verne's who were facing a couple of rentals from the rink next door.

Agro 5      Fody's 2

1st Period
A 15:21 - S. Jansen
A 13:37 - Bruckler : Horvath
F 13:10 - Matthews : D. Homick
A 9:16 - DeWachter : Horvath, Chute
A 4:56 - Bruckler : Chute

2nd Period
A 14:04 - Koteles : S. Jansen
F 9:04 - Meron : Matthews

Ostermaier 2GA
Hopper 5 GA

Game Notes : The hired help were silenced by Agro.

Nov 26
Re/Max 7     Agrospray 6

1st Period
R 1702 - DeVos: Balazs, Thorburn
A 1050 - Horvath: DeWachter, Moylan
A 1010 - Horvath: Davis, Turner
A 906 - Chute: Moylan, K. Jansen
A 509 - Horvath: DeWachter
R 441 - Heleniak: Lichtensteiger, Cronmiller
R 224 - McKibbin: Balazs, DeVos
R 102 - Kobayashi: Wight, Stewart
R 056 - Sutherland: Lichtensteiger

2nd Period
R 1629 - Wight: Sutherland, Kobayashi
R 1438 - Heleniak: Lichtensteiger, Cronmiller
A 855 - K. Jansen: Chute, Phillips
A 021 - Phillips (6 on 5): Horvath, Bruckler

Buchner 6GA
Gignac 7GA

Game Notes : 2 in a row for Dana and another hat for 'Bronco'. This is what happens when you use the 1-4 system. Lonely back there, wasn't it Mark.

Fody’s 4     Verne’s 3

1st Period
V 1156 - Martin: Furlong
F 936 - Sanders: Fody, Verbruggen
F 054 - Homick: Fody

2nd Period
F 1728 - Sanders: Thomson, Matthews
F 1325 - Sanders: Matthews
V 1253 - A. VanWyk
V 605 - K. Smith: C. Smith, D. VanWyk

Hopper 3GA
Hilliard 4GA

Game Notes : A great performance by Sanders to get his team their 1st win of the month. Coach Fody will be glad to turn the calendar.

Dec 3
Re/Max 10      Fody's 7

1st Period
R 17:23 - Scott Balazs : Joe Thorburn, Brent Stewart
R 13:48 - Matt Heleniak : Scott Balazs, Benson Howey
F 9:58 - Nick Propper : Dave Matthews, Spencer Meron
R 8:45 - Matt Wight : Dom Lichtensteiger, Matt Heleniak
F 8:14 - Devin Homick : Kevin Verbruggan
F 7:56 - Matt Summers : Devin Homick, Cory Smith
F 6:59 - Chris Sanders : Dave Matthews, Adam Thomson
R 5:23 - Dom Lichtensteiger : Andrew Jacko, Matt Heleniak
F 0:32 - Chris Sanders : Adam Thomson
F 0:12 - Rob VanVelzer : Chris Sanders, Josh VanVelzer

2nd Period
R 15:54 - Brady Sutherland : Scott Balazs, Joe Thorburn
R 15: 40 - Scott Balazs : Brent Stewart, Andrew Jacko
F 13:36 - Chris Sanders : Rob VanVelzer
R 10:35 - Brent Stewart : Matt Wight, Joe Thorburn
R 10:02 - Scott Balazs, Josh McKibbin, Brady Sutherland
R 7:17 - Andrew Jacko : Scott Balazs, Joe Thorburn
R 0:51 - Andrew Jacko (en)

Greg Buchner 7 GA
Shawn Hopper 9 GA

Game notes: Good to see the missing 'tower' back in the Fody lineup. Things looked good at the end of the 1st as team Fody dug out of a 3-1 hole but the roof came down in the 2nd as Re/Max made a mockery of defensive hockey.

Verne's 4     Agro 2    

1st Period
V 15:58 - Christian Devlin : Dave VanWyk, Kyle Smith
A 7:31 - Jason Davis : Darrick French, Evan Chute

2nd Period
V 17:17 - Dave VanWyk : Craig Smith, Cody Furlong
A 15:02 - Travis Horvath : Steve Moylan
V 12:39 - Dave VanWyk : Kyle Smith
V 0:39 - Jim Davis (sh, en)

Cam Cluett 2GA
Mark Gignac 3GA

Game Notes : A tidy win by Verne's moves them up out of the cellar and the standings are about as tight as they can be. Good work by the spare goalies to keep this game close.

Dec 6
Agrospray 7     Fody's 4   

1st Period
A 16:41 - Evan Chute
F 9:25 - Brian Velthove : Devin Homick, Josh VanVelzer
A 8:23 - Kyle Jansen : Mike Mudford
A 7:45 - Mike Mudford : Tyler Lamb, Shane Balcomb
A 7:02 - Jordan Bruckler : Travis Horvath, Tyler Lamb

2nd Period
A 16:39 - Shane Balcomb : Kyle Jansen, Jason Davis
F 13:02 - Joe VanQuaethem : Dave Matthews, Josh VanVelzer
A 10:52 - Mike Mudford : Shane Balcomb, Taylor Ostermaier
A 8:35 - Travis Horvath (sh) : Tyler Brooks
F 3:01 - Joe VanQuaethem : Rob VanVelzer, Josh VanVelzer
F 2:40 - Spencer MEron, Nick Propper, Kevin Verbruggan

Taylor Ostermaier 4 GA
Shawn Hopper 7 GA

Game notes: Agro dominated scoring in the 1st and it became too big a hole for team Fody to crawl out of.

Re/Max 5      Verne's 4

1st Period
V 15:57 - Dave VanWyk : Christian Devlin, Kyle Jones
R 9:59 - Dom Lichtensteiger: Benson Howey, Shane Balcomb
V 7:37 - Dave VanWyk : Kyle Jones
V 2:28 - Andrew VanWyk (pp) : Dave Martin, Christian Devlin

2nd Period
V 16:03 - Jim Davis (pp) : Kyle Smith, Kyle Jones
R 12:59 - Dylan Cronmiller: Dana Kobayashi
R 11:55 - Brady Sutherland
R 9:42 - Matt Wight : Ryan Black, Andrew Jacko
R 9:12 - Brady Sutherland : Shane Balcomb

Greg Buchner 4 GA
Jesse Hilliard 5 GA

Game notes: Verne's took advantage as Re/Max ran into some penalty trouble but the 4-1 lead didn't hold up. Re/Max scored 4 straight in the 2nd to steal the win.

Dec 10
Verne’s 6     Fody’s 3    

1st Period
F 13:12 - Adam Thomson : Dave Matthews
V 4:46 - Craig Smith : Wil Hansen, Jim Davis
V 3:18 - Kelsey VanYmeren : Andrew VanWyk, Cody Furlong
F 2:24 - Chris Sanders: Neil Anderson, Devin Homick

2nd Period
V 16:10 - Stephen Schafer : Evan Prouse
V 13:20 - Dave VanWyk : Kyle Smith, Craig Smith
V 9:33 - Kyle Jones : Christian Devlin, Kelsey VanYmeren
F 6:06 - Dave Matthews : Chris Sanders, Devin Homick
V 0:59 - Andrew Van Wyk (en)

Hilliard 3 GA
Hopper 5 GA

Game Notes : All even after one but Verne's powered thru with 3 straight in the 2nd to take a commanding lead.

Agro 6      Re/Max 3     

1st Period
R 16:44 - Kyle Belaen : Matt Wight, Joe Thorburn
A 13:03 - Travis Horvath : Josh DeWachter, Jason Davis
A 7:41 - Evan Chute : Jordan Bruckler

2nd Period
A 16:36 - Jeremy Weiss : Kyle Jansen, Aaron Phillips
R 7:14 - Joe Thorburn : Benson Howey, Matt Wight
R 6:05 - Dom Lichtensteiger : Matt Heleniak, Andrew Jacko
A 5:07 - Kyle Jansen : Evan Chute
A 2:48 - Travis Horvath : Josh DeWachter, Evan Chute
A 1:21 - Kyle Jansen (en) : Brad Hornby

Taylor Ostermaier 3 GA
Mark Gignac 5 GA

Game notes: Re/Max played strong to tie this one up later in the 2nd but Agro pushed back for the win.

Dec 17
Agrospray 7     Verne’s 4         

1st Period
A 1126 - Moylan: Mudford, Horvath
A 617 - Mudford: Horvath
V 348 - K. Smith: Hansen, Jones
A 226 - Moylan

2nd Period
A 1626 - French: Koteles
V 1245 - Devlin (pp): VanYmeren, Prouse
A 1158 - DeWachter: Mudford, Horvath
V 713 - VanYmeren (pp): Prouse, Schafer
V 600 - Devlin: Prouse, VanYmeren
A 405 - Phillips: K. Jansen, Chute
A 114 - Horvath (en) : Mudford

Ostermaier 4GA
Hilliard 6GA

Game Notes : Steve Moylan opened things up for Agro with a point shot through traffic. Spare Mike Mudford made it 2-0 with a nice wrist shot. Kyle Smith cut the deficit for Verne's when he potted a rebound. Moylan netted his second of the night when he used the defenceman for a deflection. Darrick French extended the Agro lead with one from in close. Christian Devlin scored on the power play to make it 4-2. Josh DeWachter restored the 3-goal cushion with a rebound at the side of the net. Kelsey VanYmeren scored on the power play and Devlin notched his second of the night to make things close at 5-4. Aaron Phillips scored on a rush and Travis Horvath scored into an empty net to close out this one.
Agro held onto a 4-goal lead in spite of Verne’s second period pressure. Mike Mudford had a 4 point night for Agro while Steve Moylan scored twice. Kelsey VanYmeren and Evan Prouse had 3-point nights for Verne’s.

Fody’s 6     Re/Max 2

1st Period
F 1429 - R. VanVelzer: Velthove, Clergy
F 1314 - Meron: Sanders, C. Homick
F 547 - D. Homick: R. VanVelzer

2nd Period
F 1737 - Thmoson: Matthews, D. Homick
F 1232 - Matthews: Thomson, R. VanVelzer
R 1203 - Thorburn: Lichtensteiger
R 1035 - Belaen: Balazs, Swick
F 526 - Sanders: Velthove, Matthews

Hopper 2GA
Buchner 6GA

Game notes: Fody’s came out strong as Rob VanVelzer netted one when left alone out front. Spencer Meron made it a 2-goal lead when he pocketed a rebound. Devin Homick sniped one off the post to make it 3-0 at the end of one. Adam Thomson slid one home early to start the second and Dave Matthews made it 5-0 on a 2-on-1. Joe Thorburn put Re/Max on the board when he scored on a partial breakaway. Kyle Belaen made it 5-2 with a one timer. Chris Sanders dashed Re/Max’s hopes when he converted a pass out front to make the final 6-2.
A good win for Fody’s who found their offence after a slump. Rob VanVelzer and Dave Matthews had 3-point nights for Fody’s. Good to see Kyle Belaen back in action.

Dec 20
 Verne’s 3     Re/Max 2      in overtime         

1st Period
R 1619 - Wight: Thorburn, Stewart
V 1243 - Balcomb (pp): Davis, VanYmeren
V 645 - K. Smith: VanYmeren, C. Smith

2nd Period
R 828 - Balazs: Thorburn, Howdy

3 on 3 Overtime
V 207 - Balcomb: K. Smith, D. VanWyk

Hilliard 2GA
Buchner 3GA

Game Notes : Matt Wight tallied first for Re/Max with one that just squeezed through. Spare Shane Balcomb tied it up on the power play with nice a wrister. Kyle Smith put Verne's ahead when he backhanded a rebound in. Scott Balazs tied it up in the second with a high one glove side. Balcomb netted the OT winner on a 2 on 1.
A solid game that saw Verne's hang tough against a shorthanded Re/Max squad. Kyle Smith and Shane Balcomb had 2 point nights for Verne's. Joe Thorburn had a 2 point night for Re/Max.

