Club Oxford Playoffs 2018

Things should heat up a little now

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A Semifinals

A Goalies

B Final

B Semifinals

B Goalies


Playoff overtime will be 3 on 3 for 10 minutes.
Ties remain after this.  No shootouts.  No point for an OT loss.

Minor penalties in the overtime will be reduced to one minute.
If a penalty is called the non-offending team adds a player. Penalized player remains in the box for 1 minute (minor penalty). When he comes out teams play 4 on 4 until a stoppage occurs, then we revert back to 3 on 3.
A series cannot be won on a tied game.


'A' Division Finals (6 -point series)

Agrospray vs Re/Max

Agrospray dominated the regular season series by winning 6 of the 9 games by a combined score of 57 to 32.  Re/Max will be well-advised to avoid playing wide-open hockey against this high-scoring team.  Agro will be 'shelling' Boogie so he will need some help from his D-men in clearing rebounds.  Re/Max should have some momentum after their semifinal series win over Fody's.  Agro has been idle for a couple of weeks so they may have some rust to skate off.

Re/Max was unable to sustain their momentum after a tough semi-final series. They were hampered by some injuries and illnesses and were outmatched by an Agrospray team that was firing on all cylinders.

  Won Lost G.F. G.A. Points
3 0 16 9 6
0 3 9 16 0

*Agrospray sweeps for the title.

 April 3       
 Agrospray 5     Re/Max 4    in overtime

1st Period
R 1207 - Davis: Stewart, Thorburn
A 1133 - VanKooten: Horvath, DeWachter
A 914 - French: Chute
A 743 - Chute: K. Jansen, Rohrer
R 204 - Heleniak: Thorburn, Sutherland

2nd Period
R 748 - Wight: Heleniak, Howey
A 459 - Horvath: Hietkamp, Moylan
R 321 - Sutherland

A 946 - Phillips: Horvath, Chute

Hilliard 4GA
Buchner 5GA

Game Notes : Jamie Davis opened things up for ReMax when he was able to score on a wraparound. Ryan VanKooten tied it with a wrist shot from the slot. Darrick French made it 2-1 Agro when he went bar down from in close. Evan Chute finished off a 2 on 1 to make it a two goal cushion for Agro. Matt Heleniak was able to cut the lead to 1 when he slapped home a drop pass from just inside the blue line. Matt Wight tied it up in the second when he connected on a 2 on 1. Travis Horvath, making his return to the lineup, was able to tip a point shot to give Agro the lead late, but Brady Sutherland answered back by going coast to coast to tie it up with 3 to go. This one went to overtime (a Re/Max special this post-season) but did not last long as Agro's Aaron Phillips took only 14 seconds to end it.
It took a few minutes for Agro to get their legs going after an extended layoff between rounds, but they regained their momentum. Re/Max was able to stay with them throughout the game and were not deterred by a 2-goal deficit at all. An even matchup with a lot speed on display. Going to be a good series.
Evan Chute and Travis Horvath had 3-point nights for Agro. Matt Heleniak, Joe Thorburn and Brady Sutherland had 2-point nights for Re/Max.

 April 8      
 Agrospray 6     Re/Max 4    

1st Period
R 1426 - Cronmiller
A 543 - Rohrer: K. Jansen, Davis
R 445 - Anderson: Wight, Balazs
A 058 - Rohrer: Chute, K. Jansen
A 014 - Chute: K. Jansen, Rohrer

2nd Period
A 607 - Chute: K. Jansen
R 506 - Balazs: McKibbin, Peacock
A 325 - S. Jansen: Koteles, Moylan
R 205 - Balazs: Wight, Howey
A 040 - Horvath (en)

Ostermaier 4GA
Buchner 5GA

Game Notes : Dylan Cronmiller opened things up when he stole a puck in close and found the back of the net. Brandon Rohrer tied it on a quick shot from point blank range. Spare Neil Anderson made it 2-1 ReMax when he was able to beat a diving goalie on a wide open net. Rohrer notched his second of the night when he converted a short pass in the slot. Evan Chute made it 3-2 Agro in the final seconds when he put one in off the cross bar. Chute notched his second when he was able to reach a loose puck in the crease. Scott Balazs got one back for ReMax by redirecting a point shot at the side of the net. Sean Jansen made it 5-3 Agro when he knocked in a bouncing puck. Balazs got his second when he was in alone and went backhand upstairs. Travis Horvath gave Agro an insurance marker into an empty net.
Kyle Jansen had a 4-point night, Brandon Rohrer and Evan Chute had 3 point nights for Agro. Scott Balazs had 3 points for ReMax.
This game was very close, you can never count ReMax out. The back and forth action made it a great game to watch. Sometimes an extra bounce one way or the other makes the difference. Agro did well to stifle any ReMax momentum. ReMax put up a good fight in spite of injuries to some of their top players.
Agro now leads the series 2 games to none.

