Club Oxford Playoffs 2017

Things should heat up a little now

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A Semifinals

A Goalies

B Final

B Semifinals

B Goalies


Playoff overtime will be 3 on 3 for 10 minutes.
Ties remain after this.  No shootouts.  No point for an OT loss.

Minor penalties in the overtime will be reduced to one minute.
If a penalty is called the non-offending team adds a player. Penalized player remains in the box for 1 minute (minor penalty). When he comes out teams play 4 on 4 until a stoppage occurs, then we revert back to 3 on 3.
A series cannot be won on a tied game.


'A' Division Finals (6 -point series)

Fody's vs Verne's
A slight edge to Fody's who won the regular-season matchups 5 games to 4 by a combined goal total of 38 to 31. Fody's required 5 games to get to the finals and Verne's needed 6 (a testament to league parity). Verne's will be trying to stop Devin Homick but Team Fody has a lot of secondary scoring power. Fody's will be paying extra attention to Brad Martin and Dave VanWyk. There is no advantage by either team in goal - Hop and Hilly are both "blue-chip" playoff performers. Both get emotional so it might be a case of which one can keep his cool when a D-man coughs up a puck or an official makes a questionable call. Emotions will be a factor for both teams. Coaches Fody and Martin will have to be in strict control of their benches. Look for this one to go the distance.
Verne's couln't solve Shawn Hopper until game 3. It looked like the series might be extended but Hop shut the door in the second half to close out the series.

  Won Lost G.F. G.A. Points
3 0 19 6 6
0 3 6 19 0

Congrats to Team Fody for winning the title.

April 2      
Fody's 4   Verne's 1
1st Period
F 803 - Wight: Meron, Cejvanovic
F 024 - Matthews: Fody, Velthove

2nd Period
F 1336 - Velthove: Verbruggen
V 917 - VanWyk: Jones
F 326 - VanQuaethem: Jansen, Barclay

Hopper 1GA
Hilliard 4GA

Game Notes : Matt Wight gave Fody's the first period lead when he lifted a rebound into the shelf. Dave Matthews made it 2-0 when he was able to get a slap shot through while rushing down the wing. Brian Velthove scored on a breakaway in the second to make it 3-0 Fody's. Dave VanWyk put Verne's within one with a shorthanded tally midway through the second. Joe VanQuaethem closed this one out when he was able to net a rebound in the last few minutes of the game. It didn't look good for Fody's when goalie Hopper tweaked something in the first minute of the game. However, Fody's went on the offensive and tried to limit the shots against. Verne's had some opportunities, but couldn't catch a break and dealt with some bad bounces. Brian Velthove had a 2-point night for Fody's.
April 12      
Fody's 9   Verne's 1
1st Period
F 1347 - Velthove (sh): Anderson, Verbruggen
F 1242 - Jansen: Matthews, Homick
F 948 - Matthews (pp): Wight, Jansen

2nd Period
F 1238 - Anderson: Velthove, Homick
F 948 - Homick (pp): Meron, J. VanVelzer
F 755 - Wight
F 622 - Wight: Verbruggen
V 521 - VanWyk: D. Martin, Black
F 255 - Meron: Cejvanovic
F 223 - Wight: Velthove

Hopper 1GA
Hilliard 9GA

Game Notes : Brian Velthove set the tone for Fody's with a shorthanded, breakaway goal. Kyle Jansen made it 2-0 when he finished off a 2 on 1. Dave Matthews upped it to 3 with a powerplay goal from in close. Neil Anderson completed a 2 on 1 to put Fody's ahead by 4. Devin Homick added a powerplay goal from the side of the net. Matt Wight added 2 more for Fody's to make it a non-contest. Dave VanWyk spoiled Hopper's shut out bid when he scored on a pass out front. Spencer Meron and Wight added a couple more for Fody's to complete the proctocolectomy.
The first period was quite good with end-to-end action. Hopper was in top form and Fody's was able to score with their special teams. After the 5th goal, Verne's was going through the motions, however, they did play enough to break the shutout. Maybe it was the 10-day layoff or the 10pm start, but hopefully they can rebound next week. Matt Wight registered a hat trick and an assist.
April 19      
Fody's 6  Verne's 4
1st Period
F 1603 - Matthews: Jansen
V 1538 - VanWyk
F 1157 - Matthews: Jansen, Homick
F 1116 - Cejvanovic: Meron, Verbruggen
V 603 - Jones
V 358 - Howey: J. Haines, D. Martin
V 233 - VanWyk: Jacko, D. Martin

2nd Period
F 1133 - Wight: Jansen, Matthews
F 753 - Jansen: Wight, Matthews
F 022 - Homick (en)