Fody's 4     Agrospray 2 

1st Period
A 1402 - Horvath, Davis
F 1211 - Thomson: Matthews
F 804 - Sanders: Thomson, Matthews

2nd Period
F 506 - Sanders: Matthews, Thomson
F 145 - D. Homick: Summers
A 123 - Phillips: Chute

Hopper 2GA
Ostermaier 4GA

Game Notes : Travis Horvath put Agrospray on the board when he got in alone on a break. Adam Thomson evened it up when he sniped one high glove side. Chris Sanders put Fody's up by one when he was able to jam one home in the crease. Sanders netted his second with 5 to go in the second to extend the lead. Devin Homick went 5-hole for the insurance marker. Aaron Phillips cut the lead in half a short time later, but time ran out on this one.
A fairly close game that saw some great chances stymied by better goaltending. Adam Thomson and Dave Matthews each had 3-point nights for Fody's. Travis Horvath and Aaron Phillips scored for Agro.

Jan 3
Re/Max 4     Agrospray 2

1st Period
R 1023 - Sutherland: Morrell, Stewart
R 022 - Heleniak: Morrell, McKibbin

2nd Period
R 1722 - Cronmiller: McKibbin, Balcomb
R 1442 - Davis: Howey, Thorburn
A 1015 - French: Davis
A 032 - Davis: Bruckler, Horvath

Buchner 2GA
Ostermaier 4GA

Game Notes : Brady Sutherland put Re/Max on the board with a wrist shot from the hash marks. Matt Heleniak made it 2-0 before the end of 1 on a break with a little deke to finish. Dylan Cronmiller scored on a rebound to put Re/Max up by three. Spare Curtis Lavis scored the fourth goal through the 5-hole. Darrick French erased the goose egg for Agro with a one-timer in the slot. Jason Davis cut it to 2 with 30 seconds left, but it was not enough.
Pretty decent game with end to end action in the first. Josh McKibbin and spare Drake Morrell had 2 points for Re/Max. Jason Davis had a 2-point night for Agro.

Fody's 5     Verne's 2

1st Period
F 1133 - Sanders: C. Homick, D. Homick
F 419 - Matthews: Propper
V 325 - Prouse: Hansen, Devlin
F 132 - D. Homick: Sanders, Matthews

2nd Period
V 1626 - A. VanWyk (pp): VanYmeren
F 1111 - VanQuaethem (5 on 3): Verbruggen, Velthove
F 924 - C. Homick: Meron

Hopper 2GA
Hilliard 5GA

Game Notes : Chris Sanders tucked one under the goalie to score first for Fody's. Dave Matthews finished off a give and go to make it 2-0. Even Prouse cut the lead in half when he tipped in a point shot for Verne's. Devin Homick notched one from in close to restore the 2-goal lead. Andrew VanWyk scored early when he flipped one over the netminder on a powerplay. Spare Joe VanQuaethem once again put Fody's ahead by two on a 5 on 3 powerplay. Chad Homick snuck out from behind the net to tap in a rebound to finish this one off.
Four regulars had 2-point nights for Fody's in a game that had the emotion of a playoff tilt.

Jan 7
Re/Max 4     Fody's 2

1st Period
F 1502 - C. Homick: J. VanVelzer, Meron
F 1305 - VanQuaethem
R 548 - Thorburn: Balazs, Belaen
R 248 - Belaen: Thorburn, Heleniak
R 139 - Balazs: Sutherland

2nd Period
R 353 - Balazs (4 on 4)

Greg Buchner 2GA
Mark Gignac 4GA

Game Notes : Chad Homick opened the scoring for Fody's when he tipped in a point shot early in period 1. Spare Joe VanQuaethem made it 2-0 shortly after on a shot that found the 5-hole. Joe Thorburn starts things off for Re/Max with a snipe from the wing. Kyle Belaen tied it up on a backhand. Scott Balazs put Re/Max ahead on a breakaway before the end of the first. Balazs scored his second of the night for the insurance tally when the team's were playing 4 on 4 .
Coach Fody has put a request in to leave the score board blank so their lead won't disappear. Pretty decent game that was close all the way. Scott Balazs had 3 points for Re/Max and the team lands in first place as the standings take a tumble.

Verne's 6     Agrospray 4

1st Period
No Scoring

2nd Period
V 1538 - C. Smith: Davis
A 1529 - Horvath
V 1500 - D. VanWyk: K. Smith, Davis
A 736 - Horvath: Bruckler, French
V 709 - C. Smith: K. Smith, D. VanWyk
A 656 - S. Jansen: Barclay, Koteles
V 354 - K. Smith: Furlong
V 319 - C. Smith: D. VanWyk, K. Smith
A 214 - Horvath: Chute
V 158 - A. VanWyk: VanYmeren, Jones

Mark Gignac 4GA
Brad Hornby 6GA

Game Notes : A tale of two periods as the first was scoreless and the second was a shootout. Craig Smith had the golden mitts as he weaved around the D to score first for Verne's. Travis Horvath answered 9 seconds later for Agro when he scored while being hauled down. Dave VanWyk reinstated the Verne's lead with a knuckle puck quickly after that. Horvath picked up his second of the night when he converted a kick pass from Jordan Bruckler. Craig Smith added his second to restore the lead shortly after. Sean Jansen waited a few seconds before he tied it back up. Kyle Smith put Vernes up again with one that slipped by the post. Craig Smith scored for his Hat Trick to make it 5-3. Not to be outdone, Horvath notched his Hatty a minute later to cut the lead to 1. Andrew VanWyk added one with two to go to end it.
What a frantic period that one was. Goals can happen quick in "The Show". Craig Smith had a Hat Trick (good on you Craiger), while Kyle Smith had a 4-point night and linemate Dave VanWyk had a 3-point night for Verne's. Travis Horvath had a Hat Trick for Agro (his 5th of the season).

Jan 14
Fody's 9     Agrospray 4
1st Period
A 1729 - Bruckler: French, Horvath
F 1507 - Meron: Velthove, Peacock
F 1132 - Peacock: Propper, R. VanVelzer
F 339 - Velthove: Peacock

2nd Period
A 1605 - Balcomb: Horvath
F 1245 - Meron: Verbruggen, Velthove
F 1212 - Matthews: Fody, D. Homick
F 1031 - Clergy: Peacock, R. VanVelzer
A 725 - Horvath: Balcomb, Chute
F 627 - D. Homick: Propper, Verbruggen
F 556 - Peacock: Velthove, J. VanVelzer
F 254 - Propper: Clergy, D. Homick
A 123 - Horvath: Balcomb

Gignac 4GA
Ostermaier 9GA

Game Notes : Agro lit the lamp first when Jordan Bruckler buried one in close. Spencer Meron tied it up for Fody's when he slid one under a falling D-man. Spare Nate Peacock out Fody's ahead when he rifled one hard. Brian Velthove saw one trickle over the line to make it 3-1 after one. Spare Shane Balcomb was able to finish off a pass in the slot to cut the deficit of Agro to 1. Meron got his second of the night when he slapped in a rebound off the end boards. Dave Matthews made 5-2 a half minute later. Gerry Clergy had a marvelous tip that went right to the roof to make it a 4-goal lead. Travis Horvath scored for Agro off a nice rush. Devin Homick got in on the action when he backhanded one home. Peacock notched his second of the night through the 5-hole. Nick Propper made it 9-3 when he put it top shelf on a rush down the boards. Horvath added one late for Agro to end this one.
Fody's came out hard in the first as they usually do and this time they kept the momentum through the second for a deserved victory. Agro couldn't muster much with the ice tilted the other way most of the night. Nate Peacock had 2G and 3A in relief while 7 regulars had multi-point nights for Fody's. Travis Horvath, 2G and 2A and Shane Balcomb 1G and 2A had most of the offence for Agro.

Verne's 4     Re/Max 4      with overtime

1st Period
V 1623 - C. Smith: K. Smith, Jones
R 1608 - Wight: Lichtensteiger

2nd Period
R 1747 - Belaen: Wight, Thorburn
R 1529 - Cronmiller: Wight
V 1136 - VanYmeren: Hansen
V 959 - C. Smith: K. Smith, D. VanWyk
R 336 - Stewart: Balazs, Thorburn
V 029 - Jones (5-3): VanYmeren, Furlong

No Scoring

Buchner 4GA
Cebulak 4GA

Game Notes : Craig Smith continued his hot streak when he slapped one in from the side of the net for Verne's. Matt Wight tied it up just 14 seconds later off a broken rush. Kyle Belaen opened the second with a nice wrist shot that found the back of the net. Dylan Cronmiller hammered in a face off win to make it 3-1 for Re/Max. Kelsey VanYmeren cut the lead to one when he sniped the short side. Craig Smith added his second of the night from the slot to tie things up (you go, Smitty). Coach Brent Stewart put Re/Max up again when he slapped in a rebound. With 30 seconds left and a 2-man advantage, Kyle Jones sent the game to extra minutes. Despite a powerplay, there would be no winner decided tonight.
Matt Wight had a 3-point night for Re/Max. Craig Smith, Kelsey VanYmeren, Kyle Jones and Kyle Smith each had 2-point nights for Verne's.

Jan 17
Verne's 2     Fody's 0     

1st Period
V 050 - Sweetland: Devlin, Furlong

2nd Period
V 036 - Furlong (en): Davis, Hilliard

Hilliard Shutout
Hopper 1GA

Game Notes : Matt Sweetland scored late in the first on the high blocker side to give Verne's all they would need. Cody Furlong added an empty-netter late to seal the victory for Verne's.
This was a fast-paced game that both teams fought hard in. Both goalies had key saves. Cody Furlong had a 2-point night for Verne's. Great shutout by Hilly. Tell 'em to shoot the puck, Hop.

Agrospray 9     Re/Max 3

1st Period
A 1517 - Bruckler: VanKooten, Horvath
A 1352 - French
A 156 - Horvath: M. Mudford, B. Martin

2nd Period
A 1640 - S. Jansen: French, Koteles
A 1546 - Moylan: Horvath
A 1315 - B. Martin
R 1056 - Balazs: Belaen
A 339 - Moylan: B. Martin, Horvath
R 209 - Lichtensteiger: Thorburn, Howey
R 136 - Sutherland: Balazs, Belaen
A 108 - Horvath: M. Mudford, Davis
A 034 - Horvath: B. Martin

Ostermaier 3GA
Buchner 9GA

Game Notes : Jordan Bruckler buried one early for Agrospray when he was left alone out front. Darrick French had one just trickle over the line to make it 2-0. Travis Horvath made it 3-0 when he roofed one to close out the first. Sean Jansen found himself with plenty of time out front to extend Agro's lead to 4. Steve Moylan ripped in a point shot and spare Brad Martin scored on a breakaway to make it 6-0. Scott Balazs finally put Re/Max on the board on a breakaway midway through the second. Moylan scored his second of the night from the opposite side of his first one. Dom Lichtensteiger and Brady Sutherland gave a glimmer of hope when their tallies made it 7-3, but those hopes were dashed when Horvath scored his second and third of the night to complete the rout.
Travis Horvath led the charge with 3 G and 3A for Agro. Spare Brad Martin had 1G and 3A for Agro. Kyle Belaen and Scott Balazs each had 2-point nights for Re/Max.