 April 10      
 Agrospray 5     Re/Max 1 
1st Period
A 744 - Rohrer: Davis, K. Jansen
A 424 - S. Jansen: Koteles

2nd Period
A 1207 - K. Jansen, Davis
R 716 - Wight (pp): Lichtensteiger
A 222 - Chute (sh): K. Jansen
A 103 - French (en): VanKooten

Ostermaier 1GA
Buchner 4GA

Game Notes : Brandon Rohrer tipped one home midway through the first to get Agro on the board. Sean Jansen made it 2-0 when he went backhand upstairs. Kyle Jansen found a rebound in the crease to make it 3-0 Agro in the second. Matt Wight was able to stuff one in between the post and goalie on the powerplay to give ReMax some life. However, Evan Chute finished off a shorthanded chance as he went crossbar down to make it 4-1. Darrick French added a late empty better to seal this game for the sweep.
The first period of this game was incredible. It was fast with scoring chances and great saves at both ends. Agro had a ton of pressure that ReMax was able to work through. The second was along the same lines but Agro was able to capitalize on their chances. The shorthanded goal late was the one that took the wind out of ReMax' sails.
Kudos to Agro for finding balanced scoring as ReMax kept Travis off the game sheet. ReMax did well after losing a couple top guys to injury.
Kyle Jansen had a 3-point night, Jason Davis had a 2-point night for Agro.
Agro sweeps the series.


'A' Division Semifinals (6 -point series)

Fody's vs Re/Max

Although Re/Max finished lower in the standings they were the team that gave Fody's the most trouble, winning 5 of 9 meetings with one game stuck at a tie. Fody's did, however, outscore Re/Max 40 to 36, largely due to a 10-2 shellacking back in January. These teams both have a lot of offensive firepower. Team Fody has Devin Homick, Chris Sanders and Dave Matthews finishing 2,3 & 4 in regular season scoring. Re/Max counters with Kyle Belaen and Scott Balazs only a point behind (no credit for your 'goal' on Sunday, Kyle). Secondary scoring for Fody's will come from Brian Velthove and Spencer Meron while Re/Max will be counting on Joe Thorburn and Matt Wight.
Defensive zone coverage will be critical. D-men will be well advised to 'stay home' a little more in this series.
Fody's might have an edge in net with Hop finishing a goal and a half per game better than Boogie but the 'farmboy' has been known to get serious at playoff time.
This promises to be an exciting series that should go the distance.

  Won Lost Tied G.F. G.A. Points
3 2 1 19 24 7
2 3 1 24 19 5

*Re/Max wins series and advances to finals.

 Feb 28       
 Fody's 5     Re/Max 2

1st Period
F 1625 - Velthove: J. VanVelzer
R 1613 - Lichtensteiger: Heleniak, Wight
F 1540 - Meron: Velthove, J. VanVelzer
F 453 - Meron: Balcomb, J. VanVelzer

2nd Period
F 1552 - Thomson(pp): Verbruggen
R 559 - Vandepoele: Thorburn
F 415 - Meron: Sanders

Hopper 2GA
Buchner 5GA

Game Notes : Brian Velthove's point shot through traffic found the mesh to open things up for Fody's. Dom Lichtensteiger answered right back when he knocked one home from the door step. Spencer Meron restored the lead 30 seconds later when he lifted one over a defender. Meron added a second when when he was able to make a move and tuck one in on a breakaway to make it 3-1 Fody's. Adam Thomson scored on the power play with a floater that found net. Spare Adam Vandepoele made it 4-2 when he let a laser go as he stepped over the blue line. Meron notched his hat trick when he deflected one in from the crease.
This game was more of a battle than the score let on. The chances were fast and quick. This series will come down to who can carry the speed the best.
Spencer Meron had a hat trick and Josh VanVelzer had 3 assists for Fody's.

 Mar 11      
 Fody's 2    Re/Max 2      with overtime

1st Period
R 1556 - Heleniak
R 1249 - Heleniak: Howey, Balazs
F 133 - Velthove: Anderson, D. Homick

2nd Period
F 1058 - Sanders (pp): D. Homick

No Scoring

Turpin 2GA
Fallowfield 2GA

Game Notes : Matt Heleniak put Re/Max on the board early when he scored while cutting in front of the net. Heleniak scored again in one that looked to go off a defenceman's stick and in to make it 2-0. Brian Velthove cut the lead in half before the end of the first when he ripped one top corner. Chris Sanders tied it up on the powerplay on a one-timer from across the slot. Overtime solved nothing but was highly entertaining.
These two teams are proving to be quite even in the 'second season'. Re/Max was able to get on the board early and throw Fody's off their game a bit. Fody's had many chances, but just couldn't get any luck at the net. The overtime period was stellar. Both spare goalies, Riley Turpin and Matt Fallowfield, were unbeatable and made some great saves to keep this one tied.
Matt Heleniak had 2 goals for Re/Max and Devin Homick had two assist for Fody's.
Fody's leads the series 3 points to 1.

 Mar 14      
 Re/Max 6    Fody's 5         in overtime
1st Period
F 1744 - Velthove: D. Homick, Meron
R 1330 - McKibbin: Peacock, Thorburn
R 1222 - Balazs: Howey, Belaen
R 435 - Balazs: Howey, Jacko
F 005 - J. VanVelzer (pp): R. VanVelzer, D. Homick

2nd Period
R 1149 - Balazs: Heleniak, Belaen
R 1127 - Thorburn: Belaen, Heleniak
F 733 - Sanders: Meron
F 604 - R. VanVelzer: Sanders
F 156 - Meron (pp): Brooks, D. Homick

R 501 - Wight: Thorburn

Fallowfield 5GA
Hopper 6GA

Game Notes : Brian Velthove was quick to put Fody's on the board with a wrister on the blocker side. Josh McKibbin tied it up on a rocket from the point. Scott Balazs found his own rebound in the slot to make it 2-1 Re/Max. Balazs added his second on a clapper from the wing. Josh VanVelzer got one back in the dying seconds of the first on the power play to make it 3-2 Re/Max. Balazs notched the hatty midway through the second to extend the lead by 2 again. Joe Thorburn made it a 3-goal lead 20 seconds later. Chris Sanders let a wrister go from the high slot to make it 5-3. Rob VanVelzer made it 5-4 on a snap shot that found the net. Spencer Meron was able to tie it up when he tipped one in on the powerplay late in the second. In OT Matt Wight was sprung on a breakaway and tied this series up.
This has been a very well fought series. Extra time was needed, but only half of it. Re/Max benefited from the hot stick of Scott Balazs and their defence, while Fody's spread the scoring around a bit.
A little more chippy in this one, but that is bound to happen when the teams are playing it tight.
Scott Balazs had a hat trick for Re/Max. Spencer Meron and Devin Homick had 3-point nights for Fody's.
Series now tied at 3 points each.

