Club Oxford Playoffs 2021


A Division


B Division



C Division


Playoffs this season will consist of a double round-robin.
Ties will remain, each team receiving one point.
The team with the most points after 6 games will be declared Division Champion.

'A' Division

  Won Lost Tied G.F. G.A. Points
2 0 0 19 5 4
1 1 0 10 12 2
1 1 0 5 15 2
0 2 0 8 10 0

Fody's 12   Agrospray 1
An incredible display of power from Team Fody as they totally dominated every aspect of the game. The goals were NOT cheapies - they will fill a highlight reel. A pee test will be required prior to next week's game. Someone said they saw a sign at Fody Automotive offering free oil changes today.

1st Period
F 1301 - Velthove: VanBoekel, McArthur
F 835 - Homick: Bouw, Mudford
F 737 - Kobayashi: VanBoekel, Velthove
F 725 - Velthove: Mudford, VanYmeren
F 057 - Kobayashi: Velthove, Mudford

2nd Period
F 1432 - Homick: VanYmeren
F 1201 - Homick: Mudford, Bouw
F 738 - Meron: Velthove
A 708 - Jm. Davis: VanYmeren, Velda
F 505 - VanBoekel: Kobayashi
F 347 - VanYmeren: Homick, Mudford
F 238 - Bouw: Homick
F 203 - VanBoekel: Kobayashi

Hopper 1GA
Gignac 12 GA

Game Notes : Brian Velthove started things for Fody's when he snapped one home from the slot. Devin Homick made it 2-0 when he one-timed a pass on a 2-on-1. Jordan Kobayashi extended the lead to 3 when he popped in a rebound out front. Velthove made it 4-0 with a wrister from the slot. Kobayashi got it to 5-0 before the end of the period when he finished off a pass out front. Homick got in on a partial breakaway and made it 6-0. Homick found the hat trick when he slapped in a pass out front. Spencer Meron wristed a point shot home to make it 8-0 Fody's. Jamie Davis broke the shutout when he scored from the side of the net for Agrospray. Peyton VanBoekel made it 9-1 when he made a deke in close. Brady VanYmeren notched it to 10-1 with a rebound in the slot. Mike Bouw would add a high wrister and VanBoekel would add his second to close this one out mercifully.
Fody's seemed to have had an adrenaline shot as they came out of the gate flying and didn't let up at all. Solid nights from everyone as they had so many quality chances and tons of pressure. Agrospray looked to be a step behind all night and just couldn't stop the pressure. There wasn't really any cheapies tonight, just constant pressure.
Devin Homick had 3 goals and 2 assists, Brian Velthove had 2 goals and 3 assists and Mike Mudford had 5 assists for Fody's. Jamie Davis had the goal for Agrospray.

Re/Max 6   Verne's 5
Very even game. A late penalty stifled Verne's chances for a tie.

1st Period
V 1317 - A. VanWyk: D. VanWyk, C. Smith
R 808 - Heleniak: Lichtensteiger, Sweetland
R 627 - Thorburn: Balazs, Ford
R 225 - Ford: Lichtensteiger, Turner
V 004 - D. VanWyk: Rodgers, Howey

2nd Period
V 1412 - Rodgers: Whiteside, Smith
R 1147 - Lichtensteiger: Phillips, Stewart
R 1019 - Thorburn: Balazs, Heleniak
V 958 - D. VanWyk: A. VanWyk, M. VanWyk
R 414 - Heleniak (sh)
V 307 - A. VanWyk

Buchner 5GA
Ostermaier 6GA

Game Notes : Andrew VanWyk started things up for Verne's when he snapped one home from the slot. Matt Heleniak tied it up when he took a lead pass and went upstairs. Joe Thorburn made it 2-1 ReMax when he netted a rebound outside the crease. Spare Gus Ford finished off a 2-on-1 when he went to the backhand out front. Dave VanWyk got one back before the end of the period for Verne's with a wrister in close. Braydon Rodgers tied it up early in the second when he slapped in a pass out front. Dom Lichtensteiger restored the ReMax lead when he tipped in a point shot. Thorburn made it 5-3 when he found a rebound in the slot. Dave VanWyk got one back for Verne's with a low wrister. Matt Heleniak battled along the boards and scored from an odd angle shorthanded to make 6-4. Andrew VanWyk made it 6-5 late but it wasn't enough to beat curfew.
This game was back and forth all night. ReMax was able to stay ahead of Verne's and were able to shut them down late in the game to seal the victory. Verne's fell behind a couple times but were able to bounce back to keep it close. A late penalty and curfew curtailed their chances.
Matt Heleniak had 2 goals and an assist for ReMax. Dave VanWyk and Andrew VanWyk had 2 goals and an assist for Verne's.