 Jan 21  
Agrospray 8     Verne's 0     

1st Period
A 1655 - Chute: DeWachter
A 1605 - Horvath: Bruckler, Davis
A 1149 - DeWachter: Bruckler, Horvath
A 1130 - DeWachter: Chute, Bruckler
A 713 - Horvath: Moylan, DeWachter

2nd Period
A 843 - Bruckler: VanKooten, Horvath
A 357 - DeWachter: Horvath, Moylan
A 021 - Davis: K. Jensen

Gignac Shutout
Hilliard 8GA

Game Notes : Evan Chute slapped in a point shot to start things off for Agro. Travis Horvath made it 2-0 on a breakaway. Josh DeWachter then scored 2 in 19 seconds from in close to put Agro up by 4. Horvath notched his second of the night when he had a couple whacks in the crease. The second period had Jordan Bruckler score midway on a rebound and DeWachter nab his hat trick in a 2 on 1. Jason Davis brought the game to an end late in the period and the the rout was stopped at 8-0.
Agrospray came out firing and took advantage of a short bench for Verne's. Mark Gignac was unbeatable and made some great saves to preserve the shutout. Josh DeWachter and Travis Horvath had 5-point nights for Agro, with DeWachter notching the hat trick. Verne's had a tough night and the short bench may have made a difference in this one.

If players want the clock to run in a lopsided game, tell your coach. Do not yell at the timekeeper. BOTH coaches must be in agreement and they are to ask the referees to run straight time. The refs will instruct the timekeeper.

Fody's 10     Re/Max 2

1st Period
F 1608 - D. Homick: Fody, Turner
F 1238 - Sanders: Thomson, Matthews
F 1204 - Thomson
F 858 - Velthove: D. Homick, R. VanVelzer
F 600 - D. Homick: Verbruggen
R 528 - Lichtensteiger: Thorburn
R 510 - Balazs: Lichtensteiger
F 131 - Meron: D. Homick, Turner

2nd Period
F 1210 - Velthove: Homick, Meron
F 1137 - Velthove: D. Homick, Meron
F 1101 - Sanders: Thomson, Verbruggen
F 1019 - Matthews: Sanders

Hopper 2GA
Buchner 10GA

Game Notes : Devin Homick scored early from the slot to start this one. Chris Sanders made it 2-0 when he backhanded in a rebound. Adam Thomson made no mistake on his breakaway to put Fody's up by 3. Brian Velthove made it a 4-goal game with a wrister in the high slot. Homick added his second of the period on a breakaway. Re/Max finally broke through with 2 goals in 18 seconds as Dom Lichtensteiger scored on a rebound and Scott Balazs found room on a low, hard shot. Spencer Meron added another for Fody's before the end of the period to make it 6-2. Velthove got his hat trick on back to back goals midway through the period. Sanders and Dave Matthews added two more on breakaways to put this one far out of reach.
This one was lopsided from the beginning. Fody's came out to build on their last game and found their spark. Re/Max could not get the puck long enough to do much damage. Devin Homick led the way with 2G and 4A. Brian Velthove had a Hat Trick and 4 other guys had 3-point nights for Fody's. Dom Lichtensteiger had a two-point night for Re/Max.

 Jan 28 
 Verne's 4     Re/Max 3     

1st Period
R 1604 - Heleniak: Wight, Lichtensteiger
R 835 - Wight: Heleniak, McKibbin

2nd Period
R 1450 - Balazs: Belaen, Jacko
V 1230 - A. VanWyk: Devlin, D. VanWyk
V 1159 - Hansen: VanQuaethem, K. Smith
V 634 - Vandepoele: D. VanWyk, C. Smith
V 250 - VanQuaethem: Lamb

Hilliard 3GA
Buchner 4GA

Game Notes : Matt Heleniak scored first for Re/Max on a one-time pass out front. Matt Wight put in a rebound after a classic poke check by Hilly to make it 2-0 after one. Scott Balazs made it 3-0 on one that just squeezed through the goalie. Verne's broke the bubble when Andrew VanWyk scored from the point followed quickly by Wil Hansen finding space between the post and goalie. Spare Adam's Vandepoele tied it up on a snapshot from the top of the circle. Spare Joe VanQuaethem score the eventual game winner on a pass from behind the net for Verne's.
The goalies each had a period where they stood on their heads and one where they didn't, which led to a close game. Verne's found their scoring in time to come back in this one.
Dave VanWyk and Joe VanQuaethem had 2-point nights for Verne's. Matt Wight and Matt Heleniak also had 2-point nights for Re/Max

Fody's 6     Agrospray 3  

1st Period
A 1501 - Horvath: Chute
F 948 - Velthove: Meron
F 633 - Meron: Homick
A 306 - Bruckler: Horvath, DeWachter
F 039 - Sanders: Matthews, Thomson
F 030 - Sanders

2nd Period
F 725 - Velthove: Homick, Meron
F 637 - Sanders: R. VanVelzer, Thomson
A 443 - Bruckler: Moylan, DeWachter

Hopper 3GA
Cebulak 6GA

Game Notes : Travis Horvath opened things up for Agro when he used a little deke to beat Hop. Brian Velthove tied things up when he zipped one off the post and in. Spencer Meron made it 2-1 Fody's when he slapped one in from the slot. Jordan Bruckler tied it up with one from the door step. Chris Sanders then scored two in 9 seconds to end the first and put Fody's up 4-2. Velthove notched his second of the night when he finished off a nice passing play. Sanders found the hat trick with a snipe from the high slot. Bruckler added his second of the night while on one knee.
Fody's has found its lost offence the last few games while Agrospray just couldn't find momentum tonight.
Chris Sanders had a hat trick and Spencer Meron had 3 points for Fody's. Jordan Bruckler had 2 goals for Agro.

 Jan 31
 Fody's 3     Verne's 1        

1st Period
V 1615 - Schafer: VanWyk
F 1427 - Balcomb: D. Homick, R. VanVelzer
F 1132 - Meron: D. Homick

2nd Period
F 739 - R. VanVelzer: Sanders, Balcomb

Hopper 1GA
Turpin 3GA

Game Notes : Stephen Schafer opened things early for Verne's when he snapped in a quick rebound. Spare Shane Balcomb tied it up for Fody's on a cross-crease pass. Spencer Meron made it 2-1 for the green team when he finished off a 2-on-1. Rob VanVelzer added an insurance marker when he redirected a pass on a rush.
Rob VanVelzer, Shane Baclomb and Devin Homick had 2-point nights for Fody's. Shawn Hopper and spare Riley Turpin had solid games between the pipes. Big saves at both ends kept the outcome in suspense.

Agrospray 7     Re/Max 3  

1st Period
A 1513 - K. Jansen: S. Jansen, Phillips
A 822 - Horvath
R 324 - McKibbin: Thorburn, Balcomb

2nd Period
A 1024 - French (pp): Phillips
A 826 - Horvath: Davis, Lamb
R 743 - Thorburn: Balcomb, Belaen
A 598 - Koteles
R 454 - Lichtensteiger: Howey, Wight
A 200 - Phillips: K. Jansen, Chute
A 020 - Horvath: French, Black

Turpin 3GA
Buchner 7GA

Game Notes : Kyle Jansen roofed one from the crease to get things started for Agro. Travis Horvath made it 2-0 off a turnover in close. Josh McKibbin put Re/Max on the board and cut the lead in half with a point shot. Darrick French scored a powerplay marker from the slot for Agro midway through the second. Horvath added his second of the night when he finished off a rush. Joe Thorburn got one back for Re/Max when he found one loose in the crease. Chris Koteles made it 5-2 for Agro when he was able to knock on his own rebound. Dom Lichtensteiger answered back for Re/Max once again making it close. Aaron Phillips extend the Agro lead once again with 2 to go. Horvath notched his Hat Trick with 20 seconds left to seal the deal for Agro.
Travis Horvath had a hat trick and Aaron Phillips had 3 points for Agro. Joe Thorburn and Shane Balcomb had 2-point nights for Re/Max. Another good game from Turpin who got the win this time.
A solid game for Agro who felt at home on the offence. Re/Max played well, but seemed to get frustrated when they couldn't catch a break.

Feb 11
Re/Max 5      Fody's 3

1st Period
F 1249 - Thomson: Sanders, Matthews
R 720 - Belaen: Balazs, Kobayashi
R 303 - Balazs: Belaen, Sutherland

2nd Period
F 1749 - Thomson: J. VanVelzer, Sanders
R 1535 - Balazs: Kobayashi, Belaen
R 357 - Heleniak: McKibbin, Lichtensteiger
R 045 - Belaen (en): Balazs
F 016 - C. Homick: Clergy, Summers

Buchner 3GA
Hopper 4GA

Game Notes : Adam Thomson scored first for Fody's on a shot that somehow ended up in the roof of the net. Kyle Belaen answered back for Re/Max when he was left unattended in front. Scott Balazs made it 2-1 Re/Max when he snapped one home just before the net became dislodged. Thomson wasted no time in the second when he tucked one beside the post 10 seconds into the second frame. Balazs netted his second of the night when he buried one from the side of the net. Matt Heleniak made it a 2-goal lead when he knocked in a rebound out of mid-air. Belean then added an empty-netter to make it 5-2. Chad Homick wasn't done though and padded his stats late for Fody's.
Scott Balazs and Kyle Belaen had 4-point nights for Re/Max. Adam Thomson and Chris Sanders had 2-point nights for Fody's.

Agrospray 7     Verne's 5    

1st Period
A 1730 - K. Jansen: Phillips, Davis
A 1703 - K. Jansen: Rohrer, Phillips
V 754 - A. VanWyk: Jones

2nd Period
A 1739 - Mudford: Koteles
V 1620 - C. Smith: Davis, K. Smith
A 1530 - Davis: Phillips
V 1229 - Davis: C. Smith, K. Smith
A 841 - Horvath: DeWachter
V 606 - A. VanWyk: Furlong
V 343 - D. VanWyk: Jones, Hilliard
A 233 - Koteles: Chute, Mudford
A 042 - Horvath: DeWachter

Gignac 5GA
Hilliard 7GA

Game Notes : Kyle Jansen came out gunning with 2 goals in the first minute to give Agro quick 2-0 lead. Andrew VanWyk cut the lead in half with a hard wrister. Spare Mike Mudford scored even quicker to start the second to restore Agro's 2-goal lead. Craig Smith scored shortly after from the doorstep. Jason Davis let a high wrist shot go that just got over the glove to make it 4-2. Spare Jim Davis was able to snipe one home to make it a one goal game once again. Travis Horvath kept this seesaw battle going when he let a blast go that found the back of the net. Andrew VanWyk notched his second of the night with a laser wrist shot. Dave VanWyk then tied this one up with a low shot glove side. Chris Koteles redirected a pass to give Agro the lead once more with time ticking down. Horvath added an insurance marker to close this one out for Agro.
A very even game that felt like it was OT bound. These teams feed well off each other and know it is never out of reach. Aaron Phillips had 3 assists for Agro. Verne's had 4 players with multi-point nights.

Feb 14
Re/Max 6      Verne's 4

1st Period
R 1706 - Balazs: Belaen, Kobayashi
V 1520 - K. Smith: Balcomb, C. Smith
R 1154 - Belaen: Balzs, Kobayashi
R 824 - Kobayashi: Balazs, Belaen
R 528 - Balazs: Belaen, Kobayashi
V 433 - Sweetland: Balcomb, A. VanWyk
V 352 - C. Smith: D. VanWyk, Jones

2nd Period
R 1328 - Belaen: Sutherland, Balazs
V 709 - VanYmeren
R 101 - Belaen (en): Kobayashi, Thorburn

Buchner 4GA
Hilliard 5GA

Game Notes : Scott Balazs scored quickly for Re/Max when he was able to reach around the goalie and tuck one in. Kyle Smith answered back with a quick shot in close. Kyle Belaen made it 2-1 when he found the 5-hole. Dana Kobayashi made it 3-1 when he found room over the glove of Hilly. Balazs added his second of the night when his rebound went under the netminder. Matt Sweetland got Verne's back into it when he let a short slapper go from in close. Craig Smith made it a 1-goal game as he poked one home while being checked. The second saw Belaen notch another when he knocked in his own rebound. Kelsey VanYmeren stole one and walked in to get the game back to a one-goal deficit. Belaen added an empty netter for his hat trick to close out this one.
A back and forth game that was heavy on the offence and speed tonight. Kyle Belaen had a 6-point night and Scott Balazs and Dana Kobayashi had 5-point nights for Re/Max. Craig Smith and Shane Balcomb had 2-point nights for Verne's.