 Mar 18      
 Re/Max 6    Fody's 5         in overtime

1st Period
F 1747 - Velthove: Meron, Homick
F 1038 - Thomson: Sanders, Matthews
F 952 - VanVelzer: Thomson, Sanders
F 435 - Matthews: Verbruggen, Sanders

2nd Period
F 1457 - Sanders: Thomson, Verbruggen
R 941 - Sutherland: Lichtensteiger, Wight
R 814 - Wight: Sutherland
R 307 - Wight: Lichtensteiger, Sutherland
R 034 - Wight: Sutherland, Thorburn
R 008 - Wight: Heleniak, Lichtensteiger

R 934 - Wight: Lichtensteiger

Buchner 5GA
Hopper 6GA

Game Notes : Brian Velthove didn't even let the ice dry before he made it 1-0 Fody's. Adam Thomson found himself alone in front to notch the 2-0 goal. Rob VanVelzer launched a point shot that found the back of the net. Dave Matthews finished off a cross crease pass to make it 4-0 at the end of 1. Chris Sanders made it 5-0 when he was able to backhand a rebound into the cage. Brady Sutherland got Re/Max on the board when he placed a rebound high over Hop's shoulder. Matt Wight made it 5-2 shortly after on a rush. Wight notched his second of the night on a slapper to make it 5-3 on the powerplay. Wight kept the momentum rolling with 2 goals in the last 34 seconds to send this one to overtime. It took only 26 seconds for Wight to cap off the epic comeback for Re/Max.
Fody's looked to be walking away with this one with a 5-0 lead. Coach Stewart was able to focus his guys and really focus Matt Wight for the last 10 minutes and kept plugging away.
The MONSTER 6-point perfomance by Matt Wight has raised a few eyebrows within the CODTC (Club Oxford Drug Testing Committee). Chris Sanders had 4 points for Fody's.
Re/Max leads the series 5 points to 3.

 Mar 25      
 Fody's 6    Re/Max 1
1st Period
F 1718 - Sanders: Thomson, J. VanVelzer
F 1006 - Homick: Velthove
R 636 - Wight: Mueller

2nd Period
F 1255 - Sanders: J. VanVelzer
F 1220 - Velthove: Homick, Meron
F 603 - Homick
F 225 - Homick (4on4): J. VanVelzer, Fody

Hopper 1GA
Buchner 6GA

Game Notes : Chris Sanders opened things up when he was able to tuck one in on a sliding goalie. Devin Homick made it 2-0 Fody's on a 2 on 1 midway through the frame. Matt Wight was able to walk through the D and let a wrister go to cut the lead to 2-1. Sanders notched his second of the night on a wraparound. Brian Velthove was able to finish of a 2 on 1 to make it 4-1. Homick was able to collect his hat trick with 2 more goals in the later stages of the period.
The first period was close and both teams were playing it safe. Fody's was able to open it up in the second and protect the lead. A short bench and some big pressure held Re/Max off the board for the most part. Game 6 will be a solid game. Devin Homick had a hat trick and 4 points for Fody's. A good 'rebounder' from Hop.
Series now tied at 5 points each.

 Mar 28 
 Re/Max 2    Fody's 1

1st Period
R 1300 - Heleniak: Wight, Brooks

2nd Period
F 1226 - Propper: Clergy
R 115 - Brooks (pp): Davis

Buchner 1GA
Hopper 2GA

Game Notes : Matt Heleniak notched the sole marker of the first period from the point on the powerplay. Nick Propper tied it early on in the second. Tyler Brooks notched the game winner late in the second and ReMax was able to hold off the Fody pressure to advance to the A Final.
A solid game by both teams. They each countered the other all game. ReMax was able to keep Fody's usual scorers at bay while still getting their chances. Fody's had pressure and were close to forcing OT, but couldn't get past the defence of ReMax. A bit of a surprise on the winner in this series, but ReMax never gave up, the 5-goal comeback game made Fody's play a different game than they were used to.
ReMax wins series 7 points to 5.


Agrospray vs Verne's 

Over the regular season Agro won 5 of the 9 meetings and one game was left at a deadlock. Agro outscored Verne's by a total of 45 to 31. For Verne's to be successful they will have to take away time and space from "Bronco" Horvath who ran away with the regular-season scoring title. Jordan Bruckler and Kyle Jansen have had really good seasons as well. Verne's will lean on the the VanWyk brothers and the Smith brothers to lead them to the promised land. Both teams have a very mobile defence who will get involved in the attack but somebody better be back-checking. Verne's may have a slight edge in goaltending just due to the fact that Ostie has missed half the season. Secondary scoring might be the deciding factor. Look for one of the '3rd liners' to have a big series.