Fody's 7   Re/Max 4 
Re/Max scored a pair while 2-men short to make it interesting. 5-4 with under 2 minutes remaining before an empty-netter and another late tally put it to sleep.

1st Period
R 1030 - Sanders (pp): Thorburn, Verbruggen
F 959 - VanBoekel: Velthove, Kobayashi
F 752 - McArthur: Homick, Bouw
F 246 - Damm
R 113 - Sanders (sh): Balcomb
R 035 - Balcomb (sh)

2nd Period
F 1643 - VanBoekel: Kobayashi, Damm
R 1318 - Lichtensteiger: Sweetland, Stewart
F 439 - Bouw: Homick
F 051 - Kobayashi (en): Damm, Velthove
F 026 - Bouw: Homick, VanBoekel

Hopper 4GA
Buchner 6GA

Game Notes : Chris Sanders started off ReMax with a powerplay goal when he sniped one from the point. Peyton VanBoekel tied it up for Fody's when he put a second rebound into the cage. Jarret McArthur gave Fody's a 2-1 lead when he slapped one from the point. Spare, John Damm made it 3-1 when he got in alone and made a very nice move to go upstairs. Sanders got his second of the night when he went to the backhand in close while double shorthanded. Spare Shane Balcomb tied it up on the same double shorthanded opportunity on a turnover in close. VanBoekel restored the Fody's lead early in the second as the 5-on-3 just ended. Dom Lichtensteiger tied it back up at 4 when he slapped one in from the bottom of the circle. Mike Bouw put Fody's ahead again when he redirected a pass on a 2-on-1. Jordan Kobayashi added an empty-netter insurance goal and Bouw added his second on a late rush.
Fody's seemed to have the upper hand in this one, but did well not to let the end of the first throw them off their game. Fody's have found some playoff firepower. ReMax is going to keep coming at you and that showed when they scored two, double shorthanded goals at the end of the first. A nice effort to match up with Fody's.
Mike Bouw and Peyton VanBoekel had 2 goals and an assist each for Fody's. Chris Sanders had a pair of goals for ReMax.

Agrospray 4   Verne's 3
A good recovery game by Agro.

1st Period
A 1550 - Velda: King, Js. Davis
A 1217 - Horvath (pp): Jeffries
V 718 - A. VanWyk (sh): D. VanWyk, T. Whiteside
A 535 - VanYmeren: Jm. Davis, R. Bruckler

2nd Period
A 1114 - King: R. Bruckler
V 950 - A. VanWyk: C. Smith, D. VanWyk
V 319 - T. Whiteside: J. Whiteside, K. Smith

Gignac 3GA
Fallowfield 4GA

Game Notes : Brandon Velda started things for Agro early when he knocked in his own rebound on a rush. Travis Horvath made it 2-0 on the powerplay when he backhanded in a rebound as he crossed the crease. Andrew VanWyk put Verne's on the board when he slapped in a drop pass in the slot. Kelsey VanYmeren made it 3-1 Agro when he let a low wrist shot go from the circle. Dan King made it 4-1 when he snapped one home from the slot. Andrew VanWyk made it 4-2 when he let a wrister go from the slot. Travis Whiteside made it a one goal game when he slapped in a pass out front, but Verne's were unable to tie it up.
Agro had a solid bounce back game after the shellacking they got from Team Fody. They had some balanced scoring and solid goaltending that helped hold the lead. Verne's seemed to start off slow with the early start time, but played well in the second. Great pressure late with the goalie pulled almost paid off.
Dan King and Ryan Bruckler had 2-point nights for Agro. Andrew VanWyk, Dave VanWyk and Travis Whiteside had 2 points each for Verne's.



Goalie Performance Games G.A. Avg Shutouts
Shawn Hopper (Fody's)
2 5 2.50 0
Greg Buchner (Re/Max)
2 11 5.50 0
Mark Gignac (Agro)
2 15 7.50 0
Matt Fallowfield (Verne's)
1 4 4.00 0
Taylor Ostermaier (spare)


 Devin Homick (Fody's) Mar 21

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'B' Division

  Won Lost Tied G.F. G.A. Points
2 0 0 10 4 4
1 1 0 9 7 2
1 1 0 6 10 2
0 2 0 5 9 0

Airmount 6   B-Line 2
Missed opportunities by B-Line cost them in this match. Lots of chances with breakaways and 2 on 1's. Still a close game, last tally was an empty-netter.

