Club Oxford Hockey
    Tillsonburg's Competitive NBC League

How to Get Started in Club O

Players can pick up registration forms from Oxford Source for Sports beside the Beer Store or  you can print off a form from the "Registration" page on this site. Complete the form and leave it along with a cheque for $150 payable to "Club Oxford Hockey" at the Source prior to October 1st.  The "Rookie Skate" for new players for 2017 will be held on Sunday October 1st at 7:15 on the Community Rink. Players should arrive at 6:30.  A draft will take place on Wednesday October 4th and regular league play will begin on Wednesday October 11th.

How  We Operate

The league uses a draft system in which player-coaches are allowed to protect their goalie and three other players from the previous season.  There are two divisions, presently consisting of four teams in each. 

New players are required to attend the "Rookie Skate" so they can be evaluated by the coaches and drafted into the appropriate division. Not everyone gets drafted. The players who were full-time the previous season have a place in the league guaranteed, provided they meet the registration requirements. New players undrafted are placed on the Spare List and are called to fill in for players who are ill, injured, or working shifts.  Over the course of the season several players from the Spare List are placed on teams as full-time players to replace those who cannot continue.

Games are played on Sunday and Wednesday evenings. The league starts after the Thanksgiving weekend and finishes in April.

There is a registration fee which covers such items as the cost of new socks, pucks, sweater cleaning and replacement, photocopying, league insurance, team and individual awards and our year-end golf and meal. The game fee pays for ice rental, timekeeper, and referees. We pay by the game so if you have to miss due to illness, injury, family or work commitments a spare player can take your place and pay your game fee.  Players who do not get drafted will have their registration fee refunded.

A Bit of History

The Club Oxford Hockey League was started 1982 by Terry Peacock, Cam McKnight and Mathew Weber. In 1998 the league management was turned over to Kim Alexander. In 1999 we legalized the slapshot and allowed unlimited stick curve. In 2001 the traditional year-end banquet was changed to a golf and party day. If you didn't win at hockey maybe you could take home a prize for the longest drive !  In 2002 we adopted the "low-tolerance" hooking rule which added to the flow of the game and kept tempers under control. 2003 was  the year of the arena renovations and the beginning of new sweater styles. In 2004 we received a new sweater room that has artwork done by Karen Partlo on the doorway to show the Club Oxford logo. In 2005 we voted to remove the center line for 2-line passing and have gone to a "zero-tolerance" for hooking to open up the game a little more. Tie games in the regular season no longer exist due to the new shootout procedure. Since 2006 we have been operating under the lead of Hockey Canada by placing a stricter emphasis on stick infractions and other tactics which impede a player's progress. For 2007 we have implemented a 5 minute sudden-death overtime for playoff games.  In 2008 we reached our fundraising goal of $30 000 for the Arena Renovation Project.  Players should be proud of the fact that they have made a significant contribution to their community.
In 2009 we started a new project called "Hockey for Everyone". This campaign is designed to assist families by providing equipment, ice time and instruction at no cost. The program is for local boys and girls in grades 3 to 8 who are not enrolled in minor hockey.  This runs from January until the end of March.  Last season we had close to 30 participants, 10 of whom went on to play Spring League 3 on 3.


'A' Division Champions 2017 - Fody Automotive Plus

Team Fody finished first in the regular season with 15 wins and 9 losses. They went on to defeat Agrospray 3 games to 2 in a tough semi-final series before eliminating Verne's 3 straight in the finals. Solid goaltending from Shawn Hopper and some serious offensive firepower made them a force to contend with. Congratulations to coach Chris Fody for assembling this cast and for keeping Hommie in line.

Front : Suad Cejvanovic, Matt Wight, Shawn Hopper, Kyle Jansen, Chris Fody
Back : Chris Sanders, Kevin Verbruggan, Josh VanVelzer, Brian Velthove, Spencer Meron, Neil Anderson,
Joe VanQuaethem, Devin Homick, David Matthews
Absent : Kevin VanKooten

 'B' Division Champions 2017 - Airmount Farm Flyers

Airmount struggled through the regular season recording 17 losses in 27 games.  The oddsmakers only gave them a slim chance but they put it together in the playoffs to go undefeated throughout the semifinals and the finals to win the 'B' title. Goaltender Robert Nant was outstanding. Congratulations to coaches Josh Stubbs and Wayne Hare for making sure the team never gave up.

Goalie: Robert Nant
Front : Gerry Clergy, Stephen DeBlaire, Mike Evanitski, Ryan McCurdy, Darren Swick (spare), Brett Ferguson
Back : Nate Shearer, Jason Koteles, Dennis Lenane, Clayton Stubbs, Wayne Hare, Greg Onaitis (spare), Cody Colfax
Absent : Josh Stubbs and Steffan Foster