Hopper 4GA
Hilliard 5GA

Game Notes : Dave Matthews scored first for Fody's on a 3 on 1. Dave VanWyk was able to notch one from in close to tie it up for Verne's. Matthews netted his second on a 2 on 1 rush to give Fody's the lead once again. Suad Cejvanovic then made it 3-1 with a wrister to the roof. Kyle Jones made it 3-2 when he picked off an errant pass and made a nice deke. Benson Howey tied things up when he found a loose puck in a crowded crease. VanWyk made it 4-3 to end the period on a determined effort as he was being hauled down. Matt Wight tied it up in the second on a rebound. Kyle Jansen put Fody's ahead again when he converted a cross-crease pass. Devin Homick added an empty net goal to close out the game and the Championship series.
The first period was a shootout. Fody's was making great passes and getting chances while Verne's was pressuring the defence and taking advantage of turnovers. Once Fody's regained the lead, they went into shutdown mode but almost succumbed to the Verne's pressure. It was a great game and it was good to see both teams battle until the end.
Dave Matthews and Kyle Jansen had 4 point nights for Fody's and Dave VanWyk and Dave Martin had 2 point nights for Verne's.


'A' Division Semifinals (6 -point series)

Fody's vs Agrospray
Agro may have matched up better against Re/Max but they were overtaken in the standings late in the season so now they must face the Fody powerhouse. Team Fody won 6 of the regular season matchups by a combined score of 53 to 30. Fody's has four top-10 scorers in Devin Homick, Brian Velthove, Kyle Jansen and Chris Sanders. Agro relies heavily on scoring champ Travis Horvath but Adam Thomson and Chris DeClark have been to this rodeo before so they will give Agro a boost. Brandon Rohrer has had a great season and will be looked upon to contribute. If Cody Chute can find his goal-scoring stick Agro will have a chance. Defensive zone coverage will be the key for Agro. They can't afford to get into 'shootouts' with Fody's. Taylor Ostermaier has been very good this season (except for game #27) and will go head-to-head with Vezina winner Shawn Hopper.
Agro won a couple of tight ones but the goal-scoring of Fody's couldn't be contained.

  Won Lost G.F. G.A. Points
3 2 20 12 6
2 3 12 20 4

Fody's wins series and advances to finals vs Verne's

Mar 8       
Fody's 5   Agrospray 2

1st Period
F 1509 - Homick (pp): Matthews, J. VanVelzer

2nd Period
A 1205 - Horvath (sh): DeClark
F 1017 - Meron (pp): R. VanVelzer, Homick
F 731 - Meron (4 on 4): Verbruggen, Wight
A 718 - Prouse: Brooks (4 on 4)
F 131 - Velthove: Sanders, R. VanVelzer
F 112 - Homick: Velthove, VanKooten

Hopper 2GA
Ostermaier 5GA

Game Notes : Devin Homick opened things up for Fody's on the power play when he was able to come out from behind the net and notch one. Travis Horvath tied it up in the second with a shorthanded wrist shot. Spencer Meron scored a power play goal and a 4 on 4 goal just 2 minutes apart to give Fody's a 3-1 lead. Evan Prouse made it 3-2 when he netted one from the slot while it was 4 on 4. Brian Velthove made it 4-2 late when he redirected one in on a rush. Homick added his second on a hard wrist shot from inside the blue line.
In spite the clock malfunction in the first, both teams started off well. Fody's had a ton of shots but Ostermaier kept them at bay. As the game got a little chippy, the ice opened up and there was some scoring. Hopper handled the Agro pressure well late in the second. Devin Homick had 3 points and Spencer Meron had 2 goals for Fody's. Travis Horvath and Evan Prouse had solo markers for Agro.

Mar 12      
Agrospray 3   Fody's 2     in overtime   
1st Period
A 723 - Davis: Horvath

2nd Period
F 1609 - Wight: R. VanVelzer
F 1346 - Jansen: Wight, Homick
A 1300 - Horvath: Davis, Rohrer

A 928 - Horvath: Furlong, Thomson

Ostermaier 2GA
Gignac 3GA

Game Notes : Agro's Jason Davis opened things up with the lone goal of the first on a point shot. Matt Wight tied it up for Fody's on a shot that just got through the pads of Ostermaier. Kyle Jansen gave Fody's the lead on a low shot from the circle. Travis Horvath tied it up shortly after when he got a break away from the blue line. In overtime, Horvath made quick work and scored blocker side on a breakaway to tie the series at 1.
Travis Horvath had a 3-point night and Jason Davis had a 2-point night for Agro. Matt Wight had a 2-point night for Fody's.
Mar 19     
Agrospray 3   Fody's 2     
1st Period
A 1705 - Rohrer: Horvath, DeClark
A 1436 - Horvath: DeClark, Hanson
F 229 - Matthews: Homick