Fody's 5     Agrospray 2

1st Period
F 738 - Sanders: D. Homick, Balcomb

2nd Period
F 1607 - C. Homick: Matthews, Velthove
A 915 - Horvath: Brooks
F 521 - Sanders: Balcomb, D. Homick
F 455 - D. Homick: Verbruggen
A 059 - VanKooten (pp): Brooks, S. Jansen
F 034 - C. Homick: Balcomb, Meron

Hopper 2GA
Gignac 5GA

Game Notes : Chris Sanders had the lone goal of the first when he tapped in a loose one from the crease. Chad Homick made it 2-0 Fody's when he had a couple of chances with at a rebound. Travis Horvath made it 2-1 when he was able to dent the Gatorade bottle. Sanders notched his second of the night when he was able to tuck one in on the backhand. Devin Homick made it 4-1 when he went opposite post and in on a rush. Ryan VanKooten scored on the powerplay for Agro to make it a 2-goal game with a minute to go, however Chad Homick scored again to put this one away.
This one felt closer than the score would indicate. Agro missed some opportunities going 1-5 on the pp against a shorthanded Fody's team. Fody's has found their scoring touch of late which keeps them in the game.
Devin Homick and Shane Balcomb had 3-point nights for Fody's. Tyler Brooks had 2 assists for Agrospray.

Feb 18
Agrospray 8     Re/Max 2      

1st Period
A 1703 - J. Bruckler: K. Jansen, Horvath
A 1625 - Phillips: Brooks, Chute
A 1313 - Jason Davis: R. Bruckler, J. Bruckler
A 037 - Brooks: Horvath, Jason Davis

2nd Period
A 1506 - R. Bruckler
A 709 - Horvath: K. Jansen, Moylan
A 621 - K. Hansen (sh)
R 342 - Lichtensteiger: Balcomb, Sutherland
R 147 - Heleniak: Mueller
A 014 - Brooks: K. Jansen, Horvath

Cebulak 2GA
Buchner 8GA

Game Notes : Jordan Bruckler started things off when he was able to slip a rebound in next to the post. Aaron Phillips made it 2-0 shortly after on a solid wrister. Jason Davis added a touch of D-man to the scoring when he backhanded one into a half open net. Spare Tyler Brooks closed out the period with a nice deke on a breakaway. Agro picked things up where they left off when spare Ryan Bruckler was able to slip one under the goalie from beside the net. Travis Horvath then squeezed one into the net on a partial breakaway. Kyle Jansen added a shorthanded goal off a steal at the blue line to make it 7-0. Re/Max finally solved Cebulak when Dom Lichtensteiger let one go from the hash marks. Matt Heleniak added a second marker for Re/Max on a shot high glove side. Brooks notched his second of the night to close this one out with a few ticks left.
This one could have been worse for Re/Max but it was still a stinker. Agro came out ready to go and were up by 4 pretty quick.

Fody's 5     Verne's 4

1st Period
V 1344 - Hansen: A. VanWyk, Jones
F 1049 - Sanders: Summers, Fody
V 511 - VanYmeren: A. VanWyk, Martin
F 138 - Matthews: C. Homick, R. VanVelzer
F 005 - D. Homick: Velthove

2nd Period
F 1103 - Clergy: D. Homick, C. Homick
F 755 - D. Homick: Matthews, Brooks
V 636 - VanYmeren: Furlong, Martin
C 506 - D. VanWyk: Jones

Hopper 4GA
Cebulak 5GA

Game Notes : Wil Hansen was able to walk in from the point and fire one through traffic for an early Verne's lead. Chris Sanders was able to slip one in on from the circle for Fody's to tie it up. Kelsey VanYmeren found space between the blocker and post to put Verne's ahead once again. Dave Matthews tied it back up when he was able to go 5-hole. Devin Homick gave Fody's their first lead when he willed one through the pads on a breakaway. Gerry Clergy made it 4-2 Fody's when he dove at a rebound to poke it in. Devin Homick notched his second of the night to extend the lead to 5-2. VanYmeren cut the lead when he was able to crash the net with the puck. Dave VanWyk got the Carpet guys to within one late, but it was as close as they would come to tying it up.
This game featured back and forth action and was penalty free. Playoffs are getting close and team defence is getting better.
Devin Homick had a 3-point night and Chad Homick and Dave Matthews had 2-pointers for Fody's. Kelsey VanYmeren, Dave Martin, Kyle Jones and Andre VanWyk had 2-point nights for Verne's.

Feb 25
Verne's 5     Agrospray 3         

1st Period
A 1606 - Horvath: J. Bruckler, DeWachter
V 1444 - Prouse: Jones, Sweetland
A 659 - R. Bruckler: Mudford, VanKooten
V 542 - Schafer: Jones
A 328 - Moylan: Phillips, Mudford

2nd Period
V 1325 - A. VanWyk: Devlin, VanYmeren
V 1039 - D. VanWyk
V 403 - K. Smith: C. Smith, Furlong

Hilliard 3GA
Ostermaier 5GA

Game Notes : Travis Horvath finished off a nice cross-crease pass to put Agro up early. Evan Prouse tied it up when he found a bouncing puck beside the net. Spare Ryan Bruckler completed a modified tic-tac-toe to give Agro the lead again. Stephen Schafer tied it up again when he was able to bury his own rebound. Steve Moylan ventured close to the net and found a pass to give Agro the lead after 1. Andrew VanWyk was able to walk in and blast one past a screen to tie things back up. Dave VanWyk gave Verne's the lead when he stole the puck back off a lost face off and wristed it home. Kyle Smith added an insurance marker as he put one into an open net after Ostie made a diving check attempt.
1st and 3rd place was on the line in this one and both teams played like they wanted the win. Goalies played great in the second keeping this one close.
Kyle Jones had 2 points for Verne's. Mike Mudford had 2 points for Agro.

Fody's 5     Re/Max 3 

1st Period
R 942 - Wight
F 842 - Propper: Clergy
R 226 - Cronmiller: Wight, Jacko
F 036 - Velthove: Meron, Fody

2nd Period
R 1445 - Cronmiller: Wight
F 927 - Mudford: Matthews
F 622 - D. Homick: Velthove, Meron
F 014 - J. VanVelzer

Hopper 3GA
Buchner 4GA

Game Notes : Matt Wight was able to walk in off the face off and score to give Re/Max the early 1-0 lead. Nick Propper tied it up when his high shot went off the goalie's mask and dropped in. Dylan Cronmiller made no mistake when he put one into the yawning cage and restored the Re/Max lead. Brian Velthove tied it back up when he was able to walk around a sprawling netminder and put it in. Cronmiller got his second of the night after it found the back of the net off a Fody's defender. Spare Mike Mudford found a rebound off the crossbar and then made sure it went to the back of the net. Devin Homick was able to get Fody's the lead after the goalie made the initial save. Josh VanVelzer is credited with the empty netter that Re/Max put in themselves.
This one was a slow game to start and picked up a little later. I am sure the games will be better in the first round.
Brian Velthove and Spencer Meron had 2-point nights for Fody's. Matt Wight had a 3-point night and Dylan Cronmiller had 2 goals for Re/Max.





Oct 15
 Glass 7    Copper Mug 2

1st Period
G 17:40 - Jamie Haines: Kurtis Burton, Brett Ferguson
G 13:39 - Brett Ferguson : Kurtis Burton, Jamie Haines
CM 10:05 - Jordan Spitzke (pp) : Brad Smale
CM  0:13 - JJ Harden : Dustin McElhinney, Jordan Spitzke

2nd Period
G 16:09 - Darcy Haggith : Nate Shearer, Cory Smith
G 12:18 - Cory Smith : Tyler Sergeant, Marty Maerten
G 11:16 - Kurtis Burton : Cory Smith, Darcy Haggith
G  2:15 - Nate Shearer : Kurtis Burton, Brett Ferguson
G  0:08 - Marty Maerten

Sean Orpen 2 GA
Matt Keba 7 GA

Game notes: Copper Mug announced the free-agent signing of goaltender Matthew Keba in their post-game press conference.

 Airmount 2    My Realty 2    (still tied after 3 on 3 overtime)

1st Period
A 17:20 - Clayton Stubbs : Brett Ronson, Wayne Hare
MR  7:51 - Tyler Hoshal : Lawrence Pettinger, David Phipps
MR 1:57 - Lawrence Pettinger : Wade Kirby, Nick MacDonald

2nd Period
A 13:31 - Josh Stubbs

Robert Nant 2 GA
Mark Klyn 2 GA

Game notes: A sore ankle never kept Bobby Baun out of the lineup

Oct 18
 My Realty 6     Glass 4    

1st Period
MR 15:16 - Nick Russell (pp) : Wade Kirby, Nick MacDonald
G  6:24 - Brett Ferguson (pp) : Ryan Kleinau
MR 1:56 Wade Kirby

2nd Period
G 17:06 - Brian Beaumont (pp) : Tory Haggith, Tyler Sergeant
G 16:22 - Cory Smith : John Sergeant, Jesse Haggith
MR 15:53 - Lawrence Pettinger : Wade Kirby, Nick MacDonald
G 13:16 - Brian Beaumont : Cory Smith
MR 12:44 - Alex Visscher : Nick Oud, Steve Gignac
MR 6:25 - Ryan Parry : Matt Gehring, Tyler Hoshal
MR 0:09 - Ryan Parry (en) : Tyler Hoshal, Mark Klyn

Mark Klyn 4 GA
Sean Orpen 5 GA

Game notes: A good pace with lots of power play opportunities as player adjust to the "new NHL"

 Airmount 6    Copper Mug 5

1st Period
A 16:56 - Wayne Hare : Brett Ronson, Cody Wilson
CM 15:35 - Zach Alton : Chris VanKasteren, Patrick Dion
CM 10:10 - Zach Alton : Patrick Dion, Chris VanKasteren
CM 9:20 - Dustin McElhinney : JJ Harden, Don Nevill
CM 4:42 - Dustin McElhinney : JJ Harden, Don Nevill
A 3:54 - Cody Colfax : Jayme Wallace, Mike Young

2nd Period
A 15:31 - Matt Summers : Steffan Foster
CM 11:32 - Jordan Spitzke : Josh Mulholland
A 10:17 - Steffan Foster
A 9:58 - Jayme Wallace : Cody Colfax, Denis Lenane
A 8:30 - Clayton Stubbs : Mike Evanitski, Brett Ronson

Robert Nant 5 GA
Matt Keba 6 GA

Game notes: A big lead by the Muggers was eventually overcome by the superior conditioning of the Airmount Flyers.

Oct 22
 My Realty 5     Copper Mug 3   

1st Period
C 1658 - Mullholland: Kersten
C 1038 - Thomsen
MR 1111 - Coldham: Parry
MR 843 - Cognac: Parry, Hoshal
MR 822 - Visscher: Gignac

2nd Period
MR 1600 - Vischer: Neu, Gignac
MR 913 - Pettinger
C 016 - Thomsen

Klyn 3GA
Keba 5GA

Game Notes : Solid game by My Realty kept Mug away from the net most of the night. Some bad bounces hindered the offence of Mug. Steve Gignac had 3 points for My Realty, Nic Thomsen had 2 goals for Mug.