1st Period
A 1626 - McElhinney: Foster
A 1525 - Mudford
B 1309 - Bisschop (pp): Jacko, Haines
A 820 - Foster: C. Ingalls, Roberts
B 612 - Burton: Bisschop, DeRouck
A 151 - Harden: Cowlan

2nd Period
A 636 - Foster: C. Ingalls, Thompson
A 025 - Mudford (en)

Ingalls 2GA
Orpen 5GA

Game Notes : Dustin McElhinney scored first for Airmount as he tipped a shot that got tangled in Orpie's feet and slid in. Spare Scott Mudford made it 2-0 when he rang a wrister off the post and in. Nate Bisschop got one back for B-Line when he found a rebound down low on the powerplay. Steffan Foster made it 3-1 Airmount when he slapped in a cross-crease pass. Kurtis Burton got B-Line close again when he one timed a pass in the slot. JJ Harden put Airmount up by 2 again when he let a hard wrister go on a solo rush. Foster extended the lead to 5-2 when he redirected a pass on a 2-on-1. Mudford added an empty-netter to close this one out 6-2.
Airmount came out strong from the start and were able to catch B-Line off their game. Some good defence in the second along with their speed up front turned this is into a solid outing. B-Line started off rocky, but they got it going and had some great chances throughout the game. They just couldn't get a bounce to go their way tonight.
Steffan Foster had 2 goals and an assist for Airmount. Nate Bisschop had a goal and assist for B-Line

CarQuest 5   Team Visscher 3
An entertaining game to watch with both teams giving it their best. Bad luck at one end as some 'greasy ones' got past Nolan and good luck at the other as Brady had the big posts working for him.  

1st Period
V 950 - McNally (sh)

2nd Period
C 1339 - Ferguson: Homick, Pettinger
C 1236 - Cory Smith: Kraushaar, Moylan
C 1050 - Cory Smith: Ferguson
V 950 - Rosato: McNally, Wilson
V 902 - Rosato: McNally, Price
C 722 - Ferguson: Homick, Cory Smith
C 320 - Devlin: Kraushaar

Silverthorn 3GA
Collard 5GA

Game Notes : Zac McNally started things off when he scored a shorthanded goal with a low wrister on a solo rush. Brett Ferguson tied things up for Carquest when he one timed in a rebound. Cory Smith made it 2-1 Carquest when he lifted one over the goalie on a rebound. Smith added his second when he fired one from a bad angle in the corner. Jon Rosato got one back for Team Visscher when he found a rebound in the crease. Rosato tied it up at 3 when he wristed one home on a 2-on-1. Ferguson notched his second of the night with a wrist shot on a rebound. Christian Devlin got an insurance marker when he walked out from behind the net and wristed one in.
It was a close checking first period, but Carquest found some mojo in the second. Their regular seasons scorers came out after a couple games off and were able to pressure Team Visscher all night. Team Visscher was in this one all the way. They hit 6 posts that definitely would have changed the game. A solid outing by both teams.
Brett Ferguson and Cory Smith had two goals and an assist each for Carquest. Zac McNally had a goal and 2 assists, Jon Rosato had 2 goals for Team Visscher.

B-Line 7   CarQuest 1
Lots of shots from CarQuest but Orpie was amped

1st Period
B 1105 - J. Sergeant
B 815 - Jensen: Bisschop, Jacko
B 325 - Bisschop: DeRouck

2nd Period
B 604 - Burton: Bisschop, Jensen
B 551 - Burton: Bisschop
B 523 - Burton: Bisschop, Jacko
B 211 - Bisschop: Burton, Ralf
C 001 - Homick: Moylan

Orpen 1GA
Silverthorn 7GA

Game Notes : John Sergeant was able to give B-Line the early lead when he forced a turnover and went 5-hole from the slot. Adam Jensen made it 2-0 when he snapped a pass home from the slot. Nate Bisschop made it 3-0 when he took a long lead pass and went post in. Kurtis Burton extended the lead to 4-0 when he let a backhander go upstairs from in close. Burton quickly scored again on a pass in close. Burton got the natural hat trick in 41 seconds with another backhander on a breakaway. Bisschop added his second from the slot to make it 7-0. Chad Homick was able to break Orpie's shutout with one second to go on a rebound off a Steve Moylan rush.
B-Line came out strong in this one with their top line using their speed all game. Long passes and deep pressure were the keys for the offence tonight. Orpie played a heck of a game with his catcher working overtime. Carquest couldn't catch a break or a bounce in this one. Being short a guy didn't help in the second, but they at least broke the goose egg.
Nate Bisschop had 2 goals and 4 assists, Kurtis Burton had 3 goals and an assist for B-Line. Chad Homick had the goal for Carquest.