Not sure if he's a "3rd-liner" but one heck of a series from Chris Koteles who took the weight off of Travis Horvath. Verne's kept a close watch on Horvath but some others stepped up as required at playoff time. Josh DeWachter had the critical OT goal in game 1, Darrick French scored 3 in the series, Kyle Jansen had a monster 4-point night in the closeout, the D-men were doing their jobs and Taylor Ostermaier wasn't too shabby in net.

  Won Lost G.F. G.A. Points
Agrospray 3 1 17 13 6
Verne's 1 3 13 17 2

*Agrospray wins series and advances to finals.

 Feb 28       
 Agrospray 3     Verne's 2     in overtime

1st Period
A 356 - Horvath: VanQuaethem, S. Jansen
V 259 - Brooks: K. Smith, Martin
A 149 - VanQuaethem: Koteles, Horvath

2nd Period
V 755 - Jones: D. VanWyk

A 820 - DeWachter: Phillips

Ostermaier 2GA
Hilliard 3GA

Game Notes : Travis Horvath opened things up late in the first when he was finally able to put a rebound in after Agro had many chances. Spare Tyler Brooks was able to tie it up for Verne's with a shot through traffic shortly after. Spare Joe VanQuaethem put Agro back on top before the end of the first when he knocked in a loose puck. Kyle Jones tied it up with the only goal of the second that just popped out of the goalie's glove and over the line. In overtime, Josh DeWachter came through with a quick shot in close, in what was a fast-paced extra frame.
These teams are very evenly matched and play with a similar edge. Going to be a great series as long as it doesn't get too chippy.
Travis Horvath and Joe VanQuaethem had 2 points each for Agro.

 Mar 11      
 Verne's 5    Agrospray 3

1st Period
A 1618 - French
A 648 - French: J. Bruckler, R. Bruckler
V 144 - VanYmeren: Devlin, Anderson

2nd Period
V 1746 - Schafer: Prouse, Sweetland
V 1039 - Black: C. Smith, K. Smith
V 310 - VanYmeren: Anderson, Swick
A 259 - Rohrer: Moylan
V 022 - VanYmeren (en): Devlin

Hilliard 3GA
Ostermaier 4GA

Game Notes : Darrick French started things off for Agro when he picked off a clearing attempt and was able to roof it quickly. French made it 2-0 when he was able to put in a rebound after a high hard shot on Hilliard. Kelsey VanYmeren cut the lead to 2-1 when he was able to snap one home from the slot. Stephen Schafer tied things up early in period 2 when he was able to tuck one in under the goalie. Spare Ryan Black gave Verne's the lead when he helped a Craig Smith shot across the goal line. VanYmeren wristed a drop pass home for his second of the night to make it 4-2. Brandon Rohrer let a slow one go from the slot that fooled the goalie. VanYmeren scored into an empty net to close this one with a hat trick.
A lot of regulars out of the lineup tonight for both teams, but it was a very even game. Verne's did well to stay in the game with a 2-goal deficit early on. They were able to keep the offensive pressure going throughout the second. Agro had some chances, but had issues getting around the Verne's defence. Game 3 will be a battle for sure.
Kelsey VanYmeren had a hat trick for Verne's. Darrick French had a pair for Agro.
Series tied 1-1

 Mar 14     

 Agrospray 6      Verne's 3

1st Period
A 1530 - DeWachter: Peacock
A 1357 - Koteles: S. Jansen
V 903 - Sweetland: Devos, Hansen
V 710 - VanYmeren: Martin, Prouse
A 234 - Peacock: Bruckler, Chute

2nd Period
A 1055 - Koteles: S. Jansen
V 849 - VanYmeren (pp): K. Smith
A 621 - French: Chute
A 046 - Jim Davis

Ostermaier 3GA
Hilliard 6GA

Game Notes : Josh DeWachter started things off for Agro when he finished off a 2-on-1. Chris Koteles made it 2-0 when his roofed shot knocked the water bottle off. Matt Sweetland made it 2-1 when he used the backhand on a breakaway. Kelsey VanYmeren tied it up with a goal that just squeaked over the line. Spare Nate Peacock out Agro back on top with a slapper from the circle. Koteles notched his second of the night to make it a 2-goal lead. VanYmeren put his second on the board with a powerplay goal to make it close again. Darrick French answered back quick and Spare Jim Davis sealed it on a late powerplay for the Agro win.
Agro took advantage of all their chances and had 5 different goal scorers. Verne's was caught a little flat-footed, but have hope as VanYmeren has a hot stick.
Chris Koteles had a 2-goal night for Agro. Kelsey VanYmeren had the same for Verne's.
Agro now leads 2 games to 1.

 Mar 18    
 Agrospray 5     Verne's 3

1st Period
A 1137 - VanKooten: K. Jansen
A 615 - Davis: Phillips, K. Jansen
A 554 - K. Jansen: Rohrer
A 035 - Koteles: S. Jansen

2nd Period
A 1641 - K. Jansen: Davis, Morrell
V 1419 - Sweetland
V 1031 - Furlong: R. Bruckler
V 855 - A. VanWyk: D. VanWyk, Jones

Ostermaier 3GA
Hilliard 5GA

Game Notes : Ryan VanKooten was able to notch one from the spot to give Agro the 1-0 lead. Jason Davis made it 2-0 on a point shot that weaved through traffic. Kyle Jansen made it 3-0 when he raced in on a breakaway. Chris Koteles was able to extend the lead to 4 in the last minute of the first. Kyle Jansen tipped his second of the night home and make it 5-0. Verne's got back into it when Matt Sweetland was able to bat one in from in close. Cody Furlong ripped a wrist shot home to make 5-2. Andrew VanWyk cut the lead to 2 when he poked one home from a scramble out front. That was it for the comeback though.
Agro came out flying in the first and caught Verne's flat footed. Verne's made an effort in the second but were not able to muster enough offence.
Kyle Jansen had 4-points for Agro
Agro wins the series 6 points to 2 and advances to the finals.


