Club Oxford Social
Saturday May 28, 2022

A great day at Tillsonview Fairways.  We had 47 golfers.
The sun always shines on the boys of Club Oxford Hockey.
A fantastic meal was provided by Marcel and his crew at the 'Carriage Hall'

2022 results

Closest to Pin #1 Zach Alton
Longest Drive #2 Christian Devlin
Closest to Pin after 2nd shot #3 Joe Thorburn
Closest to Pin #4 Chris Sanders
Closest to Pin after 2nd shot #5 Tim Magnus
Closest to Pin #6 Mitch Roberts
Closest to Pin #7 Nate Shearer
Longest Drive #8 Kyle Winters
Birdie #9 Chris Sanders
Best Score (front 9) Tim Magnus
Most Honest Golfer Chris VanKasteren

........... and the Hockey Awards

Agrospray, Airmount and B-Line were recognized for their Playoff Championships. 

Awards were presented for the regular season MVPs,  top scorers, top goalies, and playoff MVPs.  Those in attendance were also rewarded for shut-outs and hat-tricks.

 Regular Season  MVP's  
 Agrospray Travis Horvath
 Fody Automotive Chris Sanders
 Re/Max Brandon Velda 
 Tillsonburg Glass Brad Martin
 Airmount Farms Rhiley Ingalls
 B-Line Evan DeRouck
 CarQuest Brett Ferguson
 Distinct Chris VanKasteren
 Rockway Alex Penders
 Royal LePage Kurtis Bull
 RND Construction Ryan Crandall
 Source Trevor Cowlan
 Vezina Winners  
 'A' from Glass Jesse Hilliard
 'B' from Team Visscher Brady Silverthorn
  Scoring Titles  
 'A' from Re/Max & Agrospray Joe Thorburn & Travis Horvath
 'B' from Rockway Alex Penders
 Playoff MVP's  
 'A' from Agrospray Marc Gignac
 'B' Champ from Airmount Steffan Foster
 'B' Consolation from B-Line Evan DeRouck


*Special thanks to my "Director of Operations" Jeff Gwyn who makes this all possible.





Some important tips for a successful golf game :


 You can show up alone...


...or bring a partner




 Bring your clubs...

... or rent from the pro shop




Be sure to stretch before you start...

...so you aren't sore the next day




It's probably a good idea to wear a hat...

...and sunglasses




You don't have to get all dressed up...

...but don't come out looking like a hack





There may be the odd bug...

...so be prepared to deal with it




Don't worry if you are inexperienced

...you don't have to be a superstar to play




Bring lots of balls...

...so you don't have to search too long




You can walk...

...or rent a cart




This is no video game...

...so try to keep your wheels on the ground




Don't be too rigid in your stance...

...stay relaxed when you address the ball




Stay focused...

...and follow-through on your shots.




Take time to line up your putts...

...but be considerate of others waiting




Don't drink too much...

...or you will have trouble seeing the ball




Have a good time...

...but don't stay out too late