2nd Period
A 1547 - DeClark: Rohrer, Brooks
F 955 - Homick: Velthove, Anderson

Ostermaier 2G
Hopper 3GA

Game Notes : Brandon Rohrer opened the scoring for Agro when he notched one from the bottom circle. Travis Horvath made it 2-0 with a wrister from the slot. Dave Matthews made it 2-1 when he finished off an odd man rush. Chris DeClark made it 3-1 Agro when he worked his way through the defence. Devin Homick made it a one-goal game again with one that just squeaked through the pads. Agro was able to hold off late pressure for the win. Agro came out fast in this one taking a quick lead and holding off Fody's pressure. Fody's did get chances, but were a little off their game after falling behind. Agro shut it down late and kept Fody's at bay. Chris DeClark had a 3-point night while Travis Horvath and Brandon Rohrer had 2-point nights for Agro. Devin Homick had a 2-point night for Fody's. Agro leads series 2-1.
Mar 22      
Fody's 6   Agrospray 2
1st Period
F 1312 - Fody: VanQuathem, Homick
A 748 - Prouse: E. Chute, Horvath
F 246 - R. VanVelzer: J. VanVelzer
F 235 - Meron: Cejvanovic, Homick

2nd Period
F 1128 - Homick (pp): Jansen, R. VanVelzer
F 735 - Verbruggen: Homick
F 536 - Homick: Meron, J. VanVelzer
A 150 - Horvath (pp): C. Chute, Thomson

Hopper 2GA
Ostermaier 6GA

Game Notes : Chris Fody opened things up with a *controversial point shot into a dislodged net. Evan Prouse tied it up on a rebound in the slot. Spare Rob VanVelzer made it 2-1 Fody's on a hard point shot. Spencer Meron made it 3-1 to end the second on a 2 on nothing. Devin Homick made it 4-1 on the powerplay with a nifty backhand. Kevin Verbruggen scored on a point shot to make it 5-1 Fody's. Homick scored his second of the night on a partial breakaway. Travis Horvath added a powerplay goal for Agro late, but it was not enough to get back into this one. Fody's came out hard and was pressuring the whole game. Agro had some chances, but Hopper stood his ground. Game 5 should be quite intense. Devin Homick had a 5-point night for Fody's. Travis Horvath had a 2-point night for Agro. Series tied 2-2
* Rule 63.6 Awarded Goal - In the event that the goal post is displaced, either deliberately or accidentally, by a defending player, prior to the puck crossing the goal line between the normal position of the goalposts, the Referee may award a goal.

In order to award a goal in this situation, the goal post must have been displaced by the actions a defending player, the puck must have been shot (or the player must be in the act of shooting) at the goal prior to the goal post being displaced, and it must be determined that the puck would have entered the net between the normal position of the goal posts.

Mar 26     
Fody's 5   Agrospray 2
1st Period
F 1426 - Velthove: Anderson, Homick
F 1324 - Wight: Jansen
F 610 - Jansen: Wight, VanQuaethem

2nd Period
A 1745 - C. Chute: Brooks
F 433 - VanKooten: Meron, Matthews
A 317 - Cronmiller: Prouse
F 035 - Velthove (en): Homick, Fody

Hopper 2GA
Ostermaier 4GA

Game Notes : Brian Velthove started things off for Fody's with a wrister from the high slot. Matt Wight made it 2-0 when he netted a rebound from the side of the net. Kyle Janse made it 3-0 when he was able to find a loose puck out front. Cody Chute put Agro on the board early in the 2nd with a quick goal off the faceoff. Kevin VanKooten restored Fody's 3-goal lead when he lifted a shot to the shelf. Dylan Cronmiller added one more for Agro off the back crossbar. Brain Velthove slid one into the empty net to finish off the series. Fody's came out strong in the first period and were relentless in their pressure. They were able to hinder any chances Agro could muster. After the period break, Agro started strong and scored early. However, they just couldn't get anything going on a Fody's team that stepped it up a notch. Velthove, Wight, Jansen and Homick each had 2-point nights for Fody's.


Re/Max vs Verne's 

Over the regular season Re/Max won 6 of the 9 meetings but 2 of those wins were in overtime so this series should be tight. The teams were fairly even in goal scoring in the head-to-head matchups with Re/Max holding a slight 40 to 35 edge. Re/Max will be counting on Joe Thorburn, Scott Balazs and Kyle Belaen to provide much of the offence. Verne's will answer with Dave VanWyk, Kyle Smith and Brad Martin. Quite often, in playoffs, the scoring comes from unexpected sources. Dom Lichtensteiger of Re/Max and Robbie Haines of Verne's raised some eyebrows last season. Craig Smith will be a solid playoff performer for Verne's while D-man Brady Sutherland adds another dimension to the attack for Re/Max. Verne's has struggled at times during the regular season but coach Martin has the team ready for the second season as they accumulated 9 of a possible 10 points during the month of February. Goaltending is always a big key to playoff success. Jesse Hilliard hasn't put up his usual numbers for Verne's but he is a proven playoff performer. Greg Buchner has had a pretty consistent season for Re/Max and always gives his team a good chance to win. This should be a dramatic series.