Airmount 4  Team Visscher 2
Good pressure from Visscher but Rhiley was tough to beat

1st Period
A 1415 - Ingalls: Cowlan, McElhinney

2nd Period
V 1619 - Rosato (pp): McNally, VanKasteren
V 1310 - VanKasteren: Hagens, Coldham
A 1142 - Ingalls (pp):Thompson
A 745 - Ingalls: Zylstra, Roberts
A 238 - Harden

Ingalls 2GA
Collard 3GA

Game Notes : Chad Ingalls started things for Airmount when he put one in off the post on a 2-on-1. Jon Rosato tied it up for Team Visscher on the powerplay when he popped in a rebound out front. Spare Chris VanKasteren gave Team Visscher the lead when he wristed one home as he cut behind the net. Ingalls notched his second of the night on the powerplay with a low shot from the bottom of the circle. Ingalls netted the hat trick with a rebound in the crease. JJ Harden added an empty-netter to close this one out for Airmount.
Airmount had pressure throughout the game and had some solid chances down low. Rhiley Ingalls played well in net to keep Team Visscher at bay. Team Visscher had a fair amount of chances in this one, they just couldn't get the rebounds to go in. Nolan Collard gave them an opportunity with his goaltending tonight.
Chad Ingalls had a hat trick for Airmount. Chris VanKasteren had a goal and assist for Team Visscher.


Goalie Performance Games G.A. Avg Shutouts
Rhiley Ingalls (Airmount)
2 4 2.00 0
Sean Orpen (Glass)
2 6 3.00 0
Nolan Collard (Visscher)
2 8 4.00 0
Brady Silverthorn (CarQuest)
2 10 5.00 0


Kurtis Burton (Glass) March 28
Chad Ingalls (Airmount) March 28

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'C' Division

  Won Lost Tied G.F. G.A. Points
Royal LePage
1 0 1 12 7 3
1 0 1 10 5 3
1 1 0 7 11 2
0 2 0 4 10 0

Glass 4  Royal LePage 4
Nice comeback by Glass after being down 2-0 in the early stages.

1st Period
R 1626 - Bull: Wilson
R 1455 - Koteles
G 1233 - Kirby: Iler, M. Kersten
R 315 - Wilson (sh)
G 059 - Underhill: Iler, M. Kersten

2nd Period
R 737 - Bull: Wilson, Colfax
G 616 - B. Kersten: Kobayashi, Poredos
G 041 - Poredos: Iler, Hackney

Klyn 4GA
Barham 4GA

Game Notes : Kurtis Bull started things quick for Royal LePage as he was able to walk out from behind and tuck one in. Jason Koteles made it 2-0 after he picked off a pass and went to his backhand in close. Wade Kirby got Glass on the board when he scored on a 2-on-1 that squeezed through the goalie. Chris Wilson made it 3-1 when he had a breakaway while shorthanded. Kyle Underhill made it a one goal game when he slapped home a drop pass. Bull got Royal LePage up by 2 again when he wristed home a cross ice pass. Blair Kersten kept Glass in it when he was able to bang in a rebound at the side of the net. Richard Poredos tied it up in the last minute with a rebound at the side of the net.
Royal LePage came out strong in this one, dominating the first half of the first. They were able to break up passes and cause turnovers. They had some chances to put this away, but couldn't beat a stronger Glass team in the second half. Glass couldn't get things going early, but did great to rebound and make their own pressure. A lot of tenacity in the second helped them split the points.
Chris Wilson had a goal and 2 assists for Royal LePage. Brent Iler had 3 assists for Glass.

Source 4  Rockway 3
Great game by Rollie the goalie who stifled several good chances by Rockway. Ryan Austin was in high gear and Source has their first win of the season.