Goalie Performance Games G.A. Avg Shutouts
Taylor Ostermaier (Agro)
6 17 2.83 0
Shawn Hopper (Fody's)
5 17 3.40 0
Jesse Hilliard (Verne's)
4 17 4.25 0
Greg Buchner (Re/Max)
7 31 4.43 0
Riley Turpin (spare)
1 2 2.00 0
Matt Fallowfield (spare)
2 7 3.50 0


Spencer Meron (Fody's) Feb 28
Kelsey VanYmeren (Verne's) March 11
Scott Balazs (Re/Max) March 14
Matt Wight (Re/Max) March 18
Devin Homick (Fody's) March 25







'B' Division Finals (6 -point series)

Airmount vs Copper Mug

Airmount has dominated the regular season by winning 6 of the 9 meetings by a combined score of 44 to 35.  However (there's always a 'however' at playoff time) the last 2 times these teams met resulted in a 3-3 tie and a 6-3 win for Copper Mug. Those are the games the Muggers need to recall. Robert Nant has been very strong in net for Airmount. Matt Keba will need to play like he did in his last 2 games. Both teams are getting scoring from a variety of sources so this should be a good series.

For the second yearin a row the 4th place team has managed to peak at the right time and go all the way. The bookies had them at 50 to 1 odds for the 'Cup' but a determined Mug team worked their way through some tough opposition to prove the experts wrong.

  Won Lost G.F. G.A. Points
Copper Mug 3 1 15 10 6


1 3 10 15 2


*Copper Mug wins series and the 'title belt'

 Wed Mar 28      
 Airmount 4     Copper Mug 2 

1st Period
A 1734 - Koteles: Buchner
A1029 - Koteles (pp): Russell, Bain
A 901 - Buchner: Evanitski, C. Stubbs

2nd Period
A 1712 - Wallace: J. Stubbs, Colfax
C 1252 - Thomsen: Zylstra, Smale
C 206 - DeBlaire

Nant 2GA
Keba 4GA

Game Notes : Jason Koteles opened things up for Airmount quick when he was able to lift one over a crouching goalie. Koteles notched his second of the night on the powerplay when he completed the 'go' of a 'give and go'. Spare Derek Buchner made it 3-0 Airmount on a point shot through traffic. Jayme Wallace extended it to 4-0 on a shot from the high slot that just evaded the netminder. Nic Thomsen finally gave Mug some energy when he scored on a low shot from the circle. Stephen DeBlaire made it 4-2 with a laser from the penalty box area that somehow found the back of the net. That was as close as this one would get though.
Airmount came out fast with their one game off rest and were able to play a simple but effective game. Mug can build on the second period where they got into the groove and countered Airmount fairly well. Jason Koteles and Derek Buchner had 2-point nights for Airmount.
Airmount leads series 1-0.

 *Tuesday April 3      
  Copper Mug 5     Airmount 1

1st Period
C 1230 - Zylstra: Harden, Alton
A 1038 - C. Stubbs: Ronson
C 456 - Harden: Alton, McCurdy
C 005 - Alton: Zylstra, Schmeltz

2nd Period
C 651 - Harden(pp): Mulholland, Smale
C 116 - Spitzke: Kersten, Smale

Schmeltz 1GA
Nant 5GA

Game Notes : Tyler Zylstra scored first for Mug as they were able to sustain pressure in deep. Clayton Stubbs tied it on a low one from the circle. JJ Harden ripped a wrist shot on a rush to make it 2-1. Zach Alton was able to outmuscle the Airmount D-men in the final second of the first to get to the puck and score with 5 seconds left. Harden notched his second of the night on the powerplay to make it 4-1 Mug. Jordan Spitzke added a late one on a partial breakaway to finish it at 5-1.
Mug came out with speed and had some bounces go their way. Schmeltzy was able to keep Airmount at bay in the first to help keep the pressure in the other zone. Airmount will try to bounce back on Sunday. They did well to kill off a long 2-man disadvantage.
JJ Harden and Zach Alton had 3-point nights for Mug.
Series is now tied.

 Sun Apr 8 
 Copper Mug 4     Airmount 3     in overtime     

1st Period
C 1651 - Alton: Zylstra, Harden
A 814 - Wallace

2nd Period
A 1750 - Wilson: J. Stubbs
C 1448 - Spitzke
C 1420 - Walker: Harden
A 901 - Bain: Koteles, Bull

C 1710 - Alton

Keba 3GA
Schmetlz 4GA

Zach Alton scored early on a wrist shot low blocker side. Jayme Wallace forced a turnover at the blue line and walked in to tie it. Cody Wilson gave Airmount the lead after his shot deflected off a stick and went up and over the goaltender. Jordan Spitzke tied it again for Mug when he was able to walk in and grab his own rebound. Spare Chris Walker made it 3-2 Mug when his point shot made it through a maze of legs. Tyler Bain found a loose puck at the side of the net and flipped it up and over the sprawling goaltender. We were headed to overtime. After killing off 35 seconds left on a penalty, Alton was able to notch his second of the night with a similar goal to his first to give Mug the win.
Zach Alton and JJ Harden had 2 points each for Mug.
Both teams are playing smarter hockey and are being careful with their adventures. There is an edge of playoff hockey that both teams are walking on, it makes for some fun hockey. While Mug played their game and plugged away, Airmount seemed a bit clunky in certain times of the game. I would not count them out of this series. Mug is trying to match Airmount from last year, 4th place to Champs.
Mug leads 2 games to 1.