Glass 5     Airmount 4

1st Period
A 1414 - Colfax: Koteles
G 1337 - Gignac: Anderson, T. Haggith
G 1319 - Maerten: J. Haggith, Smith
G 1043 - Ferguson: Burton
G 523 - J. Sergeant: Burton

2nd Period
A 1209 - C. Stubbs: J. Stubbs
A 855 - Colfax: Foster, Byron
G 643 - J. Sergeant
A 205 - Wallace: C. Stubbs, Binder

Orpen 4GA
Bert Stubbs 5GA

Game Notes : A high scoring first period for Glass almost gave way to a second period dominated by Airmount. Veteran John Sergeant led Glass with 2 goals while Kurtis Burton had 2 helpers. Cody Colfax and Clayton Stubbs had 2 point nights for Airmount.

Oct 29
 Airmount 3    My Realty 0

1st Period
A 15:05 - Jayme Wallace : Wayne Hare
A 13:32 - Clayton Stubbs (pp) : Brett Ronson, Wayne Hare

2nd Period
A 4:51 - Steffan Foster (pp)

Robert Nant shutout
Mark Klyn 3GA

Game Notes : Lots of chances at both ends but a superb performance from Robert Nant stymied the Realtors.

 Glass 3    Copper Mug 1

1st Period
G 17:10 - Brett Ferguson: Nick Russell, John Sergeant
CM 11:08 - Patrick Dion : Nic Thomsen, Zach Alton
G 7:40 - Nick Russell: Nate Shearer

2nd Period
G 1:56 - Brian Beaumont : Cory Smith, Darren Swick

Sean Orpen 1GA
Matt Keba 3GA

Game Notes : A close one but Glass played it tight to keep the scoring low and deny the Muggers a win.

Nov 1
 Copper Mug 9      Airmount 6

1st Period
CM 16:56 - Nick Russell : Patrick Dion, Josh Mulholland
CM 16:35 - Blair Kersten : Jordan Spitzke, Josh Mulholland
A 10:04 - Greg Onaitis : James Rockx
A 8:55 - Mike Haegens : Cody Wilson, James Rockx
CM 4:56 - Brandon Koppert : Nick Russell
A 4:30 - Steffan Foster : Denis Lenane, Chris Walker
A 3:09 - Steffan Foster : Denis Lenane, Mike Haegens
CM 1:41 - Chris VanKasteren : JJ Harden

2nd Period
A 12:42 - Mike Evanitski : Chris Walker, Brett Ronson
CM 12:20 - Josh Mulholland : Jordan Spitzke
CM 10:03 - Chris VanKasteren
A 4:55 - Steffan Foster : Denis Lenane
CM 4:01 - Don Nevill : Brad Smale, JJ Harden
CM 1:38 - Jordan Spitzke : Keith Agnew
CM 00:1 - Chris VanKasteren : JJ Harden

Matt Keba 6GA
Robert Nant 9GA

Game Notes : When I was a kid 6 goals was enough to win a hockey game.
Steff gets a hat but but the Muggers refused to say 'uncle' as spare Chris VanKasteren scores 3 of his own and the team enjoys it's first win of the season.

 My Realty 3      Glass 2 

1st Period
MR 15:26 - Adam Jensen : Ryan Parry, Laura Neu
MR 2:49 - Alex Visscher : Lawrence Pettinger, Matt Gehring

2nd Period
G 16:49 - Cory Smith : Tyler Sergeant, Darcy Haggith
G 16:11 - Chris VanKasteren : Cory Smith, Darcy Haggith
MR 6:54 - Matt Gehring : Chris Coldham

Mark Klyn 2GA
Sean Orpen 3GA

Game Notes : Well played by both teams. The girl is proving she belongs with some great passes. I predict she gets her first goal in the next game.

Nov 5
Airmount 6      Glass 1

1st Period
A 16:26 - Jayme Wallace: Mike Young, Denis Lenane
A 9:59 - Tyler Bain: Steffan Foster, Jason Koteles
G 9:03 - Adam Gignac : Marty Maerten, Tyler Sergeant
A 6:30 - Brett Ronson: Denis Lenane
A 4:36 - Cody Colfax : Jayme Wallace, Cody Wilson
A 1:03 - Steffan Foster

2nd Period
A 6:58 - Cody Colfax : Jayme Wallace

Robert Nant 1GA
Sean Orpen 6GA

Game Notes : Nice rebound game from Robert Nant who came within a whisker of a shutout.

 My Realty 6     Copper Mug 3   

1st Period
MR 16:25 - Ryan Parry : Laura Neu, Lawrence Pettinger
CM 14:13 - Stephen DeBlaire : Josh Mulholland, Jordan Spitzke
MR 12:43 - Matt Gehring : Steve Gignac
MR 6:31 - Adam Jensen : Nick MacDonald
MR 6:23 - Laura Neu : Adam Jensen
MR 4:18 - Nick MacDonald (pp) : Chris Coldham, Matt Gehring

2nd Period
CM 13:43 - Brandon Koppert : Brian Beaumont, Stephen DeBlaire
MR 2:32 - Alex Visscher : Chris Coldham, Ryan Parry
CM 1:28 - Brad Smale : Dustin McElhinney, Blair Kersten

Game Notes : The girl gets her first and it was a beauty. I'm proud of you, Laura.

Nov 12
 Copper Mug 3     Glass 1

1st Period
CM 7:42 - Zach Alton (pp) : Brandon Koppert, Stephen DeBlaire
G 6:03 - Jamie Haines : Brett Ferguson
CM 4:47 - JJ Harden (pp) : NicThomsen

2nd Period
CM 1:38 - Jordan Spitzke (en)

Matt Keba 1GA
Sean Orpen 2GA

Game Notes : Special teams proved to be the difference as the Muggers cashed in a couple on the powerplay (although JJ may have had to put his in twice). A stong performance from goaltender Matt Keba who seems to be gaining more confidence with every outing. 5 penalties, 4 of which were for hooking - don't blame the refs - reach for the puck, not the body.

 Airmount 6      My Realty 4

1st Period
A 11:35 - Cody Colfax : Chris VanKasteren, Cody Wilson
MR 9:40 - Laura Neu (sh)
A 2:16 - Denis Lenane (pp) : Brett Ronson, Clayton Stubbs
MR 1:41 - Nate Klassen : Steve Gignac, Derek Buchner
A 1:12 - Josh Stubbs : Chris VanKasteren

2nd Period
A 16:45 - Josh Stubbs
MR 16:29 - Nate Klassen
A 7:09 - Tyler Bain : Steffan Foster, Bryan DeBlaire
A 4:42 - Josh Stubbs : Cody Colfax
MR 4:03 Alex Visscher : Nate Klassen, Derek Buchner

Robert Nant 4GA
Mark Klyn 6GA

Game Notes : Laura gets her second while playing short-handed but her performance was overshadowed by Josh Stubbs who recently had the 'gun-sights' adjusted to cash in a hat.

Nov 15
 Glass 4       My Realty 3     in overtime

1st Period
MR 5:34 - Adam Jensen : Tyler Hoshal
G 4:47 - Adam Gignac: Nick Anderson

2nd Period
G 13:05 - Kurtis Burton : Brett Ferguson, John Sergeant
MR 6:47 - Ryan Parry (2-man advantage) : Adam Jensen, Alex Visscher
MR 6:32 - Alex Visscher (pp) : Lawrence Pettinger, Craig Hantz
G 2:10 - John Sergeant : Jamie Haines, Kurtis Burton

3 on 3 overtime
G 2:30 - Kurtis Burton

Mark Gignac 3GA
Mark Klyn 4GA

Game Notes : Nice recovery by the Glassmen after running into penalty trouble and giving up a pair while shorthanded.

 Airmount 4     Copper Mug 0

1st Period
A 15:26 - Kyle Savage : Cody Colfax
A 15:08 - Cody Wilson : Cody Colfax
A 0:23 - Brett Ronson : Clayton Stubbs, Mike Evanitski

2nd Period
A 17:33 - Clayton Stubbs, Chris Walker

Robert Nant SHUTOUT
Matt Keba 4GA

Game Notes : Three strong games in a row in front of some stellar goaltending from Robert Nant puts the 'Flyers' in top spot.

Nov 19
 My Realty 4     Copper Mug 3      in overtime

1st Period
MR 13:03 - Nick MacDonald : Alex Visscher
MR 6:12 - Laura Neu : Adam Jensen, Ryan Parry

2nd Period
CM 17:06 - JJ Harden : Don Nevill
CM 11:01 - Zack Alton : Patrick Dion, Brad Smale
MR 5:27 - Adam Jensen
CM 3:44 - Blair Kersten : Jordan Spitzke, Keith Agnew

3 on 3 Overtime
MR 0:28 - Adam Jensen

Mark Klyn 3GA
Matt Keba 4GA

Game Notes : The girl is for real. She has scored in each of the last 3 games she has played. A backhanded beauty tonight. Nothing to report from her partner up in the 'Show'.

Airmount 3     Glass 2     in overtime

1st Period
A 12:18 - Steffan Foster : Tyler Bain, Denis Lenane
G 0:09 - Nate Shearer : Marty Maerten

2nd Period
A 15:25 - Steffan Foster : Josh Stubbs
G 0:12 - Brett Ferguson

3 on 3 Overtime
A 2:15 - Denis Lenane

Robert Nant 2GA
Sean Orpen 3GA

Game Notes : Hope you bought Denis a cold one, Robert. A bit shaky on the tying goal but it was soon forgotten after the laser that went by Orpie.

Nov 26
 My Realty 6     Airmount 3      

1st Period
MR 1656 - Sweetland: Parry, Neu
MR 1408 - Hoshal (pp): Jensen
MR 1256 - Neu (pp): Hoshal
A 950 - Hare: Colfax, Ronson

2nd Period
MR 1702 - Gehring: Gignac, Visscher
MR 1450 - Jensen: MacDonald
A 1201 - Wallace: Wilson, J. Stubbs
A 521 - Evanitski (pp): Lenane, Ronson
MR 434 - Parry: Jensen, Neu

Klyn 3GA
Nant 6GA

Game Notes : 3-pointer for the girl

Glass 4     Copper Mug 3

1st Period
C 1429 - Thomsen: McElhinney
G 1137 - Anderson: T. Haggith, J. Sergeant
G 953 - Maerten: T. Sergeant
C 258 - Dion: Koppert, Mullholland
C 237 - Alton: McElhinney, Dion
G 148 - Klassen: J. Sergeant, Shearer

2nd Period
G 1310 - Ferguson: Burton

Orpen 3GA
Keba 4GA

Game Notes : After a wide-open 1st period Glass tightened it down for the win.

Nov 29
Airmount 5     Copper Mug 3      

1st Period
A 8:25 - Lenane : Young
A 7:59 - Evanitski : Ronson
A 2:32 -Wallace : J. Stubbs
CM 0:42 - Nevill : Thomsen, DeBlaire

2nd Period
A 17:31 - Ronson : Young
CM 8:38 - Mulholland (sh) : Spitzke, McElhinney
CM 4:35 - Spitzke
A 1:02 - Evanitski (en)

Nant 3GA
Keba 4GA

Game Notes : Muggers were caught napping on the first shift of the second, made a valiant comeback effort but the hole was a little too deep.

My Realty 2     Glass 1

1st Period
G 5:58 - Haines : Ferguson
MR 3:38 Parry : Buchner, Jensen

2nd Period
MR 10:55 - Sweetland : Pettinger, Byron

Orpen 2GA
Klyn 1GA

Game Notes : Glass stuck first but My Realty responded quickly. A great goaltenders battle until Sammy made Orpie blink.