The teams traded wins throughout and this series met fan expectations.

  Won Lost Tied G.F. G.A. Points
Verne's 3 2 1 15 15 7
Re/Max  2 3 1 15 15 5

Verne's wins series and advances to finals vs Fody's

Mar 8   
Verne's 2      Re/Max 1

1st Period
R 1350 - Heleniak: Kemp, Belaen

2nd Period
V 1325 - Sweetland: VanWyk, R. VanVelzer
V 035 - VanWyk

Hilliard 1GA
Buchner 2GA

Game Notes : Matt Heleniak scored first for Re/Max as he potted one from the door step. Matt Sweetland tied it up in the second on a shot that just eluded Buchner. Dave VanWyk avoided overtime with a steal that he was able to slip home.
This series is going to be a close one and game one did not disappoint. Even when both offenses were able to get opportunities, the netminders and great back checking made sure they didn't have time. If/when the offenses are able to get through, it should make for an even more intense series. Dave VanWyk had a 2-point night for Verne's.

Mar 12      
Re/Max 4   Verne's 1   
1st Period
No Scoring

2nd Period
R 954 - Swick: Price, Thorburn
R 752 - Jansen: Heleniak, Lichtensteiger
R 153 - Thorburn: Balazs, Swick
V 017 - McKibbin: Jones
R 002 - Heleniak (en): Jansen, Lichtensteiger

Buchner 1GA
Hilliard 3GA

Game Notes : After a scoreless first period, Re/Max spare Darren Swick scored midway through the second to open this one up. Sean Jansen made it 2-0 on a diving redirection. Joe Thorburn made it 3-0 late when he was left alone in front. Josh McKibbin broke Buchner's shutout with a goal with 17 seconds left. Matt Heleniak scored an empty netter with 2 seconds left to close this one out and tie the series up. Re/Max had 5 players with 2 point nights. Verne's had a penalty-free game.
Mar 19   
Verne's 5      Re/Max 1
1st Period
V 1742 - Devlin: R. Haines, B. Martin
V 1500 - Sweetland: Devlin , J. Haines
V 219 - R. Haines (pp): Jones, Howey

2nd Period
V 923 - K. Smith: Jones
R 625 - Lichtensteiger: Heleniak, Kemp
V 038 - Jones: K. Smith, B. Martin

Hilliard 1GA
Buchner 5GA

Game Notes : Christian Devlin opened things up for Verne's with 2 goals in the first 3 minutes; one on a rebound he poked in and the other a high wrist shot. Robbie Haines added a powerplay goal before the end of the first. Kyle Smith made it 4-0 on a wrist shot from the high slot. Dom Lichtensteiger put Re/Max on the board with a low shot in close. Kyle Jones made it 5-1 as he finished things off with a powerplay goal. Verne's controlled this one from the get go. They were able to establish an early lead and frustrate Re/Max on most rushes and breakouts. Re/Max didn't give up, but could not set much up either all night. Verne's killing off a 2-man disadvantage pretty much swung the momentum to them. Kyle Jones had a 3-point night for Verne's while Christian Devlin, Kyle Smith, Robbie Haines and Brad Martin had 2-pointers. Verne's leads series 2-1.
Mar 22   
Verne's 4      Re/Max 4       with overtime
1st Period
V 1741 - VanQuaethem
R 1146 - Balazs: Sutherland, Thorburn
V 834 - B. Martin: Jones
V 540 - McKibbin: Vanwyk
R 511 - Heleniak: Jansen, Price
V 337 - Haines: Jacko

2nd Period
R 1534 - Heleniak: Kemp, Black
R 253 - Balazs: Price

Buchner 4GA
Hilliard 4GA

Game Notes : Spare Joe VanQuathem scored early for Verne's when he lifted one high blocker side. Scott Balazs tied it up with a shot from the high circle. Brad Martin made it 2-1 when he slapped home a drop pass. Josh McKibbin made it 3-1 with a low shot from the circle. Matt Heleniak cut the lead to one when he finished off a 2 on 1. Robbie Haines restored the 2 goal cushion on a long slapper. Heleniak scored his second of the night early in the second to make it 4-3. Balazs scored his second on a rebound to tie it up late. Overtime solved nothing. This was a wildly entertaining game with both goalies making great saves on great chances in overtime. The overtime saw 5 on 5, 4 on 4 and 3 on 3 play which was very exciting. Re/Max showed no quit after being down early and Verne's ran into a different 'Boogeyman' in the second period. Matt Heleniak and Scott Balazs had 2 goals each for Re/Max. Verne's had 4 different goal scorers in this one. Verne's Leads series 5 points to 3.
Mar 26      
Re/Max 4   Verne's 0    
1st Period
R 1248 - Heleniak: Jansen, Dom Lichtensteiger
R 325 - Jansen: Kemp, Smith