 *Tuesday April 11
 Copper Mug 4     Airmount 2

1st Period
A 1528 - Mudford (pp): VanKastetren, Young
C 1020 - Harden: Zylstra
C 524 - Zylstra: Harden, Alton

2nd Period
C 1255 - DeBlaire: Spitzke, Dion
C 1148 - Zylstra: Kersten, Spitzke
A 022 - Colfax (6 on 5) VanKasteren, Hare

Keba 2GA
Schmeltz 4GA

Game Notes : Spare Scott Mudford opened things up on the powerplay with a high shot from the wing. JJ Harden tied it up on a tip to make it 1-1. Tyler Zylstra made it 2-1 Mug when he found a rebound in close and buried it. Stephen DeBlaire made it 3-1 when he was alone at the side of the net and winged it home. Zylstra added his second of the night when he found a rebound in the slot. Cody Colfax made it 4-2 late in the game, but that was as close this one would get.
Mug came out with speed and a tough forecheck early in this one which set Airmount on their heels. Mug had some penalty trouble all game, but Airmount only scored one with the man advantage. I see a trend of fourth place teams becoming champs as Airmount did it last year.
Tyler Zylstra had 3-point and Jordan Spitzke and JJ Harden had 2-pointers for Mug. Chris VanKasteren had 2 assists for Airmount.
Copper Mug wins the title 3 games to 1



'B' Division Semifinals (6 -point series)

My Realty vs Copper Mug

My Realty has dominated the regular season by winning 8 of the 9 meetings by a combined score of 42 to 31.  If the Muggers can rekindle the effort they came up with in their last regular-season game, then this series might prove to be interesting. The Mug team has suffered through a rebuilding season but will be 'loose' in the playoffs. They are not expected to win which may give them the psychological advantage. My Realty has 4 scorers in the top 10 with Adam Jensen, Laura Neu, Ryan Parry and the always amazing Alex Visscher. The Muggers will be relying on Josh Mulholland, Jordan Spitzke, Zach Alton, JJ Harden and Dustin McElhinney.
Could be over quick or it might be an "Airmount Special".

Not exactly an "Airmount Special" but no less shocking. After losing 8 of 9 regular-season meetings the Muggers manage to win 3 of 5 playoff contests. It was a 'dark and gloomy' night on the 18th, when they were soundly beaten 10-4, but the team responded with a couple of strong defensive performances to frustrate the Realty boys.

  Won Lost G.F. G.A. Points

Copper Mug

3 2 17 19 6
My Realty 2 3 19 17 4

*Copper Mug wins series and advances to finals vs Airmount.

 Mar 7      
 My Realty 5     Mug 4
1st Period
M 1549 - Gehring: Coldham, Gignac
M 946 - Jensen: Neu
C 936 - A. Davis: Harden
M 105 - Kirby: Jensen
C 004 - Thomsen: Nevill, Alton

2nd Period
M 1633 - Rockx (pp): Neu
M 1544 - Jensen: MacDonald
C 1355 - A. Davis: Harden, DeBlaire
C 931 - Zylstra (4 on 4): A. Davis

Klyn 4GA
Keba 5GA

Game Notes : Matt Gehring popped in a rebound to put My Realty on the board early in this one. Adam Jensen made it 2-0 when he found a gap between goalie and post from behind the net. Spare Andrew Davis cut that lead 10 seconds later with a rush off the face off. Wade Kirby made it 3-1 when he found the puck at the edge of the crease and got it to the back of the net. Nic Thomsen made it 3-2 when he was able to one-time a rebound in the dying seconds of the first. Spare James Rockx made it 4-2 when his long shot deflected off a defender and found the roof of the net. Jensen made it 5-2 when he was able to go post-in on solo rush. Davis notched his second of the night when he let a laser wrist shot go through traffic. Tyler Zylstra one-timed one home on a 4-on-4 to make it a one-goal game.
Despite a lot of late pressure, My Realty was able to keep Mug at bay to take Game 1. This series looks to be a lot closer than the standings let on. Speed and bench management will be key for Mug. Key secondary scoring will come in handy for My Realty.
Adam Jensen had 2G and 1A for My Realty. Spare Andrew Davis had the same for Mug.

 Mar 11      
 Mug 3    My Realty 1

1st Period
C 1548 - Alton: Zylstra, Harden
M 400 - Gignac: Gehring, MacDonald
C 337 - Harden: Zylstra, Smale

2nd Period
C 034 - Alton (en)

Keba 1GA
Klyn 2GA

Game Notes : Zach Alton gave Mug an early lead when his fanned shot was able to elude the goalie. Steve Gignac tied it up when he was able to backhand one home from the slot. JJ Harden answered back 24 seconds later when he let a wicked wrister go on a rush. The rest of the game was back and forth until Alton notched the empty netter for his second of the night.
A very solid game by both teams. Mug is showing that there is a season 2 in Club O. My Realty is not used to getting snakebit on the score sheet, but they have the potential to breakout at any time. Alton, Zylstra and Harden each had 2 points for Mug.
Series is now tied 1-1.