Dec 3
Airmount 4     Glass 2    

1st Period
G 8:42 - Brett Ferguson : Marty Maerten, Darren Swick
G 6:30 - Brett Ferguson : Keith Agnew

2nd Period
A 13:06 - Jayme Wallace : Cody Wilson, Cody Colfax
A 10:29 - Brett Ronson : Clayton Stubbs
A 2:45 - Josh Stubbs : Clayton Stubbs
A 0:30 - Chris Walker (en)

Robert Nant 2GA
Mark Gignac 3GA

Game Notes : After a 1st period nap Airmount kicked it up a notch to steal the win.

My Realty 4     Copper Mug 2

1st Period
CM 3:49 - Stephen DeBlaire (pp): Zach Alton, Brandon Koppert
MR 3:30 - Wade Kirby : Nick Oud

2nd Period
MR 12:30 - Ryan Parry : Laura Neu, Adam Jensen
CM 12:13 - Nic Thomsen : Darren Swick
MR 6:04 - David Phipps : Wade Kirby, Derek Buchner
MR 4:28 - Adam Jensen

Mark Klyn 2GA
Matt Keba 4GA

Game Notes : Muggers were hanging tough until late in the 2nd

Dec 10
 Glass 3     Copper Mug 2     

1st Period
G 15:20 - Marty Maerten : Darcy Haggith, John Sergeant
CM 13:28 - Jordan Spitzke : Blair K
ersten, Josh Mulholland
G 10:36 - Marty Maerten : Darcy Haggith, Joel Breddy
G 9:13 - Jamie Haines : Kurtis Burton, Brett Ferguson

2nd Period
CM 6:19 - Jordan Spitzke : Brad Smale, Josh Mulholland
G 0:15 - Joel Breddy (en)

Sean Orpen 2GA
Matt Keba 3 GA

Game Notes : The Muggers made it interesting with a late goal to come within one but Orpie was just teasin'.

 My Realty 3     Airmount 2      in overtime

1st Period
A 13:36 - Brett Ronson : Clayton Stubbs, Mike Evanitski
MR 12:17 Alex Visscher
MR 10:16 - Chris Coldham : Nick Oud

2nd Period
A 5:29 - Cody Colfax : Cody Wilson, Tyler Bain

3 on 3 overtime
MR 1:17 - Laura Neu : Nick MacDonald, Alex Visscher

Mark Klyn 2 GA
Robert Nant 3 GA

Game Notes : She's pretty good lookin' Robert ...... I can understand you being distracted and all.

Dec 13
 My Realty 6     Glass 3          

1st Period
MR 1726 - Gignac: Visscher, Gehring
MR 1418 - Jensen: Parry, MacDonald
G 1244 - Smith: Ferguson, Shearer
G 305 - Swick: Orpen

2nd Period
MR 1449 - Jensen(pp): Parry
G 1418 - Swick: Ferguson, Haines
MR 650 - Jensen: Parry, Neu
MR 241 - Hoshal (pp): Kirby
MR 141 - Parry (en) : Coldham

Klyn 3GA
Orpen 5GA

Game Notes : Glass hung tough until Adam Jensen broke the tie with his game-winning 3rd goal of the night.

 Airmount 5     Copper Mug 3

1st Period
A 1127 - Wilson: J. Stubbs
C 1109 - Alton: Spitzke, Smale
A 1031 - C. Stubbs: Evans, Ronson
A 204 - Byron: C. Stubbs

2nd Period
C 847 - Harden: DeBlaire
A 404 - C. Stubbs: Evans, Nant
A 317 - Savage (pp): Hare
C 037 - Spitzke: Alton

Nant 3GA
Keba 5GA

Game Notes : A strong 1st period by Airmount was too much for the Muggers to overcome. Good to see Bobby Evans back in action ..... let's hope that body holds up for a while.

Dec 17
 Copper Mug 6     My Realty 0            

1st Period
C 1222 - Koppert: Mullholland, Spitzke
C 845 - Mullholland: Spitzke, McCurdy
C 815 - DeBlaire: Spitzke
C 600 - Harden: Zylstra

2nd Period
C 635 - Harden (sh): Smale
C 530 - Kersten: Koppert, Zylstra

Schmeltz SHUTOUT
Klyn 6GA

Game Notes : Brandon Koppert notched the first one for Mug with a seeing eye point shot. Josh Mullholland scored on a partial breakaway and Stephen DeBlaire slapped in a point shot 30 seconds apart to make it 3-0. JJ Harden made it 4-0 after one with a shot from the high circle. Harden notched a shorty on a breakaway and Blair Kersten knocked in a rebound to put the finish on this one.
Mike Schmeltz made a spare appearance and took the My Realty squad by surprise. He earned that shutout. JJ Harden had two goals and Jordan Spitzke had 3 apples for Mug. My Realty tried but could not beat the veteran experience at the other end.

Glass 6     Airmount 0

1st Period
G 943 - Gignac: Anderson
G 839 - Maerten: Smith
G 656 - Swick: Burton, Ferguson
G 526 - Gignac: Anderson, Kleinau

2nd Period
G 1032 - Swick: Burton
G 255 - Swick: Ferguson, J. Sergeant

Nant 6GA

Game Notes : Adam Gignac jammed the crease and gave Glass the early lead. Marty Maerten roofed one on a rush to make it 2-0. Spare Darren Swick wristed one through traffic and Gignac added his second of the night to finish of period one. Swick added a couple in the second to end this one at 6-0 as well. Orpie didn't want to be outdone by Schmeltzy, so he put up the same result. Club O Retro night maybe? Darren Swick had a hat trick and Coach Gignac notched a pair for Glass. Airmount was thinking of he holidays in this one. Nice to demonstrate that spirit of giving.

Dec 27
 Airmount 3     My Realty 2            in overtime

1st Period
A 1622 - Colfax: Wallace, Wilson
M 1133 - Gehring: Hoshal
A 055 - Colfax (5 on 3): Wallace

2nd Period
M 1247 - Jensen: Pettinger

A 220 - C. Stubbs (pp): Lenane, J. Stubbs

Nant 2GA
Gignac 3GA

Game Notes : Cody Colfax opened things up early for Airmount when he converted a pass from behind the net. Matt Gehring evened it up midway through the first when he popped a rebound upstairs. Colfax notched his second of the night on a 5 on 3 power play to close out the period. Adam Jensen tied it up midway through the second with squeaker from the slot. In overtime, Airmount started on the power play and took just 40 seconds for Clayton Stubbs to end this one.
This one had a quick pace and seemed destined for OT. Penalty trouble got the best of My Realty in this one. Cody Colfax had 2 goals while Jayme Wallace had 2 assists for Airmount.

Also note : A minor penalty shall be assessed to a goalkeeper who shoots or bats the puck directly (non-deflected) outside of the playing area, except when the puck inadvertently leaves the playing area in a location that is not protected by glass or screen.

 Glass 4     Copper Mug 2

1st Period
C 1443 - Mullholland: Kersten, Koppert
C 1430 - Kersten: Mullholand, Smale

2nd Period
G 1733 - Ferguson: Stoop, T. Sergeant
G 1152 - Maerten: Gignac, Smith
G 538 - Stoop: Swick, J. Sergeant
G 005 - Swick (en)

Orpen 2GA
Keba 3GA

Game Notes : Josh Mullholland scored first for Mug with a slapper along the ice through traffic. Blair Kersten made it 2-0 only 13 seconds later on a goal that just trickled over the line. Glass cut the lead in half early in period 2 after Brett Ferguson had a few whacks at one in the crease. Marty Maerten tied it up on a quick one-timer from in close. Spare Matt Stoop pushed Glass ahead with a quick snapshot. Spare Darren Swick added an empty-netter to end this one.
Solid games by both teams. The first period was all Mug and the second was all Glass. Spares for Glass - Stoop and Swick - each had a goal and assist. Josh Mullholland and Blair Kersten had the same for Mug.

 Jan 7
 Airmount 6     Copper Mug 4

1st Period
C 833 - Dion
C 435 - Alton: Thomsen, DeBlaire
A 300 - Colfax: Wilson, Wallace

2nd Period
A 1047 - Wallace (pp): Lenane, Colfax
A 656 - Dylan Thompson: C. Stubbs, Evans
A 552 - C. Stubbs: Thompson
C 333 - Harden: Thomsen
C 326 - Thomsen: Alton, Harden
A 052 - C. Stubbs: Evanitski, Evans
A 014 - Wallace (en): Wilson, J. Stubbs

Nant 4GA
Keba 5GA

Game Notes : Mug got on the board first when Patrick Dion buried his own rebound midway. Zach Alton made it 2-0 when he put his rebound in on a breakaway. Cody Colfax cut the lead in half on a pass out front to end the first. Jayme Wallace scored on the powerplay to even it up on a one-timer. Spare Dylan Thompson put Airmount ahead when he scored from in close. Clayton Stubbs made it 4-2 on a rebound in the slot. JJ Harden cut the lead to 1 on a give and go. Nic Thomsen tied it up with a tricky one short side. Airmount's Clayton Stubbs got them ahead late when he took a kick pass and wristed it home. Wallace added an empty netter to close this one. Solid game by both teams. Clayton Stubbs and Jayme Wallace had 3-point nights for Airmount. Nic Thomsen had a 3-point night for Mug.

 My Realty 2     Glass 1     in overtime  

1st Period
M 1017 - Neu: Jensen, Parry

2nd Period
G 257 - Maerten: T. Sergeant, Smith

M 149 - Neu: MacDonald

Klyn 1GA
Orpen 2GA

Game Notes : Laura Neu scored the only goal of the first when she was left alone out front to put My Realty up 1-0. Marty Maertan scored on the powerplay late in the second to force overtime. Neu added her second of the night and game winner when she tucked one into to the open corner. Good game with decent defence. Laura covered all the offence for My Realty tonight with 2 goals. Orpie did NOT ask for the game puck, although this one should be displayed in the "Hot Stove Lounge"

 Jan 11
Glass 6     Airmount 4

1st Period
G 1622 - Burton: Ferguson, Haines
A 1524 - Colfax
A 1030 - Wallace: Walker
A 926 - Bull: Hare, J. Stubbs
G 045 - Burton: T. Sergeant

2nd Period
G 1447 - Ferguson: Burton, Swick
G 1120 - Smith: Mudford, Zylstra
A 1045 - Wallace: Colfax
G 535 - Burton: Ferguson, Swick
G 451 - Swick: Ferguson, Burton

Orpen 4GA
Nant 6GA

Game Notes : Kurtis Burton got things started quick for Glass when he knocked in the first goal 90 seconds in. Cody Colfax tied it up for Airmount on a turnover in close. Jayme Wallace gave Airmount the lead when he converted a partial breakaway. Kurtis Bull scored his first as an official member of the team on a rebound. Burton added his second of the night to close out the first with a high wrister. Brett Ferguson tied things up when he finished off a pass out front. Cory Smith gave Glass the lead when he potted his own rebound. Wallace tied it back up shortly after on one that just slipped past Orpie. Burton notched his hat trick when he ripped one high glove side. Spare Darren Swick sealed this one on a point shot with 5 to go.
After an opening frame that looked to be in Airmount's favour, Glass came out strong in the second with a fast-paced effort. Kurtis Burton had a 5-point night and Brett Ferguson had a 4-point night for Glass. Jayme Wallace had a 2-goal night for Airmount.