2nd Period
R 625 - Kobayashi: Stewart, Belaen
R 120 - Balazs (en)

Buchner Shutout
Hilliard 3GA

Game Notes : Matt Heleniak scored first for Re/Max when he knocked one out of the air in close. Sean Jansen made it 2-0 when he tipped in a Jeff Kemp point shot. Dana Kobayashi netted his first of the season when he finished off a pass out front. Scott Balazs added an empty-netter to ensure a Game 6.
This one looked like a rout on paper, but bad puck luck played a role for sure. Varied scoring and some line matching seemed to have helped Re/Max in this one. Netminder Greg Buchner made some big saves when called upon. Verne's couldn't get any bounces their way and it seemed like a Re/Max defender was always close to interrupt any momentum. Game 6 should be a doozy.
Sean Jansen had a 2-point night for Re/Max.
Mar 29  
Verne's 3     Re/Max 1
1st Period
V 1251 - B. Martin: C. Smith, K. Smith
V 1014 - C. Smith (pp): VanWyk, D. Martin
V 047 - Haines (sh)

2nd Period
R 226 - Thorburn: Belaen, Smith

Hilliard 1GA
Buchner 3GA

Game Notes : Brad Martin scored first for Verne's when he let a hard wrist shot go off a rebound. Craig Smith made it 2-0 on the powerplay with a good shot from the slot. Robbie Haines hustled on a breakaway while shorthanded to put Verne's in the driver's seat. Joe Thorburn was able to get Re/Max on the board late in the game but Verne's held them the rest of the way to take the series. Re/Max came out strong in the first few minutes, but Verne's iced the puck several times to take that momentum away. Verne's capitalized on their chances in the first and Hilliard had a strong game to keep Re/Max at bay. Penalty trouble hindered Re/Max throughout the game. Craig Smith had a goal and an assist for Verne's.


Goalie Performance Games G.A. Avg Shutouts
Shawn Hopper (Fody's)
7 15 2.14 0
Greg Buchner (Re/Max)
6 15 2.50 1
Jesse Hilliard (Verne's)
9 31 3.44 0
Taylor Ostermaier (Agro)
5 19 3.80 0
Mark Gignac (spare)
1 3 3.00 0


 Matt Wight (Fody's) April 12







'B' Division Finals (6 -point series)

Eichenberg's vs Airmount
Eichenberg's has dominated the regular season by winning 6 of the 9 meetings by a combined score of 52 to 28.  All those stats go out the window now as we find a revitalized Airmount team playing at the top of their game.  All cylinders were firing as they took out the top-seeded Muggers in 3 straight.  Steffan Foster has a little more jump in his step and the realignment of the forward lines has given Airmount some additional scoring potential.  Eichenberg's dispatched the Glass in 4 games to arrive here and their goaltender put his stamp on the series by posting a shutout in the last contest.  Jeremy Wallace has emerged as a serious scoring threat to complement an array of snipers so the Airmount forwards will have to skate both ways. This should be a great series.
Airmount kept their momentum going to sweep Eichenberg's. Robert Nant was solid and the team never let up on the pedal.

  Won Lost G.F. G.A. Points
Airmount 3 0 12 6 6


0 3 6 12 0

Airmount went undefeated in the playoffs to win the title.

March 26           
Airmount 4    Eichenberg's 3  
1st Period
E 1651 - Smith
E 1449 - Parry: Wallace, Jensen
A 1229 - Hare: Ferguson, Clergy
E 903 - Alton: MacDonald
A 626 - Ferguson: Hare
A 549 - C. Stubbs