 Mar 18     
 My Realty 10     Mug 4

1st Period
M 1654 - Neu: Gehring, Jensen
M 1305 - Jensen: Neu
C 1118 - Thomsen: Nevill, McElhinney
M 913 - Jensen
M 757 - Neu: Jensen, Gehring
M 414 - Jensen (5-on-3): Neu, MacDonald
C 144 - Harden (pp): Alton, Zylstra

2nd Period
M 1542 - Gignac, Visscher
M 1158 - Kirby (pp): Neu, Pettinger
C 637 - McCurdy: Mulholland
M 557 - MacDonald: Oud, Kirby
M 502 - Kirby (pp): Binder, Mels
M 430 - Gehring: Pettinger
C 342 - Thomsen: Smale

Klyn 4GA
Keba 10GA

Game Notes : Laura Neu got things started with with a quick goal just over a minute in for My Realty. Adam Jensen made it 2-0 on a 2-on-1. Nic Thomsen cut the lead in half when he was able to sneak a backhander between goalie and post. Jensen added his second of the night on a turnover in close. Neu added her second of the night with a shot that dropped in over the goalie. Jensen notched the had trick when on a 2-man advantage. JJ Harden was able to get one back before the end of the period on a high wrister on the powerplay. Steve Gignac made it 6-2 when he found a rebound in the crease. Wade Kirby was able to convert a pass in front on the power play to make it 7-2. Ryan McCurdy made it 7-3 with a point shot on the power play. Nick MacDonald restored the cushion with a point shot. Kirby then added his second power play goal to make it 9-3. Matt Gehring made it 10-3 late in the period. Thomsen was able to add his second of the night to finish this one 10-4.
My Realty came out on fire in this one. Able to pressure Mug from the get go. Mug got a little frazzled and had some penalty trouble, but the chances just weren't there tonight.
Adam Jensen had a hat trick as he and Laura Neu each had 5 point nights. Nic Thomsen had 2 goals for Mug.
My Realty leads series 2-1.

 Mar 21    
 Mug 3    My Realty 1      to tie series

1st Period
C 1509 - Zylstra (pp): Savage, Aspen
C 055 - Spitzke: McElhinney, Aspen

2nd Period
C 1530 - DeBlaire (pp): Savage, McCurdy
M - 1114 - Neu: Pettinger

Keba 1GA
Epp 3GA

Game Notes: Tyler Zylstra made it 1-0 early in this one when he scored from the slot on the power play. Jordan Spitzke made it 2-0 late in the period when he notched one from the side of the net. Stephen DeBlaire made it 3-0 on the power play in the second when he let one rip from the point. Laura Neu was able to put My Realty on the board when she went upstairs on a breakaway. That was as close as it got in this one.
Mug came out hard in this do or die game. They took advantage of their power plays while My Realty was snake bit. Goalie Keba had a strong game for Mug and they were able to focus on the W. My Realty is far from out as they bounced back hard after the other loss in this series. Should be a good game on Sunday.
Spares Kyle Savage and Brandon Aspen each had 2 helpers for Mug.
Series tied at 2 games each.

 Mar 25  
 Mug 3    My Realty 2      to win series

1st Period
C 236 - Kersten: Spitzke, Dion

2nd Period
C 1450 - Neville: Thomsen, Smale
M 704 - VanKasteren: Neu
C 416 - Spitzke: Smale
M 030 - Gehring

Keba 2GA
Klyn 3GA

Game Notes : Blair Kersten opened things up late in the first when he finished off a 2 on 1. Don Nevill was able to backhand one from the slot to give Mug a 2-0 lead. Spare Chris VanKasteren put one in from close range to make it 2-1. Jordan Spitzke tipped in a hard point shot to make it 3-1 Mug. Matt Gehring gave some hope in making it 3-2 late in the game with a high wrister, but Mug held off the pressure to take the series.
The first period was a chess match where no one wanted to make a mistake. Tempers flared and the penalty boxes were full. Mug managed to score first and build on that momentum. My Realty had 2 goals in 10 seconds called back, but never gave up. Leading scorer Adam Jensen was missing for My Realty. The Muggers played really well to make up for a disappointing regular season.
Spitzke and Smale had 2 points each for Mug.
Mug wins series 3 games to 2.



Airmount vs Glass

These teams were extremely close in regular-season combat.  A slight edge to Airmount who won 5 of 9 matches but keep in mind that 2 of these went to overtime. Scoring was very even with only a 36-33 edge to Airmount who rely heavily on Clayton Stubbs, Cody Colfax, and Jayme Wallace. Brett Ronson, Denis Lenane and Josh Stubbs help fill out the scoresheets. The Glass will respond with title-holder Kurtis Burton, Brett Ferguson and Jamie Haines. Secondary scoring will come from Marty Maerten, Cory Smith and a player to be named (who wants to be the hero?)
Goaltending is very even. Can the Orpen-man rekindle some of his old glory? Can Robert Nant duplicate his perfornance from last year? These questions - and many others - will be answered in the weeks to come. Stay tuned.

Airmount seemed to have the hustle for most of this series. The only game that the Glass scored in the 1st period was the lone game that they won. Robert Nant finished wih a tiday 2.25 and Airmount got scoring from many different sources.

  Won Lost G.F. G.A. Points


3 1 16 9 6
Glass 1 3 9 16 2

*Airmount wins series and advances to finals vs Copper Mug.

