Club Oxford
Bad Boys

It's a well-known fact that most Club Oxford players are bilingual. 
......... they know English and Profanity.


Team Date Reason Suspension/Fine

* A player receiving a misconduct in the first period will be ejected from the remainder of that game only. A second-period misconduct results in ejection from the current game as well as a suspension from the next game. No replacement is allowed so you pay a $10 fine to your coach.

** Spares will be dealt with more harshly than full-time players. "Visitors" to our league will not be allowed to "run the show"

We are all here for the love of the game and I do not enjoy suspending players. I don't make myself more popular, some players think I am picking on them, and everyone has an opinion as to how long the suspension should be.

I judge each situation on what I think is best for the league. Players should not have to worry about being involved in fights or defending themselves from illegal stickwork or cheapshots. Referees should not be subjected to tirades of profanity. If you are a veteran in this league you should know the limits of each ref by now.

A good time to stop yapping is after the unsportsmanlike call. The 10 is next.
Be aware that the ref does not have to give an unsportsmanlike before giving the misconduct.

Players need to be aware of the new rule that suspended players cannot be replaced by spares - so a suspension means your team must play short-handed.

Focus on having a good time in a competitive league. Everyone makes the playoffs !!!