2nd Period
A 1341 - C. Stubbs: DeBlaire

Nant 3GA
Klyn 4GA

Game Notes : Cory Smith scored first for Eichenberg's on a high shot from in close. Ryan Parry made it 2-0 when he finished off a pass in the slot. Wayne Hare put Airmount on the board after netting one in a crease scramble. Zach Alton restored the 2-goal lead on a rebound as he was falling. Ferguson made it close again with a hard shot from the top of the circle. Clayton Stubbs tied it up with a point shot that found it's way in. Clayton notched his second of the night with a slapper from side boards, which turned out to be the game winner. A lot of end to end action in the first with each team netting 3. After the Airmount goal in the second, things got a little rough which stifled the scoring. A late penalty dashed any hopes of a comeback for Eichenberg's. It should be good and close for the rest of this series. Clayton Stubbs and Brett Ferguson each had 2-point nights.
March 29           
Airmount 5    Eichenberg's 1 
1st Period
A 1647 - Clergy
A 938 - Koteles (pp): Colfax
A 431 - Evanitski: Vanoord, DeBlaire
A 005 - VanKasteren

2nd Period
A 1345 - Ferguson: Colfax, Shearer
E 913 - Parry (pp): Jensen, Coldham

Nant 1GA
Klyn 5GA

Game Notes : Gerry Clergy opened things up for Airmount when he forced a turnover down low. Jason Koteles made it 2-0 on the powerplay when he one timed a pass from behind the net. Mike Evanitski's shot bobbled and bounced over the goal line to make it 3-0. Spare Chris VanKasteren scored with a wrist shot on a solo rush after he picked off an errant pass with 5 seconds left in the period. Brett Ferguson scored from the high slot to cement a 5-0 lead for Airmount. Ryan Parry was able to get Eichenberg's on the board on a powerplay, but that was all the offence that would be mustered.
Airmount looked to be in a hole as their top 3 ranked guys were out of the lineup, but secondary scoring stepped up and made every line a threat. Eichenberg's was on their heels early, but did generate some good chances. Robert Nant was almost unbeatable between the pipes. Cody Colfax had a 2-point night for Airmount.
April 2           
Airmount 3    Eichenberg's 2 
1st Period
E 1150 - Ronson: MacDonald, Coldham
E 020 - Kyle: MacDonald, Smith

2nd Period
A 1530 - Swick: Colfax, Koteles
A 1216 - Koteles: Lenane, DeBlaire
A 438 - C. Stubbs: Ferguson, Shearer

Nant 2GA
Klyn 3GA

Game Notes : Brett Ronson opened things up for Eichenberg's when he took a drop pass and slapped it home. Ryan Kyle made it 2-0 with a perfect wrist shot that went post and in. Spare Darren Swick cut the lead in half when he knocked in a rebound from in close. Jason Koteles tied things up when his slap shot just squeezed through. Clayton Stubbs put a little trick shot backwards between his legs to score on the powerplay and put Airmount ahead.
Eichenberg's put on the pressure in the first and were able to take a 2-0 lead into the break, however, this Airmount team has played at a different level in these playoffs. Airmount was able to get their offence going in the second and did well to limit rebounds on the defensive side. Nant backstopped them to another win and the 'B' Championship. It really seemed that Airmount gelled at the right time for playoffs and just out-matched their opponents. Jason Koteles had a 2-point night for Airmount, Nick MacDonald had a 2-point night for Eichenberg's.


'B' Division Semifinals (6 -point series)

Copper Mug vs Airmount
Copper Mug has dominated the regular season by winning 8 of the 9 meetings by a combined score of 47 to 29.  The Muggers have had a tremendous season to finish in 1st place. JJ Harden is the overall points champion and gets support from snipers Abe Friesen and Chris Koteles. They lost a very good d-man in Jeremy Wolters but Derek Buchner is a very capable replacement. Airmount had a rough start as they lost Nick Russell when a long-term contract agreement could not be negotiated and their top gun, Steffan Foster, has been limited by a lingering ankle injury. Cody Colfax has done an admirable job as Russell's replacement but Airmount will need some scoring from Foster to be competitive. Brett Ferguson has been awesome and is the only team member in the top 10. A good performance from the brothers Stubbs and some timely saves from Robert Nant will make this an interesting series.
The "second season" is always full of surprises and this one certainly qualifies as an upset. Perhaps a bit of over-confidence by one team met up with a new determination from the other one in this ambush.

  Won Lost G.F. G.A. Points
Airmount 3 0 16 9 6

Copper Mug

0 3 9 16 0

Airmount wins series and advances to finals vs Eichenberg's

March 1            
Airmount 6    Copper Mug 2 

1st Period
A 602 - J. Stubbs: Walker, C. Stubbs
A 442 - Evanitski: J. Stubbs

2nd Period
A 1203 - J. Koteles: DeBlaire, Foster
C 857 - Epp: Smale, Mulholland
C 518 - Harden: Smale, Epp
A 255 - Foster: Clergy, Mudford
A 126 - J. Koteles (en): Colfax, Shearer
A 042 - Foster (en)