My Realty 7     Mug 2

1st Period
M 1237 - Kirby: Phipps, Pettinger
C 834 - McElhinney: Nevill, Dion
C 234 - Spitzke (pp): Smale, Agnes

2nd Period
M 1316 - Gignac: Visscher, Coldham
M 932 - Jensen: Neu, MacDonald
M 444 - Jensen: Visscher
M 406 - Gignac: Gehring, Visscher
M 237 - Phipps: Kirby, Pettinger
M 040 - MacDonald: Visscher

Klyn 2GA
Keba 7GA

Game Notes : Wade Kirby opened things for My Realty when he scored on a rush. Dustin McElhinney tied it up when he found a loose puck in close. Jordan Spitzke gave Mug the lead when he scored on the powerplay. Steve Gignac tied it up when he scored while falling to the ice. Adam Jensen put My Realty ahead when he tipped one home half way through the second. Jensen notched his second of the night on a shot from the high slot. Gignac netted his second when he found a rebound at the side of the net. David Phipps made it 6-2 for the Realty squad when he scored down low. Nick MacDonald finished things off late with the 7th goal.
This one looked good in the first. It then got a little chippy in the second as My Realty turned on the pressure. Alex Visscher had 4 assists for the winners.

 Jan 14
Glass 5     Copper Mug 3

1st Period
C 1325 - Harden: Zylstra
G 1303 - Kleineau: Burton
G 936 - Haines: Ferguson, Burton
G 432 - Haines: Ferguson

2nd Period
C 1145 - Beaumont: Spitzke
C 704 - Kersten (sh): Spitzke
G 522 - Ferguson (pp): Haines, Burton
G 134 - Haines: Burton

Orpen 3GA
Keba 5GA

Game Notes : JJ Harden notched one on a breakaway to open it for Mug. Ryan Kleinau tied it up shortly after on a hard point shot. Jamie Haines made it 2-1 Glass with a hard wrister on the glove side. Haines added his second of the night as he stole one down low. Spare Brian Beaumont made it 3-2 when he scored from a wide angle. Blair Kersten scored a shorty when he was able to bank one off Orpie and in. Brett Ferguson scored on a powerplay to restore the Glass lead. Haines nailed his hat trick when he scored the insurance goal late.
Jamie Haines had 3G and 1A while Kurtis Burton had 4A for Glass. Jordan Spitzke had two apples for Mug.

Airmount 4     My Realty 2

1st Period
A 1209 - Ronson: Hare, Evanitski
A 854 - Koteles: Hare, Bull

2nd Period
M 1314 - Visscher: Gignac, MacDonald
A 1119 - C. Stubbs: Colfax, Ronson
M 927 - Visscher: Gehring
A 508 - C. Stubbs: J. Stubbs

Schmeltz 2GA
Klyn 4GA

Game Notes : Brett Robson deflected one in to give Airmount the early lead. Jason Koteles was able to make it 2-0 when he whistled one from the dot. Alex Visscher ended Schmeltz's shutout streak at 58:47 against the Realty squad with a textbook tip. Clayton Stubbs made it 3-1 on a shot down low. Visscher added his second of the night after the ref said it crossed the line (Vissch was seen after the game heading to the officials room with a twenty in his hand). Clayton Stubbs added goal number 2 of the night on partial breakaway.
Clayton Stubbs, Brett Robson and Wayne Hare had 2-point nights for Airmount. Alex Visscher had 2 goals for My Realty.

 Jan 21
My Realty 6     Glass 6      with overtime

1st Period
M 1531 - Jensen: MacDonald, Neu
G 1455 - Ferguson: Haines, Burton
G 1055 - Haines: Burton, Ferguson

2nd Period
M 1511 - Beaumont: Kirby, Coldham
M 1334 - Visscher: Jensen
G 1145 - Burton: Haines, Kleinau
M 748 - Pettinger: Gignac, Buchner
G 610 - Burton: Ferguson, Kleinau
M 529 - Oud: MacDonald
M 404 - Neu: Parry
G 348 - Kleinau: Burton
G 233 - Gignac: Haines, T. Sergeant

No Scoring

Klyn 6GA
Orpen 6GA

Game Notes : Adam Jensen scored first on a beauty wrist shot to put My Realty up early. Brett Ferguson tied it up quickly with a snipe from low in the zone. Jamie Haines made it 2-1 Glass when he banked one in off the netminder. Spare Brian Beaumont tied it up early in the second after getting a couple whacks at it. Alex Visscher put the Realty folk up by one shortly after. Kurtis Burton tied it back up from just outside the crease. Lawrence Pettinger wrangled the lead back when he notched one from the slot. Burton tied it with his second of the night when he ringed one post-in. Nick Oud banked one off a defenceman and Laura Neu scored while falling to put the Blue squad up a pair late. Ryan Kleinau on a point shot and Adam Gignac off a rebound tied it up quickly after to send this one to OT. There were posts and chances but no one scored in the extra frame.
Going to overtime seems to be how these teams do things. A stellar game with many chances. No lead was safe and OT saw each team hit a post and have some chances. My Realty had 4 players with 2-point nights: MacDonald, Neu, Pettinger and Jensen. Glass had their top line dominate their score sheet as the trio of Burton (5), Ferguson (3) and Haines (4) combined for points. Defenceman Ryan Kleinau added 3 points to his total as well.

Airmount 6     Copper Mug 2

1st Period
A 1646 - D. Thompson: Bain, Bull
A 1409 - C. Stubbs: Lenane, J. Stubbs
A 1230 - Bull: Wallace
A 1159 - D. Thompson: Bain
A 835 - Bull: Thomas, Lenane
C 442 - Mullholland: Kersten, McCurdy

2nd Period
C 1405 - Spitzke: Mullholland, McCurdy
A 115 - Colfax: Wallace, Wilson

Nant 2GA
Keba 6GA

Game Notes : Airmount got off to a hot start when spare Dylan Thompson scored from the slot. Clayton Stubbs followed that up when he sniped one home on the rush. Kurtis Bull did the same thing from the opposite side to put Airmount up 3-0. Thompson notched his second of the night from the low circle and Bull added his second of the night from the side of the net. Josh Mullholland got Mug on the board when he deposited a rebound to end the first at 5-1. Jordan Spitzke gave Mug some hope when he scored on a cross crease pass. Cody Colfax added one late for Airmount to finish the game 6-2.
This one got too chippy near the end and diminished a solid game. Kurtis Bull and spare Dylan Thompson had 3 point nights for Airmount. Josh Mullholland and Ryan McCurdy had 2-point nights for Mug.

 Jan 24
My Realty 3     Copper Mug 2       

1st Period
C 1606 - Mullholland (pp): Spitzke, Smale
M 1144 - Jensen: Swick, Parry
M 652 - Byron: Oud, Swick
C 624 - Kersten: Smale, Agnew

2nd Period
M 242 - Neu: MacDonald, Jensen

Klyn 2GA
Keba 3GA

Game Notes : Josh Mullholland took advantage of an early powerplay to put Mug on the board first. Adam Jensen tied it up for the Blue man group when he knocked in a rebound off a point shot. Spare Steve Byron made it 2-1 for My Realty when he scored on a slapper through traffic. Blair Kersten tied it up before then end of the first on a wrist shot low glove side. Laura Neu had the winner when she poked in a rebound with just a couple minutes left.
A decent game with both teams having equal chances.
Adam Jensen and spare Darren Swick had 2-point nights for My Realty, D-man Brad Smale had two assists for Mug.

Airmount 5     Glass 4     in overtime

1st Period
G 1724 - Maerten: J. Sergeant, D. Haggith
G 704 - Haines (5 on 3): Burton, J. Sergeant
A 349 - Koteles: Bain, Young
A 045 - C. Stubbs: Young, Wallace

2nd Period
G 1158 - Ferguson: Burton, Kleinau
A 433 - Wallace (pp): Bull, J. Stubbs
A 304 - Bull (pp): J. Stubbs
G 300 - Burton: T. Sergeant, Haines

A 209- Wallace: Lenane

Nant 4GA
Orpen 5GA

Game Notes : Marty Maerten quickly gave Glass an early lead when he netted one from the door step. Jamie Haines made it 2-0 when he connected during a 5 on 3 advantage. Jason Koteles cut the lead in half for Airmount when he was able to walk out from behind the net. Clayton Stubbs tied it up in the last minute with a little deke on a breakaway. Brett Ferguson put Glass back in the lead when he redirected a shot. Jayme Wallace tied it back up with a no-doubter from the slot. Kurtis Bull gave Airmount the lead when he notched one during a powerplay. Kurtis Burton made a magnificent tip on a point shot to tie it back up and send this game to OT. Wallace scored his second of the night with a high shot on a rush to end this one.
Another close game by Glass, who seem to like the close games. Airmount did well by not giving up when they were down by a couple. Jayme Wallace had a 3-point night for Airmount. Kurtis Burton had a 3-point night for Glass.

 Jan 28
Airmount 4     My Realty 2

1st Period
M 1433 - Gehring: Visscher, Coldham
M 706 - Parry: Neu, Jensen
A 253 - Savage: Lenane, J. Stubbs
A 112 - Wallace: Wilson

2nd Period
A 311 - Wallace: Lenane, Evanitski
A 022 - Lenane (en)

Nant 2GA
Klyn 3GA

Game Notes : Matt Gehring put My Realty up first when he was able to get a couple whacks in close. Ryan Parry made it 2-0 with a nice wrist shot from inside the blue line. Spare Kyle Savage cut the lead in half when he tucked one in while being checked. Jayme Wallace tied it up before the end of the period with a shot from the top of the circle. Wallace made his second of the night the game winner off a rush. Denis Lenane added an empty netter to close out this one.
Decent, back and forth game between the top teams in B. Denis Lenane had a 3-point night for Airmount.

Glass 7     Mug 4

1st Period
G 1430 - Burton: Maerten, D. Haggith
G 1217 - Burton: Ferguson, Kleinau
CM 1003 - Zylstra: Alton
G 933 - J. Sergeant: Smith, Maerten

2nd Period
G 1554 - Haines: Burton
CM 1530 - Andrew Davis
G 1215 - Maerten
G 950 - T. Sergeant: Gignac
CM 722 - Alton: McElhinney, Zylstra
CM 629 - Alton: A. Davis, Smale
G 613 - Ferguson: Burton

Orpen 4GA
Keba 7GA

Game Notes : Kurtis Burton scored first for Glass on the powerplay when he deposited a rebound. He followed that up with his second of the night with a slapper from inside the blue line. Spare Tyler Zylstra put Mug on the board when he slapped one home from the top circle. Veteran John Sergeant made it 3-1 when he found the net from the side of the crease. Jamie Haines made it 4-1 Glass early in the second, though it was followed quickly by spare Andrew Davis who rifled one on from the blue line. Marty Maerten then took advantage of a defenceman blowing a tire to walk in alone and make it 5-2. Tyler Sergeant made it a 4-goal cushion when he scored from the point in the powerplay. Zach Alton tried to get Mug back into it with a pair of goals less than a minute apart. Brett Ferguson added a goal to stop Mug's momentum and finish this one.
The Burton/Haines/Ferguson line continues to dominate for Glass and are on fire right now. Spare Tyler Zylstra has added a bit of scoring for Mug in his last couple of outings.
Kurtis Burton had a 4-point night and Marty Maerten had a 3-point night for Glass. Zach Alton had 2 goals for Mug.

 Feb 7
My Realty 4     Glass 1

1st Period
M 1550 - Neu: VanKasteren, Jensen
G 854 - T. Sergeant: Kleinau
M 411 - Gignac: MacDonald

2nd Period
M 923 - VanKasteren: Jensen
M 658 - Gehring: Visscher, Buchner

Klyn 1GA
Orpen 4GA

Rookie sensation Laura Neu opened things for My Realty when she was able to knock in a rebound. Tyler Sergeant tied it for Glass when he scored on a breakaway with a D-man in tow. Steve Gignac restored the lead for My Realty when he slapped in a pass from behind the net. Wade Kirby was awarded a penalty shot when he was hooked on a breakaway. He made a good move, but Orpie made a pad save to stop him. Spare Chris VanKasteren made it 3-1 with a breakaway top shelf. Matt Gehring added one late when he willed one over the goal line.
A solid game by Blue where they were able to hold Glass' top line off the score sheet. The few chances Glass were stymied by Klyn. Adam Jensen and Chris VanKasteren had 2-point nights for My Realty. Tyler Sergeant had a Gino for Glass.