 Mar 7      
 Airmount 6     Glass 1

1st Period
A 1343 - Savage: Ronson
A 1136 - C. Stubbs (pp): Hare, J. Stubbs
A 509 - Colfax.: Savage, Wallace

2nd Period
A 958 - Savage (sh)
G 905 - Ferguson: Gignac, Haines
A 704 - Savage (pp): Colfax, Wallace
A 207 - Wallace: Bull

Nant 1GA
Orpen 6GA

Game Notes : Spare Kyle Savage scored first for Airmount with a high wrister. Clayton Stubbs made it 2-0 on the power play when he let a snap shot go from the circle. Cody Colfax made it 3-0 when he finished off a 2-on-1 in the later stages of the period. Savage made it 4-0 when he was able to get a partial short-handed break. Brett Ferguson was able to get one past Nant with a backhand to break the shutout. Savage notched the hat trick with a power play goal on a low shot to the corner. Jayme Wallace added one late to seal this one up for Airmount.
Robert Nant picked up where he left off in last year's playoff with a stellar performance. Airmount had the psychological advantage in Game 1. Glass missed a big chance when they failed to score on a long 2-man advantage. In a game where chances seemed even, Airmount took advantage of their special teams. Glass will be sure to bounce back as their top line finds a way around the Airmount defence.

 Mar 11      
 Airmount 5    Glass 2

1st Period
A 1443 - Koteles
A 1317 - Wilson (pp): Colfax, Young
A 551 - Ronson: C. Stubbs

2nd Period
A 1703 - Wallace (penalty shot)
G 1139 - Gignac: T. Sergeant, Kleinau
G 511 - Smith: Ferguson
A 420 - Lenane (sh)

Nant 2GA
Orpen 5GA

Game Notes : Jason Koteles was able to steal the puck in close and find the back of the net to give Airmount the early lead. Cody Wilson made it 2-0 on the power play when he slipped one just inside the post. Brett Ronson made it 3-0 before the end of the first when he was able to roof one from the circle. Jayme Wallace was able to cash in on a penalty shot by going high over a poke-checking Orpie. Adam Gignac gave Glass some life when he one-timed a drop pass from the high slot. Cory Smith made 4-2 on delayed penalty with traffic in front. Denis Lenane scored shorthanded from behind his own net on one that was reminiscent of Leafs great netminder Vesa Toskala. That would be the final score of 5-2.
Robert Nant is the difference in this series. Glass had chances and just couldn't beat him. Airmount has a slight edge in speed and it's helping them keep pressure all game. Balanced scoring is also helping keep things on the winning side for Airmount. Game 3 should be good as Glass looks to find a way to stave off elimination.
8 different players had points for Airmount.
Airmount leads series 2-0.

 Mar 18     
 Glass 4   Airmount 2   

1st Period
G 846 - T. Sergeant: Kleinau
G 046 - T. Haggith: J. Sergeant

2nd Period
G 1654 - Burton: Ferguson
A 1405 - Colfax: Wilson, Wallace
A 1155 - Koteles: Bain
G 149 - Ferguson: J. Sergeant, Haines

Orpen 2GA
Nant 4GA

Game Notes : Tyler Sergeant scored midway through the first on a partial breakaway to give Glass a 1-0 lead. Tory Haggith let a wrist shot go from the point that eluded the goalie to make it 2-0 before the end of the period. Kurtis Burton made it 3-0 early in the second on a quick snapshot. Cody Colfax made no mistake on a 2-on-1 to make 3-1. Jason Koteles was able to bat in a rebound to cut the lead to 1. Brett Ferguson was able to out wait the goalie to notch the insurance marker with time running out.
Glass was on top of Airmount early and often. A strong forecheck forced a lot of plays into the Glassmen's favour. Airmount settled down in the second and made it interesting. Airmount's 8 game playoff win streak was snapped.
Brett Ferguson and John Sergeant had 2 points each for Glass.
Airmount leads 2-1.

 Mar 21    
 Airmount 3   Glass 2    for the series win

1st Period
A 1403 - Wallace

2nd Period
A 1036 - Colfax: Wilson
G 731 - Burton (pp): Kleinau
G 649 - Anderson: Gignac, T. Haggith
A 241 - Bull: Bain, Koteles

Nant 2GA
Orpen 3GA

Game Notes : Jayme Wallace had the lone goal of the opening frame for Airmount on one that bounced around the crease. Cody Colfax made it 2-0 when he was able to walk around a couple defenders and tuck one home. Kurtis Burton made it 2-1 on the powerplay when he knocked in one that caromed off the end boards. Nick Anderson was able to wrist one in while falling down to make it 2-2 shortly after. Kurtis Bull netted a backhander upstairs to give Airmount the late lead which is how this one ended.
This one was a close one as neither team wanted to make a mistake. Airmount was able to fend off a few Glass power plays in the first. Airmount was able to frustrate Glass and get them off their game a bit. Glass made a great effort to tie it up and almost did it again in the dying seconds.
Balanced scoring was key in this game as both teams needed to find a new approach to win.
Airmount wins series 3 games to 1.


 Kyle Savage (spare) March 7
 Adam Jensen (My Realty) March 20



Goalie Performance Games G.A. Avg Shutouts
Robert Nant (Airmount)
6 16 2.67 0
Mark Klyn (Eichenberg's)
4 13 3.25 0
 Matt Keba (Mug)
8 28 3.50 0
 Sean Orpen (Glass)
4 16 4.00 0
Mike Schmeltz (spare)
3 9 3.00 0
Jon Epp (spare)
1 3 3.00 0