Nant 2GA
Schmeltz 4GA

Game Notes : Josh Stubbs opened things up for Airmount when he finished off a cross ice pass. Mike Evanitski made it 2-0 on a shot from behind the net that trickles in. Jason Koteles made it 3-0 in the second period when he pocketed one through traffic. Spare Abe Epp got Mug on the board when he tipped in a point shot. JJ Harden made it a one goal game when he shot one in from a melee in front. Steffan Foster restored the 2-goal lead with a high wrist shot. Koteles and Foster added empty net goals to close this one out.
Airmount came out strong and focused in this one. A relentless forecheck might have taken Mug by surprise, but as long as the focus remains on hockey they will be in every game. With some last minute spares and a couple Schmeltz would like back, Mug would be best to forget about this one. They did show life in the second but just couldn't get anything going. Steffan Foster had a 3 point night for Airmount, Brad Smale had 2 helpers for Mug.

March 12            
Airmount 4   Copper Mug 3      in overtime
1st Period
C 435 - Buchner (pp): Friesen
C 248 - Harden: C. Koteles
A 133 - Foster: J. Koteles, Shearer

2nd Period
A 1335 - C. Stubbs
C 1107 - Phipps: Bain, Buchner
A 854 - J. Stubbs: C. Stubbs

A 604 - Ferguson: Shearer, Clergy

Nant 3GA
DePaepe 4GA

Game Notes : Derek Buchner opened things up for Mug with a powerplay goal from the point. JJ Harden made it 2-0 when he notched one from in front. Steffan Foster cut it to 2-1 on a powerplay goal from the circle. Clayton Stubbs tied it up for Airmount with a hard slapper from the blue line. David Phipps answered that with a goal through a crowd. Josh Stubbs tied it up again with a goal that just squeaked through. In overtime, Brett Ferguson notched a wrist shot to give Airmount a 2-0 series lead.
March 15           
Airmount 6    Copper Mug 4

1st Period
A 1416 - Foster: Colfax, J. Koteles
A 1053 - Colfax: DeBlaire

2nd Period
C 1535 - Bain: Moylan
A 933 - J. Koteles: Foster, Shearer
C 844 - Koppert: Moylan, Mulholland
C 826 - Harden: Kersten, Friese
C 634 - Bain: Kirby, Smale
A 520 - Ferguson: J. Stubbs, Lenane
A 326 - J. Koteles, Colfax
A 126 - Colfax (en)

Nant 4GA
Schmeltz 5GA

Game Notes : Steffan Foster kicked things off for Airmount when he converted a pass from the goal line. Cody Colfax made it 2-0 when he notched one from in close. Tyler Bain scored for Mug to start the second when he scored from the right circle. Jason Koteles made it 3-1 when he scored with a hard shot along the ice. Mug then scored 3 straight: Brandon Koppert with one through traffic, JJ Harden from the slot and Bain scored his second on one that squeaked through to make it 4-3 Mug. Brett Ferguson tied it back up when he scored from the faceoff dot. Koteles scored his second on a deflection that nobody saw. Colfax added an empty-netter to close out the game and series.
Airmount stuck to their game plan and it worked out well. Mug showed some spark in the second and were rolling. Airmount buckled down and were able to pressure when needed to get the lead back. The standings would say this was an upset, but Airmount worked hard to win all 3 games. Cody Colfax had a 4-point night and Jason Koteles had a 3-point night for Airmount. Tyler Bain and Stephen Moylan each had 2 points for Mug.



Eichenberg's vs Glass
These teams finished very close in the regular-season standings.  Eichenberg's won 5 of the 9 meetings outscoring Eichenberg's by a margin of 39 to 27.  Eichenberg's boast 5 players in the top 10 with Adam Jensen, Nick MacDonald, Jayme Wallace, Rob Parry and Alex Visscher making up a potent attack. The Glass have had a great season from d-man Rob Vanvelzer and are counting on Kurtis Burton, Tyler Sergeant and Adam Gignac to provide some scoring. Cody Wilson and Matt Gehring have had quiet regular seasons but are always dangerous at show-time. Rookie keeper Mark Klyn might feel some playoff heat but Orpie has been to this rodeo before and knows what it takes.
The scoring power of team Eichenberg proved to be too much for the Glassmen to handle.  They rebounded from a tough overtime loss with a big win in game 3 but Eichenberg's tightened up in the last contest to close it out.

