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     Player Responsibility


  1. Players must be 19 years of age during the current season.

  2. Players who were in Club Oxford the previous year, will be assured of placement the following year, provided they meet registration deadlines. This excludes goaltenders.

  3.  All participants must complete and sign the registration/waver form.


  1. Players not drafted and those who choose not to play full-time will be placed on a reserve list to fill in for absent players and may play up to a maximum of 9 games for each team in their division. This game limit may be altered during the season depending on availability of spares. Spares must have played a minimum of 3 regular-season games in order to be eligible for the playoffs. During playoffs spares may only play once for each team in their division. Players MAY NOT play oudside of their division during Covid.

  2. Players new to the league are sometimes placed on the spare lists for both divisions until the player can be evaluated. Input from coaches is appreciated.

  3. If a team loses a player due to injury or poor attendance, a spare will be selected to fill in on a full- time basis. All coaches in the division will be consulted before a decision is made. Every effort will be made to fill rosters within a reasonable time. Rosters should be full prior to playoffs.

  4. Spares must make themselves equally available to all teams. Spares who agree to play and do not show up for their games will be deleted from the list. Coaches should notify the convener regarding any problems with spares.

  5. The spare list will be finalized by February 1st. No additions to the list will occur after this date unless there are special circumstances that the majority of the coaches agree to.  

FINANCES (also see fines)                                                                                                                       

  1. Each full-time player must pay a $150.00 registration fee.

    The following is not applicable during Covid ( Players can fundraise to recover $
    20 of their registration. Thereafter the cost will be $10 per game. Each team will pay $130 per game. Any additional game-fee money shall be the property of the team kitty.)

  2. If a player fails to notify his coach before a game that he will be absent, the team should be collecting the fee for the missed game and putting the money in the team kitty.

  3. Spare-list players are not required to pay a registration fee, just the game fee.



  1. Players (including spares) must let their coaches know if they will be missing a game. Please try to give your coach at least 24 hours notice. If you can't play realize that there are players on the spare list that would like to. Notifying your coach allows him to keep the lineup organized and also keeps the team finances strong.

  2. Players are expected to assist their coaches in team duties.

  3. Players who miss a total of 3 games or more without contacting their coach may be dropped from the roster at the team's request and replaced by a spare who wishes to play full-time. Use the telephone!  Any player who quits his team without just cause will re-enter the league on the sparelist the following season.

  4. A player may be notified at any time by the convener that he must pay a $50 bond for bad behaviour on the premises of any Club Oxford function. This bond shall be returned provided the player's behaviour is acceptable for the remainder of the season.

  5. a] To be eligible for any team awards, a player must have played in at least 50% of the regular season games. b]  For individual awards (except top scorer), a player must have participated in 66% of the regular season or playoff  games (whichever applies).



  1. The coach should do his best to keep his team organized. This does not mean the coach should be doing all the work. The coach should delegate some of the responsibilities to teammates. Jobs such as picking up and returning sweaters, entering changes on gamesheets, collecting game fees, providing team refreshments, filling water bottles, creating game lineups, providing warm-up pucks, and calling spares can be shared responsibilities. You are not expected to be the team babysitter !!!
  2. Coaches should encourage their players to behave responsibly and show respect for the requests of arena personnel. Notify the convener of any persistent problems.
  3. Complaints about officiating do nothing but create an unsportsmanlike atmosphere. Did you really lose the game because of the referees? Remind your team that everyone makes the playoffs.
  4. Players are entitled to their fair share of ice time. Use good judgement. A special powerplay unit is not necessary when you have a 5-goal lead. 
  5. Provide spares with team-coloured socks, if possible.  (old ones from last year?)



  1. Games are governed by C.A.H.A. rules, however, Club Oxford has some of it’s own :

a.   Being an N.B.C. league, body checking is not allowed. Players should expect, however, some minimal body contact in the normal course of the game. Overly-aggressive, intentional contact that produces an injury may result in a major penalty, game expulsion and possible suspension. 

b.  Club Oxford uses a "low tolerance" hooking rule. Stick-on-stick is permitted. Tugging on the body will result in a minor penalty.

c.  There is no limit on stick curve.

d.  During playoffs each team will be allowed one 30 second time-out.

  1. Players ejected from their game must not walk across towards the other team's dressing room for purposes of confrontation. This may result in a suspension and possible fine.

  2. Players must not enter the dressing room of another team for purposes of confrontation. This will result in a fine and suspension

  3. Club Oxford accepts no responsibility for any injuries incurred during any Club Oxford game or function. The league is not responsible for personal articles that are damaged or stolen at any Club Oxford event.

*NEW for 2020 "A player dropping his gloves for purposes of confrontation shall be ejected from the game"
NO FIGHTING CAN BE TOLERATED DURING COVID. If a player persists or is in any way uncooperative, the player subjects himself to suspension.


  1. All fines shall be paid in full before the player's next eligible game; regardless of the interim time elapsed. Individual players are responsible for paying their own fines.
  2. A player receiving his 3rd minor penalty in a game will be sent immediately to the dressing room for the remainder of that game at the referee's discretion. If sent off his team will be required to place a substitute (from bench or ice) in the penalty box to serve the minor if it is a time penalty (non-coincidental). Goaltenders are not sent off but will be required to sit the next game. After a player has been tossed out of three games he will serve a 1-game suspension with his next ejection and pay a $10 fine. Each subsequent 3-penalty game will have a suspension and fine attached to it. 
  3. Major penalties and misconducts are subject to suspensions and fines. A suspended player may not be replaced - the team must play short-handed. If the suspension is longer than 2 games the team may acquire a spare after the second game of playing short-handed.
  4. Non-Covid rules : Fighting :  The first fight of the regular season will result in a $20 fine and a 2-game suspension. The second fight of the regular season will result in a $50 fine and a 4-game suspension.  The third fight of the season will result in a 1-year suspension from the league. The player will re-enter on the Spare List after posting a $50 bond.
    Fights during playoffs may be reduced to a single game depending on circumstances and prior infractions.
  5. Players receiving match penalties (attempt to injure) or gross misconducts will be suspended until their case is reviewed by the convener in consultation with the referees and coaches. Goaltenders receiving major penalties or misconducts will be allowed to finish their game. A suspension will commence with their next scheduled game.
  6. A suspended player may not be on the bench during his suspension. Any harassment of the officials may prolong the suspension.

*NEW for 2020 "A player dropping his gloves for purposes of confrontation shall be ejected from the game"
NO FIGHTING CAN BE TOLERATED DURING COVID. If a player persists or is in any way uncooperative, the player subjects himself to suspension.




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