Airmount 3     Mug 3     with overtime

1st Period
C 045 - Harden: Nevill

2nd Period
A 1722 - C. Stubbs: Evanitski, Ronson
A 1348 - Swick (pp)
C 1300 - McElhinney: Alton
A 1200 - Nant
C 1014 - Dion: Mullholland, McCurdy

Keba 3GA
Gary Brittiain 3GA

Game Notes : JJ Harden used his speed to blow down the wing and snipe one late in the first for the Mug lead. Clayton Stubbs tied it in the second on the powerplay when he got the puck through a maze of legs in front. Spare Darren Swick walked around the neutral zone before getting over the blue line and blasting a powerplay goal to make it 2-1 Airmount. Dustin McElhinney was able to redirect a nice pass to tie it back up. Robert Nant, playing as a forward on this night, was able to steal one and slide it home to restore Airmount's lead. Patrick Dion tied it up when he zipped one just inside the post on an odd man rush. Overtime solved nothing.
First period was back and forth with chances at both ends. Forced turnovers and quick feet lead to a bunch of goals in the second. Mug played to their capability and Airmount was fortunate to steal a point with 5 regulars out of the lineup. Matt Keba and spare Gary Brittiain (sp?) played great between the pipes.

 Feb 11
Airmount 6     Glass 2

1st Period
A 1708 - Colfax: Wallace, Swick
A 300 - C. Stubbs: Ronson, Evanitski
G 248 - Burton: Ferguson, Haines

2nd Period
A 1600 - Koteles (pp): Bull, Colfax
G 939 - T. Haggith (pp): Anderson, T. Sergeant
A 603 - C. Stubbs: Young, Swick
A 319 - C. Stubbs
A 207 - Koteles: Bull, Colfax

Nant 2GA
Orpen 6GA

Game Notes : Cody Colfax put Airmount up early when he tapped one in from just outside the crease. Clayton Stubbs made it 2-0 when he backhanded one over an extended goal pad. Kurtis Burton found a loose puck at the side of the net and tucked it home to get the Glass started. Jason Koteles tickled the twine on the powerplay early in the second. Tory Haggith notched his first of the year on the powerplay to make it a one-goal game again. Clayton then tipped in a point shot for his second of the night. Shortly after he netted his hat trick goal with a quick move to beat the goalie. Koteles added his second of the night to end this one for the Flyers.
Airmount was able to keep the red-hot top line of Glass under control and that was the difference in this one.
Clayton Stubbs had a hat trick and Cody Colfax had a 3-point night for Airmount.

My Realty 6    Copper Mug 4

1st Period
M 1637 - Jensen: Stier
M 1233 - Parry: Jensen, MacDonald
C 201 - A. Davis: Alton, Harden
C 013 - McElhinney: Dion, Smale

2nd Period
M 1332 - MacDonald: Byron, Hantz
M 1306 - Byron: Visscher, Gignac
M 1051 - Neu (sh)
C 908 - A. Davis: Harden, Smale
M 353 - Neu: Jensen, Parry
C 302 - McElhinney

Klyn 4GA
Keba 6GA

Game Notes : Adam Jensen set the pace early with a low blocker side goal. Ryan Parry made it 2-0 for My Realty midway through the first. Spare Andrew Davis cut the lead in half with a slapper through traffic. Dustin McElhinney tied it up in the dying seconds when he found room between goalie and post. Nick MacDonald found the back of the net with a wrist shot top corner. Spare Steve Byron made it 4-2 for blue with a low slapper. Laura Neu picked off a pass and made no mistake with her short-handed opportunity. Davis notched his second of the night to get Mug back into this one. Neu made it 6-3 when she finished off a nice passing play. McElhinney added another one for Mug, but they ran out of time on this night.
Adam Jensen had a 3-point night for My Realty. Both teams had 4 players with 2-point nights as well.

 Feb 18
Glass 4     Copper Mug 0

1st Period
G 829 - Haines (2-man Adv.) Shearer, Burton

2nd Period
G 1657 - T. Sergeant: Beaumont
G 1219 - Burton (pp): Haines, Buchner
G 344 - VanKasteren: Haines, Burton

Ferguson Shutout
Keba 4GA

Game Notes : Jamie Haines found a rebound in the crease on a 5-on-3 to give Glass the first period lead. The second started off with Tyler Sergeant letting a blast go from the side boards to make it 2-0. Kurtis Burton made it 3-0 when he lifted a backhander to the roof on the powerplay. Spare Chris VanKasteren was able to stuff one in on a wrap-around to seal this one up at 4-0.
In an unconventional move, Glass split up their top line and had Fergy go in relief of didn't hinder the scoring and seemed to boost the defence. Mug was in this one until midway through the second, bad bounces and timely saves kept them off the board.
Jamie Haines and Kurtis Burton each had 3-point nights for Glass.

My Realty 2     Airmount 1     in overtime 

1st Period
M 952 - Gehring: Swick, Visscher
A 416 - C. Stubbs: Evanitski, Young

2nd Period
No Scoring

M 058 - Gignac

Klyn 1GA
Nant 2GA

Game Notes : Matt Gehring gave My Realty the lead halfway through the first when he was able to punch in a rebound from the doorstep. Clayton Stubbs tied it up on a trademark slapper from inside the blue line. This one ended up going to OT where Steve Gignac intercepted a clearing attempt and snuck one by the goalie.
A very calculated matchup between these teams. Both goalies played well to keep the scoring down and the defence stepped up to stop a lot of chances. Top spot is going to be a dogfight.

 Feb 21
 Copper Mug 6     Airmount 3 

1st Period
C 1625 - Mullholland
C 1316 - Mullholland: Thomsen, Walker
C 740 - McElhinney: Davis, Nevill
C 351 - Thomsen: Mullholland, Walker

2nd Period
A 1423 - Aspen: Colfax, Buchner
C 952 - McElhinney: Davis, Thomsen
C 916 - Davis: McElhinney, McCurdy
A 740 - J. Stubbs (pp): C. Stubbs, Ronson
A 334 - Aspen: Colfax, Lenane

Keba 3GA
Nant 6GA

Game Notes : Josh Mullholland wasted no time in putting Mug up when he scored on an early breakaway. He added a second one shortly after when he pounced on a loose puck in the crease. Dustin McElhinney made it 3-0 when he finished off a nice between the legs pass on a 2-on-1. Nic Thomsen made it 4-0 before the end of the first when he scored while being hauled down. Spare Brandon Aspen put Airmount on the board to start the second when he found room high over the shoulder. McElhinney netted his second of the night when he unleased a sweet backhand from in close. Spare Andrew Davis extended the lead when he was able to complete a wraparound attempt. Josh Stubbs gave Airmount some hope when he was able to score quickly on the powerplay. Aspen jammed one in for his second of the night to cut the lead in half, but that is how this one would end.
Mug was dominant from the start despite missing Coach Harden and rookie sensation Jordan Spitzke. Twitter feeds are suggesting that the Muggers could be trouble for their first round playoff opponent. Airmount ran into a solid game by Matt Keba and quicker Mug team. Josh Mullholland, Dustin McElhinney, NicThomsen and Andrew Davis had 3-point nights for the Mug. Brandon Aspen and Cody Colfax had 2-point nights for Airmount.

My Realty 3     Glass 0

1st Period
M 1707 - Oud: Kirby, Binder
M 1610 - Jensen: Neu
M 1237 - Jensen: Kirby, MacDonald

2nd Period
No Scoring

Klyn Shutout
Orpen 3GA

Game Notes : Nick Oud opened things up with a shot that visited the peanut butter on the top shelf to give My Realty the early lead. Adam Jensen saw his initial shot get bobbled and fall over the goal line. Jensen added his second of the night with a hard low shot from a few feet away. The rest of the game was chance for chance with no scoring as the goaltending stole the show in the second period. Mark Klyn was unbeatable all night.
This looked like a rout for Blue Shirts, but the offence dried up after the 3-0 goal. Both teams buckled down and kept the top lines from doing their thing. A little bit chippy in the second which has a lot to do with playoff aspirations.
Adam Jensen had 2 goals and Wade Kirby had 2 assists for the Realty folk.

 Feb 25
 Glass 5     Airmount 4

1st Period
G 1504 - Burton: Haines, Shearer
G 1034 - Ferguson: Haines, Kleinau
G 649 - Ferguson: Burton, J. Haggith
A 523 - Ronson: J. Stubbs
G 228 - Kleinau
A 046 - Koteles: Bain, J. Stubbs

2nd Period
A 1035 - Koteles: Young, Bain
A 815 - A. Davis: Ronson
G 414 - Ferguson: T. Sergeant, Kleinau

Orpen 4GA
Nant 5GA

Game Notes : Kurtis Burton let a low shot got that found its way to the back of the net to start things. Brett Ferguson made it 2-0 Glass when he scored shortside on a rush. Fergy added his second of the night when he slapped one from the bottom of the circle. Brett Ronson made it 3-1 when he got a couple whacks at the side of the net. Ryan Kleinau restored the 3-goal lead when he let one go from just inside the blue line. Jason Koteles was able to pick up a bouncing puck and rip it home to make it 4-2 at the end of the first. Koteles notched his second of the night when he was able to score on a bad angle from beside the net. Spare Andrew Davis tied it up when he let a laser go from the high slot. Ferguson notched his hat trick and the game winner with a shot that rang off the post and in.
This game had that playoff vibe as Airmount was trying for first overall and Glass was trying to bounce back after a shutout. This matchup could be the best of round one.
Brett Ferguson had a hat trick and Ryan Kleinau had a 3-point night for Glass. Jason Koteles, Brett Ronson, Tyler Bain and Josh Stubbs had 2-point nights for Airmount.

My Realty 7     Copper Mug 6     in overtime

1st Period
M 1646 - Neu: Jensen, Mels
M 1543 - Parry: Jensen, Neu
C 1437 - DeBlaire: Thomsen
C 908 - Alton: Davis, McElhinney
M 836 - Visscher: Gignac, Hantz
M 701 - Parry
C 536 - Mullholland: Smale, Nevill
C 500 - McElhinney: Mullholland, Nevill
C 301 - Alton: Zylstra, Smale

2nd Period
C 1438 - Alton: Davis
M 747 - Kirby: Oud, Pettinger
M 003 - Parry (6 on 5): Gehring, Mels

M 111 - Neu: Mels, Gehring

Klyn 6GA
Keba 7GA

Game Notes : Laura Neu finished off a rush to start this one early. Ryan Parry made it 2-0 when he one timed a pass from behind the net. Stephen DeBlaire cut the lead in half with a point shot through traffic. Zach Alton tied it up when he was able to slip one under the goalie. Alex Visscher tickled the twine with a wrister on a 2-on-1. Parry scored again when he forced a turnover just inside the blue line. Josh Mullholland brought Mug back to within one as he was able to walk out from the corner. Dustin McElhinney tied it up on high one in the slot. Alton notched his second when he had a breakaway and went glove side. Alton scored the hat trick early in the second to give Mug a 2-goal lead. Wade Kirby was able to bury a second rebound midway through the period. Ryan Parry forced overtime when he found a pass at the side of the net for his hat trick with 3 seconds left. Neu finished off the game she started when she poked one home from just outside the crease fior the OTwinner.
This was a shootout in the only game of the night that didn't matter in the standings. If the Mug plays like this in the first round, My Realty better be ready.
Ryan Parry had a hat trick and Laura Neu had 3 points for My Realty. Zach Alton had a hat trick for Mug.