1st Period
S 951 - Austin: Hales, Hoshal
R 718 - Vandenneucker: Brooks
S 631 - Austin: Corbeil, Dion
R 413 - Sanders: Brooks

2nd Period
S 1300 - Behrens: Hales, Haggith
R 944 - Maerten: Brooks, Vandenneucker
S 335 - Corbeil: Haggith, Hoshal

Roloson 3GA
Parry 4GA

Game Notes : Ryan Austin started things for Source when he let a nice wrister go glove side. Jamie Vandenneucker tied it up for Rockway when he got through the defense and went low glove. Austin made it 2-1 when he found some room high blocker side with a wrist shot. Zach Sanders tied it up again with a wrist shot from the point. Andrew Behrens put Source ahead again when his slapper just squeaked over the line. Marty Maerten tied it again when he slapped in a pass out front. Chase Corbeil gave Source the final lead as he one-timed a shot from the dot.
Source came out with some energy in this one and actually had some solid chances all game and were able to hold off some pressure from Rockway. Rockway had some chances with a couple powerplays, but couldn't find the back of the net when they got close. Just ran out of time tonight.
Ryan Austin had 2 goals, Chase Corbeil, Ty Hoshal, Jesse Haggith and Jordan Hales had 2 points each for Source. Shawn Brooks had 3 assists for Rockway.

Royal LePage 8  Source 3
A good battle early on but Royal LePage eventually showed their strength. Several good saves by Mark Klyn.

1st Period
R 1513 - Wilson: Bull
R 1409 - Horner: Bull, Wilson
R 1155 - Koteles: Horner, Bull
R 1030 - Wilson: Horner, MacDonald
S 1010 - Corbeil: Behrens
S 342 - Austin

2nd Period
S 1602 - Austin: Dion, Hales
R 1320 - Bull: Horner
R 942 - Horner: Bull, Wilson
R 538 - MacDonald: Dehens, Koteles
R 403 - Bull: Wilson, Klyn

Klyn 3GA
Roloson 8GA

Game Notes : Chris Wilson started things early for Royal LePage when he scored off a turnover in close. Jamie Horner made it 2-0 when he slapped in a pass across the crease. Jason Koteles pushed it to 3-9 when he wristed a pass in the slot. Wilson made it 4-0 with a rebound in close. Chase Corbeil got Source on the board when he popped in the second rebound. Ryan Austin made it 4-2 when he wristed one from the faceoff dot. Austin made it 4-3 early in the second when he let a low wrister go from the top of the circle. Kurtis Bull made it 5-3 Royal LePage on a partial breakaway. Horner added his second of the night when he jammed in a rebound. Chris MacDonald made it 7-3 with a slapper from the point. Bull added a second one with a high wrist shot to close this one out.
Royal LePage came out strong in this one after having a slow offensive start after they came back. They had their speed and their snipers working all night. Source had some quality chances in this one and have a tenacity to keep going. That pressure will give them opportunities for sure.
Kurtis Bull had 2 goals and 4 assists, Chris Wilson and Jamie Horner each had 2 goals and 3 assists for Royal LePage. Ryan Austin had 2 goals for Source.


Glass 6   Rockway 1 
Lots of chances by Rockway but Jason Barham was solid in net

1st Period
G 331 - Underhill: Iler
R 028 - M. Maerten: Kennedy, Mulholland

2nd Period
G 1445 - Poredos
G 1138 - Kirby: Hackney
G 1023 - Kersten: Hughes, Kobayashi
G 250 - Poredos: Kersten, Kobayashi
G 225 - Underhill: Smale, Poredos

Barham 1GA
Parry 6GA

Game Notes : Kyle Underhill scored first for Glass when he let a slapper go that found its way through the 5-hole. Marty Maerten tied it up before the end of the 1st when he was able to get a rebound to go upstairs. Richard Poredos made it 2-1 Glass when he forced a turnover and let a low wrister go. Wade Kirby went end to end and wristed one home to make it 3-1 Glass. Blair Kersten made it 4-1 with a rebound from a bad angle. Poredos extended the lead to 5-1 on a cross slot pass. Underhill scored his second of the night just before curfew.
The first period was very even. Glass was able to pressure in the second as they took advantage of some rebounds and some turnovers. Rockway had some chances, but goalie Barham held the fort when called upon in this one.
Richard Poredos had a 3-point night for Glass. Marty Maerten had the lone marker for Rockway.



Goalie Performance Games G.A. Avg Shutouts
Jason Barham (Glass)
2 5 2.50 0
Mark Klyn (Royal LePage)
2 7 3.50 0
Rob Parry (Rockway)
2 10 5.00 0
Brent Roloson (Source)
2 11 5.50 0



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