  Won Lost G.F. G.A. Points


3 1 14 10 6
Glass 1 3 10 14 2

Eichenberg's wins series and advances to finals vs Airmount

Mar 1     
Eichenberg's 4   Glass 2
1st Period
E 603 - Alton: Ronson
E 248 - Wallace: MacDonald, Parry
E 001 - Smith

2nd Period
G 1007 - Burton: J. Sergeant, T. Sergeant
G 615 - T. Sergeant: Gehring, VanVelzer
E 504 - Swick: Alton

Klyn 2GA
Orpen 4GA

Game Notes : Zach Alton scored first for Eichenberg's when he found the puck laying in the crease. Jayme Wallace made it 2-0 on a cross-ice pass. Cory Smith made it 3-0 with a buzzer-beater on a solid solo effort. Kurtis Burton put Glass on the board when he netted one from the doorstep. Tyler Sergeant made it a 1-goal game when he notched one into the yawning cage. Spare Darren Swick let a backhand go that found it's way in to make it 4-2 Blue and finish this one.
Eichenberg's played their game the whole way, which will continue to give Glass headaches. Spread out scoring is probably their best weapon. Glass was having a hard time hitting the net all night and will have to stifle the speed of Eichenberg's to get through this series. Zach Alton and Tyler Sergeant both had 2 point nights.
Mar 12     
Eichenberg's 3   Glass 2     in overtime
1st Period
G 1451 - VanVelzer (pp): Young
G 709 - Gehring: Wilson, VanVelzer
E 602 - MacDonald: Smith, Coldham
E 428 - VanKasteren: Ronson, Mels

2nd Period
No Scoring

E 925 - VanKasteren

Klyn 2GA
Orpen 3GA

Game Notes : Rob VanVelzer scored first for Glass with a point shot on the powerplay. Matt Gehring made it 2-0 when he danced around the defenceman and went five hole. Nick NacDonald cut the lead in half when he was able to slide one in from the circle. Spare Chris VanKasteren tied it up for Eichenberg's when he netted one on a rush. VanKasteren would score on a breakaway in OT to give Eichenberg's a 2-0 series lead. The teams went all out in the first when they each scored 2. The second period was a lot more defensive-minded and resulted in no scoring. Both goalies played well to give their team a chance. Chris VanKasteren had 2 goals for Eichenberg's. Rob VanVelzer had 2 points for Glass.
Mar 15     
Glass 6    Eichenberg's 2      
1st Period
E 1736 - Smith: Hoshal
G 952 - Haggith: Burton, VanVelzer
G 836 - McDonald: J. Sergeant, Gehring
G 613 - Burton
E 530 - Wallace: MacDonald, Parry

2nd Period
G 1217 - Oud: VanVelzer
G 1146 - Burton: Gignac, Oud
G 725 - Anderson: Young, Gehring

Orpen 2G
Klyn 6GA

Game Notes : Cory Smith scored early for Eichenberg's on a nice wrist shot. 'Dangerous' Darcy Haggith tied it up when he found a loose puck in the crease. Colin McDonald notched one off the post to give Glass a 2-1 lead. Kurtis Burton made it a 2-goal lead when he stole one in the high slot. Jayme Wallace scored for Eichenberg's on a point shot to make it 3-2. Nick Oud scored on a bad angle to make it 4-2 Glass. Burton notched his second of the night on a partial breakaway. Nick Anderson made it 6-2 and closed this one out when he knocked home a rebound. Glass picked it up after Eichenberg's early goal. Haggith's goal gave them a boost and they played hard the rest of the game. Eichenberg's seemed to be caught off guard with Glass' offensive pressure as it was different from the first two games. Glass has momentum now, but Eichenberg's can turn it up a notch if they have to next game. Kurtis Burton had a 3-point night for Glass.
Mar 19   
Eichenberg's 5   Glass 0      
1st Period
E 812 - Parry: Jensen

2nd Period
E 1149 - MacDonald
E 657 - Wallace: MacDonald
E 615 - Wallace: Parry, Jensen
E 020 - Visscher

Klyn Shutout
Orpen 5GA

Game Notes : Ryan Parry scored first for Eichenberg's after a turnover by the net. Nick MacDonald made it 2-0 in the second when he powered his way through the Glass defence and tucked it in. Jayme Wallace pretty much cemented this game when he scored 2 goals in 40 seconds, one from the left wing boards and one from the right wing. Alex Visscher added one late on a breakaway to end this series. Eichenberg's was clearly the better team in this one. They played a great defensive game that stifled every Glass opportunity. Glass was in the game until the midway point of the second when the wheels came off. Eichenberg's advances to the B Final once again. MacDonald, Wallace, Parry and Jensen each had 2-point nights for Eichenberg's. Mark Klyn posted the first shutout of the 2017 playoffs. Eichenberg's win series 3-1.



Goalie Performance Games G.A. Avg Shutouts
Robert Nant (Airmount)
6 15 2.50 0
Mark Klyn (Eichenberg's)
7 22 3.14 1
 Sean Orpen (Glass)
4 14 3.50 0
 Mike Schmeltz (Mug)
2 9 4.50 0
 Aaron Depaepe (spare)
1 4 4.00 0